Day 1: 12 Days of Promptmas? (12DaysofBlogmas)

In just twelve days, it’s gonna be Christmas Eve!

And that means its day one of my 12 Days of Blogmas, and for day one, I want to introduce you to an idea I’ve thought of to make sure we include our own characters in the run-up to Christmas!

And, that is ‘12 Days of Promptmas

All it is, is that I’ve thought up twelve prompts (one for each day) that asks you to put your lovely characters from your finished novels or WIP’s in to Christmassy situations!

And, the best bit is, is that you can have as much fun with these as you want. You could write a couple sentences, a paragraph, a short story, it’s up to you! And, you could even mix up the characters a bit, you could have a character from your current WIP, and maybe a character from another!

Also, if your character list is a little sparse, you could even use a character from your favourite book! It’s completely up to you!

It also allows you to get to know your characters more by putting them in situations they’ve never been in and may never be in! And, if you publish it to the world, it means that your readers or potential readers can have an insight too!

At the end of each blog post, I’ll post the prompt, but I’ll also be posting them every day on instagram!

For the first one, it’s nice and simple!

So, I’m taking my 12 year old protagonist Mel, from my NaNoWriMo project (Diary of a Child Zombie Killer) and Aiden, my semi-sort of Antagonist from my fantasy quadrilogy (Tales of Monsters) and transporting them in to a winter wonderland without any zombies or monsters(if you don’t count Aiden).

So, my Aiden’s quite a serious character. He likes things done his own way, and any sarcasm just gets you killed.

Coupled with the fact that Mel can be one of the most sarcastic people ever, and that they argue over where the red baubles should go (because red is both their favourite colour); within minutes, the tree is burnt down and Mel is dead.

However, before Aiden can cut her head off and claim her soul and all that shizz, she reawakens as a zombie and eats him.

So, in all honesty, it doesn’t end well for either of them…

Anyway, I hope you have as much fun with it that I did!

And that you join in the fun! I have some awesome posts for this years ‘Blogmas’, and some awesome prompts too!

Just keep writing!

Jade x

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