A ‘Tales of Monsters’ Status Update

So, last Wednesday, I told you all about my writerly resolutions for this year, and considering this blog post was supposed to go up about, like, ten hours ago, with a completely different topic, I thought, considering I can’t find any inspiration to finish the one I had scheduled, I’m just gonna talk about my writing plans, specifically ‘Tales of Monsters‘, a bit more!

At the moment, I’m still editing (re-write editing) what is the beta version of Tales of Monsters, and I’ve done ten chapters out of forty-six since the end of November…

Yeah, it’s not been the greatest few weeks, but, it’s getting there. I’ve had some set backs, some chapters that sort of sit there and go nope, none of that is happening anymore, and I sit there and look at it, and then I just be like, yup, okay, next chapter!

There is one in that ten that still needs to be finished, and have a scene just taken away from it and scrapped and thrown in the fire, and then, one of the last chapters needs to be completely rewritten again because I decided on a semi-different ending, which results in the same end ending, but not the same way to the ending….

So, yeah, not to mention that I finally decided what to do with one of my assy characters I wasn’t sure if I wanted to kill off or not, and I now need to put that in, and edit some of my already edited chapters so their not there anymore. And, without this assy character in the book, I also, really, should lose another one, but I like this one, but, without the assy character, although I could easily write them in to the mix, if we looked at it properly, they wouldn’t stay, but not necessarily because they didn’t want too.

But, yeah, more to come with all that eventually, I’m sure!

I too, also decided to swap the first two chapters around, which I’m sure I’ve already said in a blog post, or on an instagram post, but yeah, the more I look at my first line, the more I hate it, so now, I need a new one! Yay


So, yes, Tales of Monsters is getting there, slowly, and, I’m hoping that it’s gonna be ready for beta-reading by at least April, so I can participate in Camp NaNoWriMo and start on the second draft of ‘Diary of a Child Zombie Killer,’ which I know, already, will be so much easier to get done compared to Tales of Monsters! The only thing I worry about for DOACZK it the formatting, but, once I’ve figured that out, at least I have a preset for any others I decide to do!

I’ve also been thinking about my NaNoWriMo project, and, I’ve thought  of an amazing idea I really hope I can turn solid by the time November comes around, but, I’ll guess we’ll have to wait and see what happens!

Also, another writerly resolution for myself is to go outside and write in public. Whether it’s at a cafe, or a library, or some place else I find, I need to stop being such a hermit all the time!

Anyway, sorry for the rambley post today! I had a drafted post planned, but, I didn’t have a chance to work on it and finish it until today, and I had one of those moments where the words were like, nope, and then, my back-up post did the exact same to me, so, I thought, why not just update you guys on my terrible writing/editing status!

Heres to the rest of the month being all creative and stuff!

Just gotta keep going, keep writing and I will see you again on Friday!

Jade x

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2 thoughts on “A ‘Tales of Monsters’ Status Update”

  1. I can’t believe you’re already planning for Nanowrimo! And 10 chapters are still 10 chapters. So nice to see your plans are in motion 🙂 Best of luck with getting Tales of Monsters beta-ready, I’m really looking forward to reading it someday!

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