Day 4: Looking For Lights (12DaysOfBlogmas)

So, this post was inspired by a recent trip to search for Santa’s sleigh (which comes round our estate every year), which we never found! But, we did spot some beautiful displays and Christmas lights that took me back to a childhood memory we don’t do enough anymore! (Although, it might be more because I’m now twenty-three and such things shouldn’t excite me so much, but, I feel as I get older, I’m even more excited for it all than ever before!)

So, when I was younger, one of my favourite parts of Christmas was getting in to the car; and my parents driving me and my brother through the streets to look for Christmas lights! We could spend ages oohing and awwhing at the displays, and, there would always be one that you could see from afar! From the other side of the dip, the bottom of the hill, the top of the hill! And, we’d be drawn to it!

Now, the displays over here in my little town in Britain aren’t the greatest, their not extravagant in any way, but still, that little bit of twinkle made me feel all so very festive and happy inside, and you’d always have that one house that went all out! The one you’d see twinkling in the distance!

Nowadays though, I don’t see enough of them! I don’t know if it’s because I’ve got older and the lights got smaller, or if people just don’t bother lighting up the outsides of their houses anymore! Don’t get me wrong, there are some that go all out, I know of two right now which look amazing, plus my own house which my dad worked really hard on!

I guess, perhaps the people of the world (or my little town) don’t want to spend so much money lighting up the outside of their houses anymore (damn those smart meters!), which is sad because I think it’s a part of Christmas! It can be a way to show off your money, but it can also be a way to spread the joy, and make people just take a moment to stop and enjoy it!

And, most importantly, for my family, it allowed for a family outing of sorts – whether your get in the car or wrap-up warm with the dog on a leash – it gives you a reason to spend time together when you’re all so busy!

And isn’t that what Christmas is all about, spending time with your loved ones and making memories you’ll never forget?

It’s something I’m gonna do with my own kids when the time comes! And I just hope, we find at least one house that twinkles in the darkness from a far!

What are some of your favourite traditions at Christmas?

Todays #12DaysOfPromptmas is:


Me personally, I have a few drinkers in my club of characters, but Tobin, one of my knights and Skoldrick guard – despite his quiet and reserved nature – would get absolutely smashed off his face, and would be found lying down on the floor sleeping or passed out quite regularly!

And I have five others in my Skoldrick guard, but only one would help actually help him properly!

  • Josh and Tamas, the two babies of the group would act like children and vandalize his face with ink and paint.
  • Ivon, my bow-man, would sit and watch as the people in the room stumbled over him.
  • Harry, depending on his mood, might join him in his drunkedness.
  • Derrick, the only real grown-up would be the one to pick the tall man up, toss him over his back and settle him down in a chair or his bed! Derricks like the dad of my little Skoldrick family!

I’d love to hear which of your characters would end up drunk, and which would be the ones to help them home!

Until tomorrow!

Jade x

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