A Touch of This, a Touch of That’ – Spells and Remedies Unboxing

BookBoxClubs July 2017

This is my third bookboxclub and what a box it was! I was very excited by what the literaryomnivore was going to produce and I am so happy with what I received (its already up on the wall)!

So, lets get in to this, inspired by books like the raven boys

A beautiful material bunting with a spells and remedies theme by the Literary Omnisore, as well as 10% off my next purchase!

It is beautifully made, so soft and already hanging on my ball with my own ‘bookish’ bunting.


Next, I noticed this fragranced soap from Just Fribble, inspired by The Raven Cycle (which should be in my TBR pyle really, but then, so should a lot of things). It smells beautiful and I’m definitely going to use it when I need some zen time in the bath! It also has a pretty cool quote on the packaging too (I’m one of these people that will probably hang that on my wall too when it’s done with). It’s also exclusive to the bookboxclub, which makes it even better. You can check out what else – make here though!


Next was this little bookish reflective mirror from Moon Kestrel, and that little bit of personalisation there too!

The next was a BOOKMARK!!!! I keep seeing these beautiful bookmarks all over instagram, and now, I finally own one! This was designed by Holly Grace Illustration!


This month, there was also some Hocus Pocus tea from the Bluebird Tea Company! I’m not a lover of tea, but I’m gonna try it and report back to you with my findings!


This month, there was also some different type of book promotion! Aswell as a bookmark from the book After the Fire by Will Hill (which I got the arc of in last months box), there was also sample chapters of  S.T.A.G.S and It Only Happens in the Movies! Another two I’ll probably have to add to my TBR pyle – not yet though, because my book buying ban doesn’t finish until the end of the month!


And now, on to the book!



The disappearance by Emily Bain Murphy! A shimmering and magical adventure set in a strange town called Sterling where people are slowly and literally losing their senses. The author couldn’t decide between Mr.Darcy, and to help her in a zombie apocalypse, I think I would take  out of those three though!

And that was all for this months bookboxclub! Next month is Fearless Females, and it’s going to include the hardback version of a book that isn’t out yet! I think I may have guessed what it is, but we will have to wait and see!

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