Writing: Always write for you!

There are some people who sit down to write a book, and they wonder what others would like to read. Do they want an action packed fantasy, an epic love-triangle, a sexy romcom, a thriller, a mystery, a sci-fi adventure with aliens and starlords?

This whole ‘wondering’ can put you at a stand still. It’s so much easier to start doubting yourself when your writing for that someone else, for a particular reader, or an agent, or a publisher. Or even a genre.

If you have an idea you think you can pull through with, that you enjoy writing, leave that wondering until your finish. It doesn’t matter if it doesn’t fit in to a certain category or criteria, there will always be someone who wants to read it – even if that person is only you.

The quote featured at the top by Cyril Connoly is one that I live by. I believe that you need to enjoy full-heartedly what you write, and you need to love it and be passionate about it… If you’re not, no one else will.

There was also another quote I came across in a book by Judith Kerr, a book about a little girl who wrote poems, but could only every write about the disasters that shook the world:

‘If you want to write about disasters, that is what you must do. It’s no use trying to write what other people want. The only way to write anything good is to please yourself’

It’s almost the same as Cyrils quote, and is what actually inspired this whole post in the first place!

Write about what makes you happy. Write about what makes you sad. Write a adventure you want to go on. Write about a world you want to explore. Write a book you want to read.

At the end of the day, if you’re not happy with what you wrote, how is anyone else supposed to be. It may not be perfect, but if you can sit and say I’m proud of it once you’ve type The End, then your there.

If you write for the public, the public can throw it back in your face. As long as you love it, anyone else who does is a bonus!

So stop wondering, and just keep writing!


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8 thoughts on “Writing: Always write for you!”

  1. I love this post and all the wonderful quotes you included in it.
    You’re so right too. It’s easy to dream of publication and therefore try to consider what might be wanted or accepted, but at the end of the day you have to write with heart and you can only do that if you’re true to yourself and the story you’ve chosen to tell.

    I think all writers need this blog, so thank you! ❤

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  2. I spent too much time doubting my writing based on what I thought others would dislike. The novel I’m working on now is for me, but I wrote with my husband in mind.
    I love all things creepy and am having fun scaring myself as I write, and I hope to terrify my husband when he eventually reads it.
    Thanks for the great post. Many writers need reminded of this.

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