How Did ‘No Goal May’ Go?

So, I had a little bit of a break from blogging last month which, wasn’t completely planned but, I think, really helped me get things back in to prospective!

I lost my internet them first few days of May – which was not as liberating as some of you may think that it should be… It was just horrible!

But, it did give me time to game (which I forgot how much I love doing) and, it pushed me to go out and finally buy the MCU movies and binge watch them to my hearts content!

The rest of the month? I gamed some more, worked a lot and wrote loads! I’m still in the haze of fanfiction writing at the moment, but this month, I’m gonna dive back in to Tales of Monsters and get it ready for my very wonderful and patient beta-readers who are on the sidelines!

Also last month, I decided to end my subscription with the BookBoxClub! Its been a brilliant experience this last year, and if it wasn’t for them, I never would have found the Spellslinger series (aka. My favourite book series ever).

And, it’s also opened up the oppurtunity (mostly financial) to delve in to a different subscription box!

Anyways! I thought I’d just throw this little update out there just to say that normal posting shall resume shortly!

I think I’m gonna stick to my usual Wednesday posts – which will mostly cover all my writing wins and woes, and then, once I get back in to the swing of posting weekly, I’ll add a few more posting days here and there! Although, if inspiration does hit, expect a random post every now and then!

It’s good to be back!

And, until next time guys,

Just Keep Writing,

Jade x

‘No-Goals’ May!

Guys, its one heck of a rainy day in May, and, to add to it, this last month has been a bit of a world wind.

Work and more work has thrown me off completely, and my first camp nanowrimo experience just fell flat on its face…

I rewrote about 4k words of The Diary of a Child Zombie Killer and then, just, sort of, lost interest…

That’s not to say that I didn’t write though. I amounted about 24k words of a fanfiction peice and it’s still going!

It’s essentially to help me develop a couple of characters that I have. One whose very much at the forefront of my writing, and another whose been sat on the back-burner for a couple of years – who has been slowly getting back in to the fore-front these last couple days and don’t want to leave me alone. But, their both from completely different settings, and worlds, so, they’ll never actually meet. And, back-burner character has to stay there a little longer because working on another project right now is just out of the question for me.

This month though, I’m not gonna make any attempts at goals or give myself any deadlines.

I’m even considered just deleting instagram off my phone for the month. Cause, the procrastination is real, but, I’d miss seeing everyones posts, so, thats out of the question. Although, I am going to try and limit my use a tad! But like I said, no goals!

I’m also gonna try and work-out a better schedule for these blog posts! I’ve slacked the last week or so, and I shouldn’t have!

So, yeah, not much is happening this month in retrospect. I have more overtime at work next week, although, I do have a nice three-day weekend for May-day and, at the end of the month, I also have a four day weekend which I’m more than looking forward too.

And then, next month, I’m gonna go see Ed Sheeran!!! Yay!

And, also this month, before I forget, the third book in the Spellslinger Series by Sebastien de Castell comes out and I am just, ecstatic about it! Spellslinger and Shadowblack were easily my favourite books of 2017, and I’m just gonna assume that Charmcaster and Soulbinder will be this years!

Anyway, like I said, no specific goals this month!

I’m really hoping that it’ll help to take the strain and the doubt of a little bit and let me continue to enjoy all of this a little bit more than before!

I’d love to know what you guys up to this month? Have you got any goals or deadlines set?

Until then though,

Just Keep Writing,

Jade x

This Month Should Be Easy (March Wrap-up & April Goals)

So, this past month, it’s been a bit give and take. A lot of bad, and a lot of good…

I did turn 24 though! Yesterday in fact! And, let’s just say it! I’m almost a quarter of a century old, and that just blows my mind a little!

