Change can be terrible, but you need it to live!

Another life post monday! This week and in the months before, my friends and I have been faced with a lot of change and as it happens to everyone, I thought I woulf give my little insight to everyone.

Change – Make or become different. Oxford dictionary

Change can be good, bad and god-damn scary!

Some people can’t deal with it at all, buts it an inevitable part of life and the world around us.

Every second of the day, something is changing. From the anatomy of a fly to a change in law somewhere around the world. Everything evolves, bettering themselves.

For me, I’ve had a lot of change the last tew months, some for the best and some not. My friends have too, one of them became a teacher and had to move out of her parents to live on her own, another is getting married and moving in with her fiance, another has just been promoted to manager at her job and another has had the heartache of being told she couldnt have her dream job.

If I’ve learned anything in life, its that change is inevitable. Its one of the things we all have in common, and is one of the things that most people fear.

My friend recently became a managrr at her job, and with that comes a change in responsibilities, which she obviously knew about, but what she wasnt prepared for was being moved to a different site, to one thats not having a good time at the moment. She had her last shift at her old site today and has been feeling sick at the thoungt of changing sites.

Its natural to be afraid of new things, but with it comes new possibiliyies, new oppurtunities and the chance to meeg new people. It might not be the change you want, but sometimes you just have to tun with it and see where it takes you, as long as it doesnt kill you, youll be fine.

I say these things, I know these things, but I can preach it, but not practice it. My dilemma at the moment also tegards jobs, those things that help make our worlds go round, i have an oppurtunity to go for a full time job (cutrebtly in a part time one) but i enjoy the job im in now and im scared if ai vhange it, i wont be happy in my another job. The oeople now are nice and easy to work with, they have their ups and downs but we mostly get along and have a laugh and i think even after only four months or so of being there, I would really niss them.

Really, I wanted to stay in one job until one that involved animals (i am not picky at this point, I just wanna touch a furry thing that isnt mine everyday) came up, but even with a degree and experience in the sector, both paid and voluntary, your still left in the lurch. Some times I think I know why people regret going to university and get in so much debt, but then I remember rverthing i did, everyone i met, all the new loves i made! I wouldnt change that for the world and if i could go redo it again, it woulf stay exactly the same, perhaps minus a few tears though.

Hopefully I’ll decide soon. Maybe some more change is what I need, but other than wanting spend free days hugging greyhounfd, I think I might be okay with my life as it is now.

Change is inevitable, just make sure that if theres no way you can change something thats been decided, dont make yourself sick over it. Its wasted time and life has so many more things you can be worried sick over, so let your life change, its going to happen anyway.

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