Homemade Wagon Wheel Recipe

After buying a packet of wagon wheels from B&M one day, only then realising that I hadn’t had one for years, I couldn’t believe how small they’d got! (Either that or my hands had got bigger).

My mum was on a baking spree at the time so I gave her the challenge of making one or too and she actually came up with a recipe!

The biscuit used for these is a butter biscuit. The ingredients you need for this is:

  • 250g Butter
  • 200g Caster sugar
  • 1 egg and 1 egg yolk
  • 375g Plain flour

For the middle, you’ll need a bag of marshmallows and to cover them, about 400g of chocolate! You can use any sort of chocolate you want for this, Cadburys is extra nice, but some cheap milk chocolate gives you the proper taste of a wagon wheel.

Mix the butter, caster and eggs together, followed by folding in the flour to create a smooth paste. Next, you have to wrap it in some clingfilm and chill it for a good hour in the fridge (This is the worst part!).

 Next, roll out the dough, with the use of some flour and rolling pin,  so it is of one pound coin thickness and cut out circles (or frankly any shape you like), ensuring you have a equal number.

Next, put the circles on to baking trays and bake for twelve to fifteen minutes at 170°. They should be a lovely golden to dark brown color when they come out.

Once out of the oven, the biscuits should be left to cool and then marshmallows placed on half of them (you can use any color of flavored marshmallow you want for this!).

These will go back in to the oven for about five minutes so that the marshmallows melt.

Once out, the other half of your biscuits can be placed on top, which will give you some naked wagon wheels!

Next, heat up some chocolate, either in the microwave or on the stove (time will vary depending on what chocolate you choose). Its always best to use a glass bowl whilst melting the chocolate, it will ensure that the chocolate doesn’t set too quickly and you have time to cover all of your wagon wheels!

Once melted, I just dropped the first of my naked wagon wheels in and using a spoon, covered it in chocolate!

I used a cake slice to pick up my wagon wheel from the bowl, but you can easily use a fork or spatula if you have one of those handy!  

Let the chocolate drip for a moment so there is not a lot of excess! Next, put the wagon wheel down on some baking paper and leave it to set in the fridge.

 They taste amazing and I promise, store bought wagon wheels will never compare! To keep them nice and fresh, store them in an air tight container!

That’s a Samsung Galaxy S4 (5′) and a homemade wagon wheel with pink marshmallow inside!

You can literally make them any size or shape you want, but the butter biscuit can be quite crumbly so make sure its not to elaborate!

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