But, lets just quickly get in to the things that were supposed to happen this birthday month, and the things that actually did…

March’s goals included the following:

  1. Finish and send Tales of Monsters to Beta-Readers – …
  2. Finish up Beta-Reading Survey – …
  3. Read some books from the TBR – 3 out of who knows?
  4. Go and see Fall Out Boy – Wos
  5. Do a little prep for April’s Camp NaNoWriMo – haha

So, if you’ve read my last couple of writing updates, you know all about the catastrophe that is my laptop – and for that reason, I’ll blame goal one and two not getting completed on that, and perhaps even goal five too – although, I have thought a bit more about DOACZK and if it all goes right, I will be starting the second draft sometime this month!

On to the others now!

I read three books from my TBR! The first was Paper Towns by John Green, meaning that my JG shelved TBR is now finished, and the second and third was book one and two of the Divergent series!

And then, to complete the goal list, I went to see Fall Out Boy! Which, I documented in this blog post because I couldn’t not!

And, I got to go back to Chester Zoo! And see african wild dog pups, which, with everything else, let me cross two things of my bucket list just this month…

See Fall Out Boy live✅

See African Wild Dog Pups at Chester Zoo ✅ (Even if they do look like mini adults)

I also got to spend some time with my best friends, and after eating all the food, at Nando’s, carvery and this desert place that made all the things happen inside my body, I don’t think I’ll ever be able to eat anything else!

If you’re ever in the Bolton area though, make sure you visit a place called Room Four and have an Oreo Cookie Dough Brownie! You will not be dissapointed!

And go in to whats called he Market Place and play mini golf with the dinosaurs!

For the month to come, all I really see is the prospects of a new laptop, some more beta-reading, some writing and some camp nanowrimoing!

Nothing elaborate, thank goodness.

I have work, hopefully not as much as last month, and it gives me that little extra time to chill and do the writing I want to do!

And, because of all this, I have nothing much more to say!

My goals for April include:

  1. Write
  2. Finish Beta-Reading
  3. Participate in the 25in5 readathon
  4. Read more books from my TBR shelf

What are your goals for April? What are you plans?

Until then though,

Just Keep Writing,


The Last Of The Real Ones

So, last night, I got to experience something that I have been waiting years for..

I don’t even really have a good excuse as to why I waited so long… I guess I was just sort of scared of perhaps having to go on my own and thats why I haven’t experienced it until now.

And that experience, is seeing Fall Out Boy live…

(If you’re going to see them for the Mania tour, and don’t want their track-list ruined for yourself, I suggest you don’t read this! Come back and tell me all about it once you have though!)

So, last nights leg of the tour was hosted at the Manchester Arena!

And, towards the end, there was an even a small tribute (or acknowledgement) by Pete Wentz of the Manchester Bombings that happened last year – which obviously touched me, but touched my Mancquinian friends even more because they know of people affected by it.

It’s just nice to know that we’re all in this together sometimes, you know❤

So, now, let us start at the beginning…

My friend Molly. God bless her. The one who bought the tickets. Her life is full of drama, and, after living with her for three years during our university journey, there’s not much that can surprise me.

So, when she looked me dead in the face and said she couldn’t find the tickets. I believed her. I think that part of me wasn’t even shocked…

Obviously, we got there. We searched, we found nothing, and then, Molly’s mum came to the rescue (even though she’s the one who moved them and forgot about them – and we spent an hour trying to phone her and she never picked up).

Still, it was just a part of the experience, and, we still got there in enough time to get a good standing spot and watch the support acts!

For this part of the tour, they got supported by MAX (pictured above) – who was absolutely awesome! He got the crowd going and I’m already planning on going to his headline tour when it comes around!

He reminds me a little of Years and Years, and, if your a fan of them (or even if you’re not), listen to this here video! It’s his first song to be released in the UK! (And if it doesn’t at least get in to the top forty, there’s something wrong with the lot of us).

The second support act was Against the Current; who, if I’m honest, had a good bass and all, but, we could hardly hear the lead singer singing and it almost felt like we were watching a Paramore tribute band!

On closer inspection, their youtube video’s aren’t all that bad, but their still not someone I could really get behind! They didn’t even tells us their names either which irks me a lot..

