I’ve Always Liked Camping…

So, for my first ever Camp Nano experience, I’m going to be attempting to start and complete the second draft of my November Nano project – The Diary of a Child Zombie Killer.

Rewriting 50,000 words is gonna be a toughy, I know, but I managed the first draft in 19 days – so, I’m hoping that these thirty are gonna let me do both the rewriting and the research I need to make the whole thing that little bit more believable.

I literally did just shovel sand in to a bucket for my first draft, and literally word-vomited my way through nanowrimo.

And, I think thats the best way to get a first draft done.

I even changed perspectives half way through so I’m gonna have so much fun writing that first part! But, it made the words flow easier, and, if I’m honest, it’s definitely one of those novels that is gonna be far more character orientated than plot orientated.

The plot is quite simple really. Survive.

There’s no grand finale to find a cure or anything like that. I know twelve-year old kids can be capable of anything – look at Percy Jackson and Harry Potter – but, Melanie doesn’t have any magic or god-like abilities, and she’s one of those characters who is much-likely to run than she is fight.

Not because she’s selfish – just that she’s not stupid.

So, all-in-all, I have 2138 words rewritten so far, and I have a load of research to do – which I thought would be fun to share with you lot so look out for the first one later in the week!

What are you working on for Camp Nanowrimo?

Until then though,

Just Keep Writing,

Jade x

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8 thoughts on “I’ve Always Liked Camping…”

  1. I’m working on my second WIP called “Encyclopedia of Death”. It’s a story of coming to truth about departing this planet, how everyone’s life is stored in a library and the temptation that that knowledge can bring to the keepers, who are supposed to just guard and protect.

    Good luck with DOACZK, I can’t wait to be able to read it ! :3

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  2. You can do it! Editing is tough, but I’m positive that you can accomplish your goals. I’m working on my unfinished WIP that I had from NaNoWriMo last year, a YA psychological thriller titled “Bus 59 and a Half.”

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  3. I’m adding another 25000 words to my project from Nanowrimo, Second Chance at Destiny, which is based on Arthurian Legend. It’s been fun writing about Merlin and Arthur, but my first drafts are always so long!
    Good luck with your project 🙂 Rewriting can be challenging, but it can also be fun!

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