Whose in Control of Your Outline?

To plan or not to plan, that is the question that we plan to answer today, but hey, who knows what I’ll end up rambling about by the end of this post!

Anyway, lets just imagine you’re sat here staring at a blank page, you have this idea in your head, this event that has sparked something inside of you, and now, you want to write about it. But! Do you sit and plan it, or do you just start writing?

It’s sounds, and feels great having an outline, having a start and an end, but there’s something else there as well. Something that will throw you off your course if your too meticulous, if you never stray from the outline you created. And that is your characters.

Your characters are the first point and call that your readers will know off, their the ones who might tell the story, or show the reader how the story ends up; and most of the time, they grow and stray away from the people you thought they would be, and with that, comes plot holes and mistakes and things that wouldn’t necessarily happen if the characters were allowed to grow naturally with the plot.

Obviously, if your characters are already full developed before you start on the outlining of your plot, it’s much easier to plot it, and to stick to it and not have all those plot holes, etc. However, your characters need to be willing to take control and drive your plot where you want it to go, and for this, you need to know how they will react to certain things, and you have to make them real people.

Obviously, you could sit and write a profile about them. You know, all the basic things – name, age, appearance, personality, but, they also have to grow, they have to develop, because every day changes you, so it should change you’re characters as well. It makes them more relateable, and more real for the reader, and sometimes, you won’t know how a character will react until you’ve written about them going through whatever you want them to go through.

For example, do you know straight off the bat if they: Would give a penny to a homeless man? Would they choose to spend a night in or go out? Would they live without regrets? Would they sacrifice themselves for a stranger? Would they lie? Would they kill? Would they fall in to a depression?

The only way you’ll truly know is if you write about it. You know the events and tests that your character is going to go through, and how they end up will depend on them. With enough planning, it can work, you can flesh out your characters perfectly, and they will do and act the way you want it to happen, but, then perhaps you feel like adding something different, and you don’t want to because you feel like you need to keep to the plan that you’ve written.

It’s good to plan your novel, or short story, especially if it’s intricate and complex (even if it isn’t, its good to plan), but you need to remember that it’s a tool to help you, and the last thing you should do is let it be restrictive. The structure of it has to be flexible, and it has to cater to the people you put in to the plot as it can feel like they’ve completely taken over – which can be hard if you’ve already planned it.

My current WIP is a big quadrilogy, and it’s been planned in the sense that I know what’s semi-going to happen, and who’s going to die, who’s going to live, and how they get from the beginning to the end, but I’ve not outlined it in the sense that I know every little bit of how the story will go. Perhaps I let the characters dictate the plot too much, but, half-the-time, it never wants to go the way I want it to, and, it’s kind of exciting to learn about the characters in their own way then plan out the way I want their lives to go. I think if they have the same mind-set as you, they somehow work towards that end goal you have planned, just a bit differently to how you plotted it out.

So, I think what you really need to is sort of be a planster, which I guess is the word for someone between a planner and a non-planner. The plot needs to be flexible, because you can plan from the beginning to the end and something might happen, you might get a wave of inspiration for a new character who wasn’t necessarily part of the plan, or the end of a character might feel more right than letting them go on.

And whether you plan it or not, editing is horrible, but is also a writers best friend. And, you can start writing even without a definitive plot!

Obviously, it’ll be different for each person, but I know people who have been planning for years and never get to the writing.

Sometimes its better to just start writing and plan it along the way! And that way, you will find whats best for you!

I hope you have a great day, and…

Just Keep Writing!


Writing: Always write for you!

There are some people who sit down to write a book, and they wonder what others would like to read. Do they want an action packed fantasy, an epic love-triangle, a sexy romcom, a thriller, a mystery, a sci-fi adventure with aliens and starlords?

This whole ‘wondering’ can put you at a stand still. It’s so much easier to start doubting yourself when your writing for that someone else, for a particular reader, or an agent, or a publisher. Or even a genre.

If you have an idea you think you can pull through with, that you enjoy writing, leave that wondering until your finish. It doesn’t matter if it doesn’t fit in to a certain category or criteria, there will always be someone who wants to read it – even if that person is only you.

The quote featured at the top by Cyril Connoly is one that I live by. I believe that you need to enjoy full-heartedly what you write, and you need to love it and be passionate about it… If you’re not, no one else will.

