Day 2: The Season For Giving (12DaysOfBlogmas)

Today #12DaysOfPromptmas prompt focused on what your characters would have on their Christmas list’s, and, as I believe that giving is far better than receiving, and makes me feel all happy inside, I thought I’d research some things and find out whether or not the statement rings true!

Obviously, it should prove itself – that is if it wasn’t so good to receive. But, I’ve found that, as I’ve got older, I’m more interested in what my gifts can do than the gifts given to me. I’m always grateful, and my friends and family are great at getting me stuff I’d wanted, but couldn’t afford myself, but, I understand now what my parents means by the fact that they don’t want anything (even though you still get them something anyway) and that seeing how happy I was with my own is enough for them.


I’m sure you’ve experienced it at one point in your life. That feeling when you’ve worked hard on a present and that person finally opens it, and their smiling from ear to ear, and you feel that warm fuzzy feeling inside! I think, if anything, that just makes it more worth it, right? And, even if it’s just something small that you’ve given them, it can make you feel the exact same way because it doesn’t matter whether you’ve spent months planning it or moments, it’s the love we put in to the giving that counts.

It’s one of those selfless acts, even if it does benefit us in some way or another.


So, what I found interesting was the first thing I found when I wrote in the phrase ‘giving is better than receiving’ in to google, and that was that scientists are actually attemptin to find biological evidence that it is better to give, than receive. Some even believe that it can help to relieve stress!

There’s even an interesting journal (if you’re that way inclined) that you can check out by Harvard here (it’s a link straight to a free pdf of the website) that says that people who spend their money on giving to others are happier than people who spend more on themselves. I guess it even shows that money can’t buy you happiness (although, it can buy you a lot of books, right?)’

But, let’s just see about all the other reasons why giving is better than receiving (other than that warm fuzzy feeling you have inside).

  1. The number one thing about giving, I think, is that it’s contagious. That ‘pay it forward’ thing isn’t a myth! Giving inspires more giving!
  2. Giving can help give your life meaning. It can define you, and perhaps that’s why we’re here for, to give a little bit of ourselves to the world before we leave it.
  3. According to a paper by the american psychological association, volunteering (for unselfish reasons) actually makes you live longer! You can check it out here on the APA website
  4. We get a rush from giving, which, in turns, makes us give more! It’s actually like having chocolate when you feel a bit down! (Just without all the extra calories)
  5. Giving makes a difference. It only takes one word to change a persons life, one act of kindness to stop someone from going over the edge.
  6. The smile and the gratitude in that other persons face makes it all worth while.
  7. Giving makes you believe in yourself. There’s no shame in the way that giving makes you feel, because the feeling makes you want to give more. It’s a great way to build your confidence, and start to believe in yourself.
  8. It’s easy! Anyone can do it if they have the want to.
  9. Most of the time, it’s free. A shoulder to cry on, an ear to listen, the words you say, the things you do. Some time here and there to volunteer with your local animal shelter or homeless shelter.
  10. Giving promotes human communication, which is so important in this day and age!


Right, and this is today’s prompt which helped inspire this post!


So, for this one, I wrote out a list of some of my main characters from both my NaNoWriMo project, Diary Of A Child Zombie Killer and my NA Fantasy Tales of Monsters!

So, first of DOAZK

Mel – Chocolate Pizza. It’s a combination of her two favourite things!

Al – Vintage books. He’s always been a collector!

Rhys – Tie’s! If there was anything he used to collect in his bachelor days before the apocalypse, it was ties!

Heather – Make-up! Preferably stuff that isn’t out of date, but, as the years go on, it’s getting increasingly difficult to cover up the acne she feels so inclined to hide even though there’s far more people who look much more worse than she does!

And, for Tales of Monsters, a bunch of characters who would find the thought of writing a Christmas list to a fat man in a red suit very odd would ask for the following!

Lauryn – Scribe set! She loves to write, even though she doesn’t do it enough any more!

Aran – Art set! He’d want one of those cases you get when you’re a kid with all the paints and the markers!

Harry – Lute! He’s always wanted one, but he was so terrible at playing that no one even considered giving him one ever again!

Ryan – Crossbow! He’d be the Daryl Dixon of the zombie world with one of those!

Sam – Alchemy set! He fancies himself a potion maker, and finds the whole chemical reaction entrancing!

Gren – Dragon bone! The armor and weapons he could make with that would make his wildest dreams come true!

What would your characters have on their Christmas list? And what would you be willing to give them if you had the chance?

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