22 Three-Word Prompts!

This here is a post I guess wrote on the wonderful Welcome to Realiti’s blog for his month long posts of all things 22!

And, keeping in line with my own february theme (which I’ve deemed my own character development month), I give you 22 three-word prompts that you can use to see what your characters would do or say if the words were ever said too them, or by them!

Whether you are a poet or a story-teller – or both, here are 22 ‘Three Word Prompts’ to get your brain working!
And with each one of these, you could delve into the world of horror and madness, or, make something light and fluffy and beautiful (You just have to use your imagination a little!) Let’s just get on with the list and let your imagination flow!

Read the rest via 22 three-word prompts – Guest post by Jade Maiden

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