There was also another quote I came across in a book by Judith Kerr, a book about a little girl who wrote poems, but could only every write about the disasters that shook the world:

‘If you want to write about disasters, that is what you must do. It’s no use trying to write what other people want. The only way to write anything good is to please yourself’

It’s almost the same as Cyrils quote, and is what actually inspired this whole post in the first place!

Write about what makes you happy. Write about what makes you sad. Write a adventure you want to go on. Write about a world you want to explore. Write a book you want to read.

At the end of the day, if you’re not happy with what you wrote, how is anyone else supposed to be. It may not be perfect, but if you can sit and say I’m proud of it once you’ve type The End, then your there.

If you write for the public, the public can throw it back in your face. As long as you love it, anyone else who does is a bonus!

So stop wondering, and just keep writing!


A Wedding, a Puppy and Revitalising Old Ideas

As of when I’m writing this. I have just walked in from a magical ceremony which joined two beautiful people together in the best way possible. This weekend has been a highly anticipated event for at least three, nearly four years and we were finally able to witness these two love birds take the next big step in to their journey together.

And it makes me want to write about a wedding, about love and all that sort of thing. My current WIP has no interest in these sorts of marriages, perhaps no marriages at all, not really, and not in this depth that I want to write about.

Its really amazing the feelings you get when a beautiful bride, and your friend, walks down the isle to ‘tale as old as time’, and how your chin trembles and you just want to cry!

So, right now, it is the day before this blog post is due, and it’s replacing one that I already had scheduled! But, it can easily go up next week, and I think I need a few more days to look over it anyway, so I’m glad I got hit with this one!

This weekend, I also got a new little writing companion called Albert! He is absolutely adorable, even when he pees on the carpet and drinks boiling hot tea… But yeah, he is gorgeous and is turning out to be such a good puppy already!

Both of these things have taken me away from my writing (and the reading) I really wanted to do! I’m hoping now it’s all finished though, I’ll be able to get back in to the swing of things, but if anything, this weekend and the coming of Albert has revitalised ideas and a completely new one too!

When I was younger, I hand-wrote a story about a German Shepherd called Taffy (based on my old dog) and the magical adventures he went on with all his friends! And just seeing Albert and having him home has made me want to write about it again. It would only ever be a children’s book, but I think it would be a neat, simple little side project that I could work on every now and then when I’m in a slump.

This weekend has also given me an idea for another story, a contemporary romance sort of novel that probably won’t be written any time soon, but I’m sure that in the years to come, it will piece itself together as I experience the events needed to inspire it all. It’s a genre I haven’t really delved in to, and I’m hoping it turns in to this happy-go lucky kind of novel with love and romance and problems and stuff like that, but maybe it won’t, maybe it’ll be something completely different when I sit down and write the first sentence.

That’s the joy of writing a novel! You never know what’s going to happen at the end of it, and also my favourite part. It’s the reason I don’t bother planning in detail.

This post was perhaps another sort of update, like the last one, but this weekend has sort of been momentous to me, and so inspiring that I had to write about it. I do have some proper writing posts ‘written’ and another planned which I actually just came up with whilst writing this one, and some others that I’m sure will get me back in to my groove for real!

I hope you’re all having a good week for your art, and that all your projects are going smoothly!

Jusy keep writing


My Characters Don’t Know What They’re Doing Half The Time

These last few weeks, as I been going through my manuscript, I’ve been thinking a lot about the personal journeys all my characters are going through. Some have nice cushy lives until some unexpected guests turn up, and some have been thrown in to the wilderness to survive and hope for the best… Half the time, they have no idea what their doing, even experienced Knights have no idea what their doing. I do, I know what their doing and what they need to do, but I hope with this indecisiveness, that somehow, I’ve been able to make my characters feel more real!

For me (and most people, whether your young or old), I still don’t have any idea what I want with my life, not truly. I obviously want to publish books and all that, but there’s a large chunk of my life that I don’t know where its going… Just like my poor characters!

In most of the books that I’ve read, the characters, I don’t think, have enough indecisiveness in their lives and I think it’s really important that they do. I think more characters need to not have a clue what they want, they may have something their given, or are heir too. Say a prince or a princess. But, I want my characters to question these things, to say. ‘Perhaps I don’t want to be one… Perhaps I do… Maybe… Well… I don’t know’

I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with character knowing what they want, perhaps they know it straight away, and that’s fine. My main antagonist knows what he wants, he knows – just about – how to get it and he’s determined to do it. His reasoning may not be the best, especially for some of the things he does, but, at the end of the day, he does have his reasons, and to him, their true.

