Day 10: Christmas Shopping Fails (12DaysofBlogmas)

So, considering, this is a day late! Oops! I’ve decided to just give you a run-down of how our shopping trip failed!

So, first, the morning itself was fine! Work was done, even an interview was had, but then, then it started.

So, every friday, I get rent out for my parents. First stop, the atm near our house. No money. Second stop, atm a little less nearer our house. No money. Next stop, post office, queues, but money, so that ended that!

Also, inside the post office, they had the resident shop cat sitting on one of the shelves on a little blanket! His names Quaver and he’s adorable!

Next, my mum thought we should wait until my dad had his appointment in town to go, fair enough. Then, we get there, buy a couple of things, go to the bank for my grand-dad and then we’re meeting my dad again to hand over the money for him to take to my Gramps.

Next, he needs to go to another appointment, which he asks my mum to go with him. Fair enough, but, by now, its like two o clock and we have work in like three hours!

Then, where we parked our car, where we shouldn’t have really, we get boxed in and try to move some industrial bins to get out. It doesn’t work.

So, then, we’re stuck for a while. Go to Asda’s, buy some veg (and maybe GOT season 7) and then we’re back at the car, looking at it all confused. Then, a lovely lady shows up, all apologetic and we escape our box!

Then, considering its now almost three o clock (work starts at five), we have one actual present bought out of about tennish, we decide to go home.

Hopefully, today will be a better day. But now, said person who we are wanting to buy for, is coming with us! Yay!

Todays prompt is as follows!

Mine is to be decided still, but I would love to know about your guy’s!

Anyway, until later my friends!


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