#MyCharactersAreReal Tag Part 2: Tigs, The Child Zombie Killers Cat

And, here is part two of the #MyCharactersAreReal Tag (hosted by ellerymarconnor) on Instagram!

This is so fun to do, and is really helping me to get a better handle on the motivations and quirks of my protagonist in my 2017 NaNoWriMo project! And is making me delve in to things I hadn’t ever considered!

Check out Part One

And here’s a recap on what my 2017 NaNoWriMo Project was all about:


Set in a zombie apocalyptic Britain, a forty-year old guy called Al, finds a diary of the twelve-year-old Melanie. Inside, it documents the beginning of the apocalypse and the world she experiences. He doesn’t want it to ever finish; but he can see the un-penned, blank pages at the end. Did she decide she didn’t need it? Did she lose it? Or did she die…

Who Does Your Character Love More Than Anything or Anybody?

Before the apocalypse, she loved her family; her mam, step-dad and her sister Amber. Don’t get me wrong, she still loves them after the apocalypse too, but right now, it’s Tigs the cat! She’s the only one that Melanie has left to remind her of any of them – and, as cats go, she’s quite typical of a moggy who doesn’t always want to be around, and often goes on little adventures when Melanie’s not looking!


Who Gets Under Your Characters Skin?

Tigs! The cat often makes her mutter and curse to herself when she decides to go off on her own.

Who or What Could Break Your Character (even if it doesn’t happen in your book)

It changes throughout the story. Melanie has to grow up very quickly, she see’s terror, betrayal, chaos, killing, and I think, she’s already very broken by the end of the book. I think what pushes her over the edge, is having to defend herself against what’s left of the people she once knew.

I think, another thing that could easily break her is simply, losing Tigs…

Who or What is a Bad Influence on Your Character?

Before, it would have been her friend – Emma. She could convince Melanie to do absolutely anything – even stick her toe in a fire! Now, she doesn’t have anyone or anything to convince her to do anything, she need’s to make the choices for herself. Although, Tigs the Cat does have a want to get in to things she shouldn’t – and Melanie had to try to get her out! (So maybe Tigs)

Is Your Character the One to Instigate the Fight, Break it up or Stand Back?

To begin with, she was always the peace keeper among her friends. Melanie was always the one to make things okay again, a sort of a go between when two of her friends were arguing. But now, considering the situations she’s in, she stands back. She has enough to worry about than other people’s problems as well!

When Someone First Meets Your Character, What do They Think of Them?

Melanie is young! She’s only twelve! So people just assume she’s naive and young and needs looking after, but then, as the book progresses, people appreciate her more because she is on her own (and she’s still alive). There are still some that treat her like a child, but there are others that don’t.

What Does Your Character Look for in an Ally or Friend?

Before, she just looked for people with similar interests! She was your typical schoolgirl who liked to watch movies, and read books, and enjoyed a game of rounders once in a while! But, now, if she had to look for something, she’d look for trust! Because that’s the only thing that really matters now…

I can’t, like, even explain how fun these prompts are to do! I really am hoping that I’ll be able to finish the second draft of this book by the end of the year so I can get some beta-readers opinions on it!

Part three will be with you next Sunday!

But, until then

Just keep Writing,

Jade x

Check out Part Three

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7 thoughts on “#MyCharactersAreReal Tag Part 2: Tigs, The Child Zombie Killers Cat”

  1. This is a very useful follow-up to part 1! I regularly write monologues in the voice of my characters, interview them, and get them into conversations with each other. Now I’ve got a couple more things to ask them.


  2. oh bless her, you really put Melanie through the wars! it’s so interesting that you chose such a young protagonist (and like her opposite, an adult man, to view/read her experiences) to put through that scenario. and like to have a young protagonist have to adapt to such a drastic change in the world must have been so great to write! really can’t wait to read it some day, it sounds so fascinating (and heartbreaking). (I love Tigs as well!!)

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