Writing: A Letter to ‘The More Than Just a Love-Interest’: Harry

For Valentines day, I thought it best to address my protagonist Love Interest, Harry, from my current WIP Tales of Monsters.

He was the second character which I developed for the series, so he’s been there since the very beginning! He’s been through all the changes and heart ache just like Lauryn has, so I felt it necessary to send him a letter, just as I did Lauryn, some time ago (you can find it here)

Dear Harry…

First off, I’ll tell you some home truths.

  • Your an arrogant asshole;
  • You depress me, and;
  • You really need to stop being such a dick all the time.

Besides all that, I love the way you are, I love the quick snipes, sarcastic words, and your little bits of knowledge that you like to spout out every once in a while, and, I guess, I wouldn’t want you to be any other way! And neither would she.

You also, already, know that you have to laugh in the face of danger – in hopes that it will run away because it thinks your crazy – and in your world, that’s one of the best things you can do with some of the people you come across!

You know who I mean right?

However, I didn’t have to tell you any of that, because, you know deep down what you’re like. You know you’re weaknesses and you’re strengths; you know who’s stronger than you. It doesn’t mean you ever have to admit it. I wouldn’t make you do that (because I know you’ll come a point where you’ll have no choice).

I know I haven’t been very nice to you,. I haven’t been very nice to any of you, but, what’s the world without a little bit of tension right? You’d agree with that at least…

Anyway, you know what Harry, this doesn’t have to be a long letter. You don’t need it, just do me a favor and just keep going; keep hanging on to people you don’t want to hang on to – I promise you there’s a reason for that unlikely travel companion you had (and I think you can forgive me on that note, now, anyway).

It is true though, the more you hang on, the more you lose, but, would you rather lose it or never have it. You wouldn’t be you without it, and you wouldn’t have lasted as long as you have. You would never have been a part of a story only tales could tell. The world would have gobbled you up and not spat you back out. And I think you know that.

And the world would, indeed, be a much darker place without you.

And, one last thing, above all the rest. Make sure you keep that promise Harry, from your first breath until your last…


The truest friend you’ll ever have,

Jade x

So, I’ve had this letter drafted for months – roundabout the time I wrote up Lauryns – but, this one, it’s not really as telling as that letter. But Harry, as a character, doesn’t need as much telling as Lauryn does.

He knows the score even though he doesn’t, you know?

Anyway, back to the point of this blog post.

In almost every book, tv show or movie, the protagonist always has some sort of love-interest! Even MG books have that girl or boy next door that they fancy the pants off, and honestly, they all can get a bad rep pretty easily!

Sometimes, they’re only really there to develop the main character and don’t have any substance themselves, and even though, that is a great part of Harry’s plot, I have always seen him as his own person, and sometimes, he almost acts like the main character.

But that’s what you need to remember, with love-interests, and sub-characters in general, they need to have substance. They need to have a real reason to be a part of this story your writing, they need to have a part to play in the bigger picture, whether it’s showing the protagonist another way of life, or saving the day at the end. They need to be just as developed as your protagonist, they need to be as real as they are!

For mine, yes, he is a love interest, and yes, he supports and helps develop Lauryns character as a whole, but he’s also an integral piece in this world I’ve created. Without him being the way he is, and the way he’s written, this story wouldn’t be half as good as I hope it is.

Harry is the head of what the old King liked to called the Skoldrick Guard. A group of powerful, respected men – who people might not like all the time – but their loyalty can never be doubted. They also swear themselves in to the Princess’ own guard, following the line of succession. They’ll do anything for each other (and the ones they protect), and honestly, anything goes.

‘Brothers in the winter, brothers in the spring, brothers in the summer, brothers in the fall, brothers until death, are we called.’

There’s obviously much more to my lovely Harry, but, you know, too many spoilers in one post, ai?

So,what do you think about the use of love interests in books, film and TV?

Do you have one in your story? I’d love to hear about them!

Until next time though,

Just keep writing,

Jade x

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