September Wish List?!? 

Hello September, Hello Fall, Hello, Hello, Hello…

So, I thought I’d call this September Goals, but that would only be wishful thinking, so, instead, here is my September “Wish List”

Number one!

Toilet train the puppy…

Thats it…

There’s not even any point in wishing for anything else because it feels like I have to look after a baby… The beginning of my September consisted of me tumbling around work and seeing things because I was so tired… I can just about function on six hours sleep, so three almost killed me… I thought I wanted kids, but if its worse than this… Nope!!!

He is cute though…

That’s the only thing he’s got going for himself; unless he’s sleeping. Then, he’s an angel…

But, for real; this month, I have a full week off from work, half of which will consist of friends staying over, so all things creative will have to be put on hold, but for the beginning of it, atleast, I’m gonna get some serious writing done!!

Although, I also have to take Albert to the vet for his injections, and I feel those few minutes will take up my whole day somehow!

Anyway, my ‘wishes’ for September include:

  1. Finish editing TOM
  2. Prep for Nanowrimo
  3. Finish reading ACOTAR
  4. Keep up with blog posting
  5. Keep up with the #ShowUp100 Challenge (This post counts as my first day!)

There are other things I’d like to do as well, like look at TOG and finalise some storylines in it, and perhaps get in to writing that a bit more, but, I don’t want to push it, so I’ll stick with my five for now!

I have most of the blog posts already scheduled, they just need some critiquing and editing and they’ll be ready to go!

I’m really hoping this blog post, and listing my goals (wishes? hopes?) this month will motivate me a bit more! You can only try, right?

Any now, I wish all you guys a month full of completing goals, finishing drafts, chasing dreams and no visits from Mr or Mrs. Writers Block! (Remember you just have to keep writing)

And here’s to my favourite season of the year. Fall, I can’t wait until we’re reunited once more!

Happy 1st of September!


Edit: Scrap that, I’m going to Hogwarts with Albus! Cursed Child, here I come!

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