Blue, Blue and More Blue in #BookBoxClubs November Box!

Another month, means another BookBoxClub box! And for the month of November, Kate and Libby gave us some blue to celebrate a haunting new book and some little gems they’ve found in their search for booktastic goodness!

And, as always, the first thing your eyes set upon as you eagerly open up your box is the spoiler card, and it was gorgeous! And sets the scene superbly for the magic that is about to happen.

And the smell! I can’t think of a box of the top of my head that I’ve had that didnt make my nose tingle just a little bit!

So, on to the bookish goodness. The first item I picked up was a bookboxclub exclusive! A gorgeous tea towel with a quote from Maggie The Raven Boys!

I can’t even imagine using it as a tea towel (and now, in retrospect, its hung up on my bedroom wall!)

Next, amongst the shredded paper, I found what was the cause of that beautiful smell and took out this little tin filled with bath crystals created by the Glasgow Soap Company.

It smells gorgeous and does a swell job at relaxing those achey muscles and soothing frazzled minds! (Even before I took the photo, I’d sprinkled some in the bath!)

Next up, was the cutest mini candle I have ever seen, and its so adorable and tiny and such a beautiful blue, and even smells davine! And it’s inspired by Heathcliff! (I’ll be honest, until this box, I had no idea who he was!)

A big thanks to the people at Just Fribble for this!

Then, next to be picked out was a mini adult colouring book designed and illustrated by David Sinden & Victoria Kay!

Then, the promo for this box featured a small book of samplers for the YA reads tha Usborne have in store for 2018!

Lastly, as always, dressed in the gorgeous silver paper and tied with a bow is the book of the month, and this time, it was the beautiful hardback ‘The Memory Trees’ by Kali Wallace! (Plus a signed book plate)

The synopsis reads:

And, the scroll which invites members to the exclusive bookish meeting with the author also tells us that Kali would choose the one-and-only Hermoine Granger to help her out in the zombie apocalypse!

Although, more of a minimalistic box, (which I guess is perfect for the theme as its attempting to relax and calm your mind more than anything), its definitely a high contender and as always, everything is useable as well!

Next month, which I’m afraid is all sold out, is Winter fairytales, and its gonna feature the first two in a new wintery series!

But, January’s theme has been revealed as ‘Geeks United’ and is gonna feature an exclusive BookBoxClub item that is rumoured to be the best yet!

I’m already excited for it!

Jade x

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