A Wedding, a Puppy and Revitalising Old Ideas

As of when I’m writing this. I have just walked in from a magical ceremony which joined two beautiful people together in the best way possible. This weekend has been a highly anticipated event for at least three, nearly four years and we were finally able to witness these two love birds take the next big step in to their journey together.

And it makes me want to write about a wedding, about love and all that sort of thing. My current WIP has no interest in these sorts of marriages, perhaps no marriages at all, not really, and not in this depth that I want to write about.

Its really amazing the feelings you get when a beautiful bride, and your friend, walks down the isle to ‘tale as old as time’, and how your chin trembles and you just want to cry!

So, right now, it is the day before this blog post is due, and it’s replacing one that I already had scheduled! But, it can easily go up next week, and I think I need a few more days to look over it anyway, so I’m glad I got hit with this one!

This weekend, I also got a new little writing companion called Albert! He is absolutely adorable, even when he pees on the carpet and drinks boiling hot tea… But yeah, he is gorgeous and is turning out to be such a good puppy already!

Both of these things have taken me away from my writing (and the reading) I really wanted to do! I’m hoping now it’s all finished though, I’ll be able to get back in to the swing of things, but if anything, this weekend and the coming of Albert has revitalised ideas and a completely new one too!

When I was younger, I hand-wrote a story about a German Shepherd called Taffy (based on my old dog) and the magical adventures he went on with all his friends! And just seeing Albert and having him home has made me want to write about it again. It would only ever be a children’s book, but I think it would be a neat, simple little side project that I could work on every now and then when I’m in a slump.

This weekend has also given me an idea for another story, a contemporary romance sort of novel that probably won’t be written any time soon, but I’m sure that in the years to come, it will piece itself together as I experience the events needed to inspire it all. It’s a genre I haven’t really delved in to, and I’m hoping it turns in to this happy-go lucky kind of novel with love and romance and problems and stuff like that, but maybe it won’t, maybe it’ll be something completely different when I sit down and write the first sentence.

That’s the joy of writing a novel! You never know what’s going to happen at the end of it, and also my favourite part. It’s the reason I don’t bother planning in detail.

This post was perhaps another sort of update, like the last one, but this weekend has sort of been momentous to me, and so inspiring that I had to write about it. I do have some proper writing posts ‘written’ and another planned which I actually just came up with whilst writing this one, and some others that I’m sure will get me back in to my groove for real!

I hope you’re all having a good week for your art, and that all your projects are going smoothly!

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2 thoughts on “A Wedding, a Puppy and Revitalising Old Ideas”

  1. That puppy dog! 🙂
    My WIP has an emotional thread woven into the plot, but not romance. I’m hoping I can balance it just right.
    Good luck on your new journey.

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