Still, Max and his craziness (and his glitteryness) made it worth getting there early, and the fact that we were just a few metres away from the middle walkway made all the better!

(The photo above isn’t mine, but its my friend who was stood right next to me so you can sort of see how close we got to be)

To be honest though, after the support acts were done and we were all anticipating the first showing of Andy’s drum kit, I didn’t have a clue what to expect!

I didn’t expect Pete to sound the way he did though… I know their American and all, and no offence, but, he sounded like a hill-billy American. And I just didn’t expect him to sound like that at all, and I’ve watched him in interviews too and… Yeah…

However, Patrick sounded just like he does in the videos… Even better… And can I just say, his impression of Elton John in Save Rock ‘N’ Roll is pure greatness!

And that point just leads me on to something that I loved about the night! The boys played a load of their old songs like Immortals, Irresistable, Thanks for the Memories, Dance Dance, and even Uma Thurman, and with a Kill Bill montage playing in the background, it made the experience all that more better!

They sung Centuries too, which is actually the theme tune for my bad guy in my WIP and also one of my favourite songs aswell!

They also played a lot of the new ones from their album ‘Mania’ like the Last of the Real Ones, Wilson, Champion, Hold Me Tight (Or Don’t) and they even performed Church as well, which was bloody amazing!

And, ofcourse, they had llamas!

(T-shirt throwing llamas)

In all, it was a bloody awesome night, and it just felt like it was over too soon… Everything about it was great and I have no qualms at all, but I wish I could just go again… And again… And again…

And; it sort of made me realise something. I’ve only ever seen these guys online or on TV, and I think you forget that their real people sometimes. That their actually… I don’t know… I really don’t…

I think I might still be a little star struck…

If you’ve never experienced a concert before – of your favourite singer, or band – do it. It can be expensive, but, with enough planning, you can do anything!

And, you can say that you’ve been there and got the t-shirt (literally or not).

This post is late for a Friday, but I spent the morning eating chocolate and shopping, and now I’ve been sat writing this post whilst watching movies and eating more chocolate!

What can I say? I turn 24 tomorrow, and, this week hasn’t been half bad!

Have you ever been to a concert or gig before? Or is there someone you’d love to see one day? I’d love to know!

Until then though,

Just Keep Writing,

Jade x

The Great Blizzard of March 2018

So, it may not have been the blizzard all of us (okay, maybe just me) were hoping for, but, it gave most people down here in the south of wales a nice blanket of snow which meant that we had the day off work and a well-earned Snow day!


And, whether you’re the adventuring type, or the the sit by the fire type, I think the snow and the pure whiteness of it can bring the good out of anyone!

Especially us creatives! Whether you go out searching for inspiration (alone or with four-legged friends) or spend the day couped up in bed with a hot drink and a notebook, you can find just as much inspiration looking out a window as you can exploring on the ground!

Me, I’m one of those adventurer types, and, so you don’t have too, I explored some woods near my house, fell over atleast twice and will probably get a cold by the end of the week!

But, I have here some photo’s that might just fit right in to a setting or a story you’ve been working on!

So, with a miniture beast who could be quite photogenic when he stopped still, I bring you some snowy images taken by me on a crappy phone as the darkness crept up on us!

This here is the start of the hill I had to walk up, and the second is part of the snow drift right next to said wall I used as cover as a cloud of snow tried to wrap itself around me!

Then, me and the pup (because the Springer could not deal with going out in the snow twice in one day) decided to head up the lanes, only to get side-tracked by a path in to the woods that surrounded us on each side!

At a certain part in my current WIP ‘Tales of Monsters’ a bunch of my characters are searching through the woods – for what, you’ll find out if you ever read it – and the winter snow has come to visit, and this, is how I envision it! There are evergreen tree’s placed here and there, but mostly, the shrubbery is bare and naked and everything is on show!

From the photo’s, you can see that as the light changed and it got darker, how the world turned that bit more blue!