In my WIP, my characters are all changed by the end of it, some for the very worse, some for the better, but, for a good chunk of it, their not sure what their supposed to do. They don’t know who to trust, or who to follow, or even if they trust themselves. Some get really depressed, and some contemplate killing themselves. Some just walk in to a forest full of monsters and never come back (this happened, and I cried, because I didn’t realise it needed to happen until I edited it, the scene still makes me feel sad now, and it’s been a few months).

So, I guess, it’s a trait of many people in real life that doesn’t always seem to cross over to books, or stories so much. I know it can be a bit frustrating the character not knowing what they want to do, or be, or where they want to go; even when it’s really obvious to the reader, but, the whole point of a book is making this world you created some-what believable, and I think it’s a great way off adding this realistic part to it…

At the end of the day, you know what you want your characters to do, even if they don’t, and your job is to put them through all their trials and tribulations and learn with them; learn what they like, what they fear, how they deal with different things. It’s okay if they changed their mind half way through, perhaps they won’t be that hero you wanted them to be, or they won’t be that sort of villain that you planned, but that’s just the joys of writing a book isn’t it?

You can plan the whole thing, and have a completely different plot by the time you type the end…

What traits do your characters have that make them that little bit more realistic? I’d loved to hear them!

Happy hump day guys


Just Keep Writing!


How to make your Characters talk to you…

It sounds weird, doesn’t it?.

How can your own characters, which your mind gave birth too, which you clothed and brought up and made them in to this person you “want” them to be, not talk to you..

Quite easily I’ll have you know – I think most writers will agree – that ometimes the sassy little things will sit there and mope and you feel like you can’t do anything about it…

Sometimes those things you love so much will lead you in to a writing block, but the best way to fight that is to just write more…

This is just one of the way’s of many to make them talk to you a little bit more, and in my experience, is the easiest thing to do, but it will differ for everyone.

I think the best way to learn about a character is to write about them, but I don’t mean as in, write about their role in your story, I mean, as in, write about what they did before the story started. Most of the time, you’ll know the story of their lives, the few things that happened before, things that necessarily aren’t important to what they are doing right now, but I think that to properly grapple on to how your characters came to be the person they are now, you need to take time out of your WIP and write about the things that made them who they are. Almost like a short story or a piece of flash fiction. It doesn’t need to be highly edited, or a master piece in anyway, it can just be something you keep for yourself, or, if you want, release it in to ‘The World’ as an extra little tidbit in to ‘Your World’.

For example, one of my secondary characters, Ryan, had a run-in with a Knight he used to squire with. I knew a joust was involved with their final separation, that it was the day he found his horse Bezel and Bezel almost got killed, but I didn’t know the extent of it all – like the emotions and the thoughts my character would have had, or, the hatred he had for the Knight until I wrote about it. I know the Knight changed him for the worst, but there’s always a little part of him that kept him good. Mostly.

My fingers did the work – sometimes they write things I never know are going to happen until they do – and I think Ryan helped me to tell the story that truly showed himself for who he was, or who he wanted to be, even though, it didn’t really work out that way; but every day, this man surprises me and keeps going forward.

It was the story that told me why the two of them weren’t close anymore, the reason why he didn’t look up to him, and the story that also, surprisingly, lead to his family name being redeemed to the King, something I didn’t plan until I wrote about it, but fitted in so perfectly I couldn’t not put it in.

I learnt much more than I thought I would, and I’ve noticed that it sort of bleeds in to the book I’m writing without having to add all those extra words in. It may never get put in to the series at all, but I think that the more you know about the people in your book, the more it comes across in your writing without actually writing it (How it works, I don’t know, but it does).

There are obviously other ways to do this. For example, you could write a letter to your characters (you can find examples of them over here at M.A. Ryan, readtolivetowrite, Uninspiredwriters and even on my own blog here), you could do an interview with your character (I recently found Library of Erana, and it has so many interesting character interviews, it’s insane, here’s a link to her character interview tag). And obviously, you could write a whole new novel or even novella about them.

Look at Cassandra Clare. She’s got several series from the Shadowhunter world, each of them adding another layer of depth and information to a world many people can’t get enough off.

