Containment (CW TV Series Review)

‘Containment spoilers(obviously) and Vampire Diaries S8 spoilers included’

I’m not great at reviewing things, but I think this series got to me enough that I felt the need to write about it, even if other reviews on it aren’t great, but each to their own I guess.

So, in a jump to try and pass the time until another Vampire Diaries episode comes out (I’m devestated that we only have two more episodes to go). I’ve been watching the CW limited series event ‘Containment’. I’ll be honest and say the reason I started watching it was because Chris Wood was in it and after being devestated that poor Kai (#KaiForever) is now trapped in yet another prison world (better than hell I guess), I needed another ‘Chrid Wood fix’ quick. What I didn’t know was that siren Seline would be making an appearance, but I guess Julia Plec may have had something to do with that.

For those who know nothing about it; it’s based on the Dutch TV show ‘Cordon’ and is about a deadly flu virus being let loose in Atlanta and a cordon being put up to seperate the infected and the healthy, seperating around 4,000 people from their families. The people on the inside includes a teacher and her kids, an atlanta police officer, a pregnant teenager, a computer genius and a doctor with the means for a cure; on the outside, a police officer and a journalist do what they can to expose the lies they’ve been told.

It’s been described as generic by a lot of people, but atleast the people in this actually die and didn’t turn in to brain eating zombies, right?

This series is 13 episodes long, each at around 50 minutes. A whole day of this would be quite the rollercoaster. In the UK, its available to buy/rent on Amazon Prime and might be available on All 4. In the US, I assume CW have it somewhere.

Firstly, I’ll be honest and say that I was put off by the thought that it had been cancelled, but unlike Reaper – which I’ll never forgive CW for cancelling. If only angel Steve hadn’t broken his hand at the last minute – the finale was satisfying enough for me to go away without the need to know what happened next. It didn’t tie up all the loose ends, and we’ll never know if they’d perfect the cure the doc was working on (although Julia Plec did say that if she’d known it would be a limited series, she would have had them find a cure and return back to the real world), but I think it ended in the best possible place. People had hope, and I think the show showed us that’s what people need to survive and go on. Hope is contagious after all.

It also demonstrated how the little things always matter, that you can make do with what you’ve got and that you need to have a bit of happiness every day.

This show initiated all the feelings, and I grew so fond of the characters over the first couple of episodes that I felt the pain they were feeling. I cried way too much, and that Teddy Bear… Well, you know what I mean if you’ve seen it.

I think a show that can get such raw emotion from a person so quickly is something everyone has to experience. When I wasn’t crying, I enjoyed it, and I think, given the chance, it’s a great series with some great actors.

I find alot of the time, people can get put off by bad reviews and never realise what their missing. Experience it yourself, and if you hate it, you hate it, but you just might feel the way I do, or like it even more.

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