#PonderingPrep for #NaNoWriMo

So, its the last Wednesdays before NaNoWriMo begins, and apart from my one year anniversary post – coming on the 28th October – my monthly goals on the first of November (which will consist of a review of last month and mostly more NaNoWriMo stuff), and some Friday reviews that are waiting to come out for hopefully the next four weeks, I can’t promise that the rest of Novembers Wednesday posts won’t be much more than a few updates on my NaNoWriMo status and maybe a few excerpts of the novel here and there!

I’m hoping, with this one, to sort of start making myself get it out there early, in it’s rawest state, so that anything afterwards is better! And, then, hopefully, that will carry on with Tales of Monsters and all that’s to come!

NaNoWriMo (if you don’t know what it is) stand for ‘National Novel Writing Month’ and the challenge it sets you, is to write fifty thousands words in thirty days! An equivalent to a novel! It’s been running since July 1999, and you can find out more about it here on the official website!

I’ve never finished a NaNoWriMo before, but I was always trying to rewrite something before and this time, I’m starting anew with a project completely different to what I’ve been working on lately! And here’s a semi-quick run down of what my project entails!
“Its been two??(might need to be more, but we’ll see) years since the zombie outbreak started, and Al, a thirty something year old guy rumaging through a house in search of some supplies. In a childs bedroom, at the top of the stairs, he finds a diary, and inside, after a bit of school drama like any other kid, he realises that it documents the end of the world as they knew it. Written by a child called Melanie, we, as well as Al, follow on this journey of strength, bravery, loneliness, guilt and murder in the eyes of a child in the beginnings of an apocalypse. And the makings of a Child Zombie Killer.

With this, I’m delving in to a first person narrative, with bits of Al’s third person perspective thrown in here and there! I guess I’m taking a bit of inspiration from one of my least favourite read books of the year, which was 13 Reasons Why. It looks like it’s going to have the a similar format with Al jumping in every now and then to give his thoughts on the situations Melanie writes about in her diary. It maybe something sassy, or assy, I’m not completely sure how Al’s gonna react just yet! I’m not sure on his personality, but I guess we’ll just have to see where it takes us in that regard.

I’m not a lover of writing first person, I don’t like not being able to tell you what the other person is thinking, and, I feel that, half the time, my characters aren’t very observant, and they’ve seen most of the stuff they encounter before, so there’s no real reason they need to describe it. For example, if Harry (from my Tales of Monsters WIP) had his own first person narrative, he’d probably be looking at the dragon fountain in the castle court yard, and be like ‘It was a work of art, a weirdly, creepily, realistic piece, but a work of art none the less’, and that’s all you’d have off him; he wouldn’t think to think about how the dragons tail kept winding itself around the fountain. It’s not new to him, and he’s not very good at telling stories, so, that little tidbit of information (which may or may not forsee things to come) you’d never know about!

I’m not, in anyway, bashing people who do first person, I love reading it, I think it makes you feel really immersed, I just don’t think its’ ever been right for my characters, and I honestly just don’t like writing in it all that much. But, NaNoWriMo is the time for taking risks; and, I’m hoping that starting in a childs (first person) perspective (thing?) will hopefully be easier for me to pull off! Kids aren’t too observant most of the time, although, Mel will have to be if she wants to live! But, hey, hoe, maybe she dies at the end, you never know.

So, anyway, all of this month, I’ve been using #Ponderingprep (created and hosted by Pondeiros on insta) to help me get ready for the 2017 challenge, and here are my resolves to the prompts brought up by it! (And some Pinterest inspiration I found along the way).

Week 1 Review


  1. Done! My names JadeLM if anyone wants to add me!
  2. Melanie, a twelve year old girl, wants to survive, and the things stopping her from doing that is a bunch of zombies💀
  3. Minimum: 50k

Week 2 Review

  1. I did bits here and there, and wrote up some notes that sort of changed the concept a little!
  2. I didn’t reread any books, but I have read three books this week, and all they’ve made me want to do is write! I am planning on getting some zombie fiction in, with some recommendations by some lovely insta peeps!
  3. This Richard Price quote, I think, is perfect because my MC’s are children, and I think this is similar to how I want them to see the world!

Week three/four were posted together and although, I have my photo collage put together, I won’t be posting it on Insta until the last day of Preptober! (Mostly because I have yet to do some of the things on the list!) Although, here are the weeks Ponderings if you haven’t seen them yet!

I also have my own challenge called #Letswritenanowrimo2017 and it’s more like a character driven prompt challenge, with some writing habits thrown in here and there! I’m hoping it keeps me motivated to keep writing about Melanie and Al, and even learn a couple more things about them along the way!


I really hope everyone whose taking part has a successful month, and even if you’re not taking part, I hope you have a successful month of writing, editing, schooling, adulting, and all those other things that make our worlds go round!

Whatever you do though, just keep writing!


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