And, just to add a bit more, here are some photo’s I took whilst on my way down a country lane the day after the blizzard hit! The snow was starting to retreat already, melting from the heat of the dragon (and all that stuff), but it was still pretty and white! And you could slip on your ass just as easy as before!

Dogs trust lane photos

And here are some of the illusive beast when he finally stops still!

FOB, Beta-Reading and Camp NaNo Prep (February Wrap-up & March Goals)

So, we’re on that cusp guys. The cusp between the Winter (which by the looks of it doesn’t want to leave) and the Spring (I have already heard the baby birds in a roost above my window), and, it’s also, already the beginning of the third month of the year!

Like, how did that even happen? This year is going far too quickly for my liking! But, I guess it should just make you all that more determined to get your goals done early, right?

Speakinf of goals! Before I looked at my goal list from the start of February, I felt like half of the goals I set myself didn’t get done! But, to my surprise, I only had six, and to be honest, I haven’t done all that terrible!

  1. Continue trucking on with the re-write of Tales of Monsters – Check!
  2. Keep reading – Well, a little
  3. Keep up with the double blog posts (and bujo) – Well done me!
  4. Buy Far Cry 5 and play it – Haha
  5. Participate in three insta challenges this month – One and a half!
  6. Start DIY Double Decker Hamster Home – Nope…

The writings been going okay. It went really slow at the beginning, but then I found some sort of spurt and went back in to old-time rereading editing, rather than rewriting it! I’m not in the right mindset, and most of it makes sense. It still needs a few things added here and there, but, it’s good.

So, yeah, I’m slowly getting through to the last chapters now – there’s a couple that need to change (almost completely, after I’ve already re-written them) but, if they are changed, it gives book two a better chance at going the way it’s going, but, we’ll just see how all that pans out in the end.

And, that reading thing?

Well, other than reading Until You Are Mine by D.M.Davis, and some short stories from Grimm Brothers Book of Fairytales, I haven’t read much else ither than blog and instagram posts!

I must have read myself out in January or something! Poor Crooked Kingdoms been sat there on my bedside DVD locker, gathering dust for a whole month… It happened with Six Of Crows as well though, it was just so easy to put down and not pick up for the longest of times, but I’d still give it a 4.5*! I liked the characters, and the whole concept, I think it just lacked in the hype somewhere!

What has been good though, is other than the Grimm Brothers Book of Fairytales which I couldn’t let go for £4.95 at the charity shop, and a Tyrion Lannister quote book that I got for a pound in a clearance sale, (plus two 99p ebooks) I haven’t bought tons of books this month!

My TBR has not grown, at all! And I’m quite pleased with myself!

I kept up with my double blog posts and my bullet journal, which is the one thing I’m most surprised at! I really thought that bujoing would turn in to a one trick kinf of pony -it usually does – but nope, managed to keep it going, so, go me!

I also kept up with some instagram challenges, particularly the #HayleySoonChallenge, and I did half of the #CharactersInLove challenge! I’ve also posted a few #FaveLineFebs on my current WIP and added one of those story highlights to keep them all together – Now, that was fun!

And, let’s just say, it’s pretty obvious that no one game savvy (or at least a FarCry lover) reads these posts because I didn’t realise that it didn’t come out until the 28th March…

And that great idea of the DIY Hamster cage was also put on hold! I lost one of my hamsters early in the month and I think it really set the tone for the days to come! I wasn’t expecting it and it really threw me off!

You kind of forget how much of an impact they have on you, even when they are only a few inches long, you know?

Personally, not much happened this month, but I did receive my beta-reader package


from Andrew Henley for his book Hayley Soon, which actually comes out today, and is available on amazon kindle for 99p! You can also get the paperback (The cover is gorgeous! Photos just don’t do the colors on it justice) on his website and on amazon!

