Life Lessons in Ness’ A Monster Calls

My first journey in to the world of Patrick Ness broke my heart and then patched it back together again…

Following young Connor, plagued by his mothers illness (and read in four hours), this kid is this sassy little guy who I loved as soon as the first words came out of his mouth! The attitude, the sass, it makes you want to root for this kid from the very beginning!

Which is good, because this book, it takes something really real, and really hard to talk about, and think about, and it makes it easier for people to understand. It took this horribly dark situation and made it so that it was okay! It sort of assures you that the things you may think when your in a similar (or the same) situation as young Connor, are completely natural, and you’re not being as selfish as you think you are.

It also let’s you know that you’re not the only one who’s thought it!

It portrays really well how someone feels when, in this case, someone is terminally ill, happens! People have no idea how to act, or what to say, and you’re not treated the same as before. It can anger a lot of people, but it’s not the subject we allow ourselves to talk about in day-to-day life – because it’s too hard – so how can we really, criticise all the sorry for your troubles – when, we honestly don’t know ourselves how we really want to be treated – or how we would act eve.

You may want to be treated as normal, but, is that really the best way to go?

I, myself, was able to catch on to the monsters coming a bit before Conner did, or before he admitted it out loud anyway. I also think that sort of shows the difference between an adult and a child, and how they sometimes need a bit more time to process these things, especially at Conners tender age!

This book makes you think, whether it’s something menial or really important, it makes you think about the things you need to admit to yourself. Is a job not working for you? Is a relationship not working for you? Is something you’ve wrote, or created, not really getting anywhere? Is there something you’re keeping deep down because you’re worried about other people?

It could be something minor, or major, but you just have to take a step back, think about it, and then admit it. You don’t have to do anything about it straight away, maybe not at all if the circumstances don’t permit it, but if you admit it to yourself, you’re one step closer to being wherever you want to be!

During this little reading binge (which took place last year and now, I’m finally posting this), I was reading quite a lot of middlegrade books, and even though, they all have dark connotations floating about, they’ve all been able to teach these valuable lessons that both children and adults need.

Some of the suspected MG books I’ve read have been a little long-winded, but, you don’t have to worry about that when it comes to Ness! He’s so simple with his words, and I honestly think that a child could learn one or two things from his writing!

I’m gonna just get out there and give him 5*. There was nothing I didn’t like about it!

So, the second posts of the week are, honestly, just going to be all about books! And, because I have no idea whether I want to post these on a Saturday or Sunday, I’m just gonna give the name Weekend Reading, and post when I want to! Although, the weekday post might be changing, but, we’ll experiment and see how things go!

Until Wednesday,

Just keep on reading,

Jade x

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