Another way is obviously the Pottemore route. Pottermore has allowed J.K. Rowling to release a whole host of short stories and extra info about the Wizarding World, and to this day, she keeps adding to the world that has inspired hundreds of millions of people! (Happy Birthday Jo and Harry <3)

Obviously, some of us aren’t in that situation yet where we are published. We don’t have that sort of platform, but if you want it to get out there, if you have a world full of little stories you want people to know about, but can’t really justify adding the extra so many words to your main novel; or have more worlds waiting to be written about, so can’t always justify writing more books, blogs and websites are so easily accessible nowadays that you could post the short stories on them as you write them, and, so many years down the line, when your book is published and readers are looking for those little extras, they’ll come across the little gems (or Easter eggs) you planted years before.

I think the worst thing about this is finding the balance between the worlds your writing about now, and the worlds you may still have waiting in the wings, waiting for their time to shine, but I think it’s all about finding a balance and realising when each world needs to finally end (If I ever figure that one out, I’ll make sure to tell you)!

I know this post is a little later in the day than I would normally like, but I tried to write it last night in time for this morning, but my mind didn’t want to form the right sentences for it.

You see, yesterday, I read over a short story that I posted a couple months ago – about Ryan and his joust – and it just reminded me of how important it is to write about them, to write about how they became them. If you fancy a read, you can find it here. It’s not perfect in any way, but it was fun to do, and that’s the whole point of writing – that even though it’s stressful and makes you want to tear your hair out, it’s still FUN!?!

What methods do you use to make your characters talk to you? I’d love to hear about them 🙂

And until next time guys,

Just keep writing…

Jade x

Writing: A Letter To My Protagonist

I got a lot of things to apologise for…

I saw that Readtolivetowrite did this because of M.A.Ryan and I wanted to give it a go!

I actually have two main protagonists in my current WIP, but I decided to write it to the one who started it all off for me. I’ll probably do a second one for Aran because it’s nice to be able to explain yourself, and apologise for all the lovely and horrible things you do them! I recommend that everyone does this! It was so fun! And if you do, please tag me so I can see them!

So, here goes!

Dear Lauryn

Before anything else, I just want to get one thing clear. I love you, even if the rest of the world won’t, and I don’t mean the one your in. I think readers are going to find you a bit annoying, we won’t know for sure just yet, and I hope they love you as much as I do, but with whats to come, let’s not bank on it. Anyway, you were the first character to pop in to my head and the one I’ll always love the most.

You are not anywhere near the heroine of the story, but your not the damsel in distress either, you are the girl in between. And, from the start, I knew you felt helpless, sad, scared, betrayed, and you still do now, but after all I’ve thrown at you, you still manage to hang on. Your so good at finding them little pieces of happiness, or meaning, and I admire that about you.

Whatever I put you through, just know that it’s done for a reason. I need to see as much as ‘she’ does – even though you don’t know who ‘she’ is yet – if you can do this. Will you be able to fight something your going to lose, will you be able to keep going when everyone else leaves you?

I think you can. And I think that despite the comfy life you had, the one without any problems (except the ones the outside world never saw), the one fit for a Princess, that in the end, you might find the adventure I give you a bit more fulfilling than the life you might have had.

There is much more to come, many more trials, heart ache, death, loss, murder, fire. It’s all coming for you, but just try and hold on to yourself, to your friends, to the people that matter, because in the end, they may be the only ones that can save you. Although, you’ll have to do a lot of saving yourself before that moment comes to pass.

I know it’s easier said then done, and I left you sad, broken and unable to forget the list you created in your head. But keep that list Lauryn, wear the names of those you failed and make armour out of it, make it so they mattered. It doesn’t have to be just yet. I know it’s still raw; but you have to show your gratitude to the people who gave their lives to save yours.

I won’t take everything from you, I can promise that, but I don’t know if you will ever forgive me for the things I do.

Your life isn’t going to get any easier, but I think you can find a way to be happy, to keep going when you feel like it’s all lost. I believe in you, and I always will!

A bit of advice though. There’s no point going through life holding grudges on those who did you wrong. There’s no point worrying about the past because you can’t change it. There’s no point worrying about the future because it hasn’t happened yet. You need to live in the here and now, and give chances to those who may have been swayed by something they truly believe in…

Good luck Lauryn…

Love your biggest fan,


Writing: Don’t worry about how long it takes!

