Hayley Soon by Andrew Henley (Transgressive Fiction)

Andrew Henleys ‘sophomore’ novel ‘Hayley Soon’ follows the story of Korean-american trans girl – Hayley Soon – as she tries to decide what direction to take her life in.

Joined by a colourful cast of characters – Cleo, who does her best to keep Hayley grounded is my favourite’ – this is a book you won’t be able to put down until the very end!

Goodreads summary:
Hayley Soon is the tale of a Korean-American transgirl with a fractured mental health, obsession with pop culture, cosplay and a rapidly declining interest in her studies.
Featuring movies, music and a diverse cast all entangled in themes so dark you’ll need a flashlight, Hayley Soon puts the trans in transgressive fiction.

My rating: 5*

So, I had the honor of beta-reading Hayley Soon last year, and even in its raw state, I was able to see how much potential it had! Potential which Andrew was able to bring with the finished copy!

It’s definitely one of those books you won’t be able to stop yourself from thinking about when you finally put it down!

Even now I have moments where I see the world differently because of the things said in this book. It certainly opens your eyes in more ways than one!

Which, I think is because Hayley isn’t the sort of characters to wear any rose tinted glasses and she see’s the world as it is, along with all it’s flaws and injustice – just as much as she does with herself!

And that, in turn, makes Hayley a character you can relate too in the first two pages! She’s real, and I think it just makes what she goes through all that more painful and ‘real’ for the reader!

It’s a fun novel, especially with all the pop-culture references and cosplaying antics, but at its core, it looks at some pretty dark themes – dark enough you’ll need a flash-light – but with a cast of ‘grounded’ characters behind Hayley, it doesn’t feel as if all is lost.

This book made me cry, laugh, think and even get mad (in a good way)

What else could you want from a book?

And, at just 99p on amazon kindle, or at just £8.99 for the paperback, you can read this book too!

And, don’t forget, if you live in or near Newcastle, on the 2nd June 2018, Andrew is having a belated book launch at Newcastle City Library for Hayley Soon!

He’s currently looking for writers and authors to go on a panel, so, if your interested, make sure to get in contact with him through either his instagram or website!

But until then though guys,

Just Keep Writing,

Jade x

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