I Lost My Internet (And I almost didn’t survive)

Well, the title’s a tad dramatic, but still…

I thought I’d be fine. I thought it was what I wanted.

It’s not. Not like that.

I wish I could say that it was invigorating, and, don’t get me wrong, aspects of it was. If anything, the best thing to come from it was a library card! And, perhaps a sudden urge to buy all the Marvel Cinematic Universe films on DVD and have a Marvelathon… Now, all of that was fun as hell! And, I re-found my love for Iron Man (which both my brother and best-friend tried to take away from me…) and of course, Thor…

And, yeah, I spent time playing games – and finally finishing Bioshock Infinite, and I spent some more time writing up some fanfiction, which, in turn, has given me so many more ideas for my own novels, it’s kinda crazy, but yeah.

But, I think it was the sudden loss of internet that hit me. The fact that I couldn’t go back to it if I wanted, and, that it happened just after – literally the day after guys – I decided to spoil myself and get XBOX Gold after, like, two years of not having it…

And, although, I missed being able to go on Instagram – mostly just to see what other people are up to with their writing and lives, (I’m already fazing out of Facebook so that really never bothered me), I missed being able to ask google all those stupid questions I need to know.

You know the ones… The ones that make your internet history look a little dodgy…

And, now I have it back. Other than realising how much I missed being able to listen to songs on YouTube in the background whilst I write in bed, I haven’t even used it all that much… Not really…

I’ve kept up with my Marvelathon. I have, like, five movies left to watch and I’ll be all ready to get Black Panther when it comes out on DVD in June, and, I’ve googled my weird questions, but, I haven’t used it like I did before.

And maybe that’s a good thing… And maybe it’s also a bad thing because I’ve had the internet back since last week and this is my second blog post of the month…

And, somehow, despite the fact that I have perfectly good internet in my house, I’m sat in the library writing this.

Well. Yes. Logic, right?

Anyway, I’m gonna attempt to catch up on all your guys posts, and write up a few that I’ve been needing too!

Until then though guys,

Just Keep Writing,

Jade x

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