I had something really nice scheduled for this weeks post, but instead of peanut butter cookies, a perfect treat for all us writers may I just add, I’ve decided to write this!

I always find that writing is the easiest way for me to express myself, and even make me decide what’s best in some situations. This time, it’s all about how long it takes for you to finish your novel, or anything in life really (perhaps your saving for a house, a dream holiday, perhaps your working your ass off for a promotion you think your never going to get). It all boils down to one thing.

For me, it’s all about my ‘finished’ manuscript. These last couple of weeks, I’ve come to the conclusion that my current WIP needs a revamp. I know, in an older blog post that I said that you never know when your novel is finished, not really, and that sometimes, you have to stop and take it to the next level, and I did that, I finally sent it out to agents, even got my first rejection letter, but I don’t know if it’s the books I’ve been reading lately, or just the doubts in my head that are trying to tell me that I need to take that step back.

I put my heart and soul in to ‘Tales of Monsters’, the first manuscript of four that I will finish some day, and there’s things in there that I could never change, things and people that are going to stay in there forever, but now I’ve been focusing on writing the second book (which I had already started writing, maybe three or so years ago) I’ve realised even more, as the story is progressing, that there are more inconsistencies in my plot, that some niggily little things just don’t add up, and they might be small in the first book, but in the second book, their so much more important than I’d thought they be.

Also, the more I write, the more I learn about this world.

I know it doesn’t help that I introduced a whole new group of characters, almost like an alternate story line about five drafts in, and before that, this character (and all the others who were never meant to be) wasn’t going to be introduced until maybe the third book, but, in the grand scheme of things, and the place he ends up, I needed to get to know him much sooner than I thought.

This story just started off as a Princess being chased from a burning castle, being chased by monsters and bandits, and all the bad, horrible things, and then ending up where she still ends up. It was all going to be about her and her journey, but she’s not the sort of person (or character, or whatever) to lead this sort of thing, and I only realised that as I got to know her more. I love her, but, the more I wrote, the more I understood where this was all going to end up.

It turned in to so much more than I could ever have imagined, includes so many things I thought it would never include. I built a whole world, or at least five Kingdoms, all with different people, all with different beliefs, all with different prophecies and ethics and morals, and I love what I’ve written in the first book, but I need to go back to it, I need to do that one last draft.

It is still out there in the literary agent world, festering in their inboxes, and we’ll just have to see how it goes. It’s not changing dramatically at any rate, I’ll probably have to cut about 40,000 words anyway, so I might as well start now.

‘Tales of Monsters’ might not be the first book I publish, I have so many idea’s for other novels and ‘stand alones’ that maybe they’ll beat her to it, but I love it enough to never give up on it! Even if I don’t ever publish it, it will be finished one way or another.

I’m also thinking of going down the route of beta readers. I use my parents and family, but I think I need to stop being so worried and just put it out there more. So, if anyone likes a bit of fantasy, a little bit of magic, some deadly prophecies and a bit of doom and gloom (more adult than YA I think, but still probably okay to read if your a bit younger), then send me a pm or leave a comment, and when I’ve finished with the edit, I’ll send it over to you!

For now, I think I’ll just keep posting little snippets of my story – the ones that are there to stay – on my instagram (jlmwrites) – and trying to better explain what this whole world I created is all about. It’s amazing how inspirational it can be creating pictures and drawings for the world your created, and having the support from other writers that are in the same boat as you (and obviously start working on that ‘final’ draft).

I guess what I’m trying to say is not to get discouraged, whether it’s because it takes so long to plan it, write it, edit it; whether it’s not working, you can’t find the time, or the motivation. If you believe in the end result, if you can put your hand on your heart and say that you can and will give your all to this book, then keep going, it might take five years, it might take even longer, but when it’s meant to happen, it will.

Also, don’t feel bad about realising that you might have to take a step backwards, whether it’s rewriting a chapter, the whole book, rethinking a whole plot idea or just, anything, you’ll get there in the end if you believe in yourself.

You can’t rush art, and don’t rush something that’s important to you. Don’t compare yourself to other writers. Don’t compare yourself to that person who finished their manuscript, they went through everything your feeling right now. You are not alone, and most things in life never go to plan, so don’t worry so much about that finish line, enjoy your writing, because if you stop enjoying it, if you worry too much, it may turn in to something you resent, and that’s the last thing you want!