Amazon UK
Andrew’s Website

March’s goals include the following:

  1. Finish and send Tales of Monsters to Beta-Readers
  2. Finish up Beta-Reading Survey
  3. Do a little prep for Camp NaNoWriMo
  4. Read some books from the TBR
  5. Go and see Fall Out Boy!
  6. Do a little prep for April’s Camp NaNoWriMo

That’s not too much of a hard way to go, now is it? Nice short little goal list for a very long month! The last week of which will be filled with adult stuff, and my 24th birthday on that last day of the month too!

The first one is already very much planned, the beta reader list has been created (still gaps if anyone else wants to take the plunge). The survey I’m hoping to send out with it might be more like a letter than a survey at the rate it’s going. I have so many worries with it, and I’m hoping, that, if anything, giving Tales to beta-readers will give me some sort of clarity, or closure??

I think I’ve just got to a point where I need help with it, I need a different pair (or pairs) of eyes on it! I’m sure I’ll have a whole blog post about the process when it comes to it! The nerves are already getting at me…

This month, I’m also going to see Fall Out Boy on their Mania tour, and I am so excited! I’ve wanted to see them for years, but shy of not having anyone to go with in the past, when my friend phoned me up and said she and two others were getting tickets, how could I say no?

This album has also really helped me with my current WIP as well, in terms of themes to come in the later books, so I’m sure hearing it in the flesh will bring up whole emotions in itself (I know I’m already gonna cry a little anyway).

And, prepping for camp nano starts as well! In April, I’m hoping to go back to The Diary of a Child Zombie Killer and get the second draft of that at least started, but considering it is only about 50k odd words, I think I might be able to do it in the month! – It’s more getting the layout sorted than actually adding or taking away anything. There’s a new concept that I have to add in, but, because the book feels that much more personal than anything I’ve written before, it won’t take me long to write and add them in!

I’m honestly hoping to get that out to beta-readers a lot quicker than Tales, especially because it’s just so much easier to read and get my head around than Tales is! No prophecies to worry about, or any foreshadowing needed here! (And if I can let Tales be read, I’ve already jumped over that hurdle; and jumping backwards is a lot worse than jumping forwards).

Al, my main guy in Diaries will also be getting his own post on Sunday, but, it’s most likely just going to be a one part wonder sort of thing! I have a load of books that I’ve written (or started) writing reviews for, so I’m hoping to get some of those written up and posted!

I also have a couple of instagram challenges that I’m gonna try and keep up with this month too! There’s no point in adding it to my goals list, the last week of March is gonna be busy as hell for me, and I can just see myself missing out a few days!

What have you guys got planned for the month ahead? I’d love to know!

Until the weekend though,

Just Keep Writing,

Jade x

Writing, Gaming and a bit of DIY?? (January Wrap-Up and February Goals)

So, January was a good one for the reader in me, and a tad slow for the writer in me! Despite that though, I’ve still got some of my goals for last month completed, so let us have a look!

1. Finish reworking TOM! – Nearly…

2. Get TOM beta reader ready and a survey done up! – Well…

3. Keep a bullet journal! I have one of those square dotted notebooks coming in the post! – Easy

4. Beta read! I have two I need to get through! One a sci-fi, and the other a steam punk fantasy type novel! – Sort of

5. Reading! I need to read more! I have three books this month that I’m excited to read, and I should, really, finish Half A King too! I also joined a book club! So, that’ll be fun! – Big tick!

6. Play more video games – I played one…

So, Tales of Monsters is still progressing, a bit more slowly than I’d like it to, but, I have had fun with it, and what I’ve written, I’ve really liked, so, win/lose, it’s been okay. I’ve also worked a little on the beta reader questionnaire/survey as well! I can’t really finalise many of the questions until I’ve rewritten the chapters – cause so much keeps changing and slotting in to different places all the time… But, it’s getting there. This month, work wise, has also been a killer, and I’ve been so tired during the day that I just can’t make myself go!