Just keep writing, don’t give up and like I said, when it’s meant to happen, it will. It doesn’t matter how long, just that you keep going!

That First Rejection Letter

I got it!


And it hurt, it really did!

I didn’t realise how bad I would feel, even though it’s just one, but, now, I sit and think that it’s just another step in my journey.

What does make me feel better though, is a post on Cristian Mihai’s blog – about famous, best-selling authors who got rejected – that I found early on in my wordpress endeavor. I bookmarked it so that I could always go back to it. And it reminds you that authors like J.K. Rowling, Dr.Seuss, Hemingway, and H.G. Wells all got rejected numerous times before the worlds they created became the worlds many people grew up with.

The Wizarding World got rejected twelve times!

I think it’s also really important to remember that when your submitting, that agents are just human, and as Agatha Christie got 500 rejections (and we all know where she ended up), they can make mistakes or overlook something that may actually work.

And, if Agatha didn’t give up after 500, I don’t think anyone can justify giving up after 1!

There’s also a quote that I found this year, a quote that I make sure I have close to me when I write, just to remind myself of something really important!

‘Better to write for yourself and have no public, than to write for the public and have no self’ – Cyril Connoly

So, even if I get to 500, I want to remember that I’m writing these novels and stories to see how my characters end up (because I can plan the whole thing and it can go the complete other way), and to experience journeys in to new lands without needing to leave my house!

So, keep going,

Keep submitting,

And most of all,

Just keep writing…

Jade x

First Batch of Submissions Sent!

So, just a quick little update! And for me to document this momentous day!
Today, the 8th June 2017, I sent my first finished novel to some agents!

I thought I’d feel better, but the nerves are already bubbling inside of me, and although, I’m a pretty patient person, I think this wait may be one of the hardest of my life so far!

Now, I’ve told myself I’m not allowed to even look at my novel because I know, that despite the amount of times I’ve looked over it, I will find something wrong with it and just make myself feel bad!

So, to keep my mind from it, my aim for the rest of June is to try and put a dent in my TBR pyle!

And I’m also going to continue writing the second novel in my quadrilogy, and start planning out a new novel I’m hoping to complete for Nanowrimo! I’ve always tried, but never successfully completed one so hopefully 2017 is the year of success!

Although, if it’s not, I’ll take it on the chin and try even harder next year!

Just keep writing guys!

When Do You Know Your Novel Is Finished?

This blog post is a bit late. Oops
However, the title of it explains the reason why quite simply. Oops again.

The hardest part of writing a novel is knowing when to stop. When is it ready for the world; For the agents and the publishers your itching to send it too; When have you finished what you set out to do.

The simple answer is the worst answer ever: Never.

No matter how much time you put in to a manuscript, how much world building and character building and editing you do, no matter how many times you rewrite, it is never going to be perfect. In an instagram post, I said that knowing when to stop was the hardest thing, but you have to do it sometime. I may need to learn to practice what I preach…

I’ve recently started on my second book, and I found it so easy to write the way I wanted it to go that I almost panicked a little, worried that I wasn’t portraying the characters correctly. It made me go back, to re-read it, and after convincing myself that re-writing wasn’t the answer, I decided to edit it one last time.

I realised that it was something else bothering me as well. The basis of my story focuses on prophecies, prophecies I weren’t sure worked, but during the night, when I work, I have loads of times to think about it (and doubt myself), and it’s when I realised that I had all the elements there and I just had to put it in to words. It fitted with everything that had happened, everything that’s going to happen and something I was even unsure about.

So, about fifteen thousand more words later, I think I need to send it away before I ruin it.

I still want to rewrite the whole thing, but it’s only because I worry others won’t love it like I do. But! This month, I am sending it away. I poured my heart in to this book and hopefully, even if they think it’s terrible, they can see that.

So, when do you know your novel is finished? You don’t. I’m sure that even published writers have things they wished they’d changed, even J.K Rowling wishes she’d shipped Hermione with Harry rather than Ron. So, just know, that even the writers you look up to still regret things they’ve written, even when it’s been published for nearly twenty years!

So, once you finished it, send it. You may get a load of rejections, but you may just get a letter saying they want to see more of the world you created!

Just keep writing… Or don’t, you know what I mean…