Reading wise though, I managed to read 6 novels, 1 novella, beta read a shortish, novella type story about an organ-stealing cannibal, and beta read a 120,000 word manuscript on a contemporary romance kind of novel! (and send feedback). I also got to have a read of two short stories for a picture book by a friend on insta, and started Reading Crooked Kingdom.

I may have forgot all about Half a King until I saw it on the shelf yesterday!

I also took part in my first readathon, where I read most of the books! You can check out my wrap-up of that here!

I’ve also taken up bullet journalling, and although it might not be as appealing on the eye as some are, it’s been fun to use – and I’ve managed to stick with it! It makes my life so much easier, and it’s nice to have a little book with all your reading stats and collections in it as well! I’m not much of a planner, but, the weekly spreads are nice to keep track of work hours with!

I also played a game! I finished The Tell-Tale Walking Dead: New Frontier game near the beginning of this month, and I wish I hadn’t, because now I just have to wait even longer for the next one to come out! It’s also the last one, which means I’m probably gonna sit and play them all again – and cry all over again as well!

This January also marked the year of my brothers 21st, and, all the fun that ensued after it! We went to lazer tag, and it was amazing! I thought I’d be rubbish, and for the first round, I was, but, in the second round (and the free for all) I came 13 out of like 26, and I’m so happy with that!!

It also marked the time my brother took out his drone for the very first time, and it just flew away…

Fortunately, a few hours later, some lovely people found it and through the powers of Facebook, we got it back! Then, the second time, it flew in to someones garden, and the third time, it also flew away. We got it back, and it’s now not allowed anywhere near the outside when it’s windy!

It’s not been outside since the first of January…

Anyway, let’s have a look at the goals I hope to endure for February!

  1. Continue trucking on with the re-write of Tales of Monsters.
  2. Keep reading!
  3. Keep up with the double blog posts (and bujo)
  4. Buy Far Cry 5 and play it!
  5. Participate in three insta challenges this month!
  6. Start DIY Double Decker Hamster Home!

I don’t think that’s a bad goals list for February!

I’m so excited about FC5 though, I can barely control myself when I think about it! If I have a sudden absents from social media, don’t worry (cause I know you do), I’ll most likely be playing Far Cry and being even more of a hermit than I already am!

And this DIY DDHH is in hope that I can make a slight bit more room – in my room. I really want to have a desk at some point! If I do get it done this month, I doubt I’ll have the room straight away (cause I got three hammies and I’m only building the two cages, but my hammies aren’t young little buns anymore, so, yeah), but it’ll be there eventually!

It all depends on getting to the wood place though, and the whole constructing of it and the cutting of it! I’ll have my dad helping me out, and, we managed to make a cage out of some drawers last year, so, we’ve prepared ourselves to make a couple from scratch this year! Fingers crossed!

And, lastly, the three insta challenges I’m participating in this month are: the #HayleySoonChallenge by @ahenleyauthor, in celebration of his new book – Hayley Soon – being released in March; the #Charactersinlove challenge – where I’m hoping to introduce you more to Lauryn and Harry and the relationship they have, and the last, #ShareYourLineFeb, where I share my favourite line every day!

So, that’s it for January, let’s see what February brings us, shall we!

I hope you all had a budding first month of the year, and if you didn’t, don’t worry, we still got eleven months left!

But, until next time,

Just Keep Writing…

Jade x


Finding Time Can Be Hard

If you love doing something, you’ll find the time to do it.

Of course you will, but that doesn’t mean you have to find the time everyday. Doesn’t even mean that you have to find the time every week. All it means is that you find time to do it somehow.

For me, lately, early morning and late evening work shifts have been zapping my energy completely! It started back in December, and next week, hopefully, I’ll be back to my early morning shifts and the evening shifts will be a past memory! Eventually, I’d like to change to the evening shift completely, but, that’s another story for another day!

Anyhow, although, I do write every day, whether it’s a little bit of story, it’s writing ideas or small bullet-pointed scenes in my notebook or on my phone, writing or bullet pointing blog posts, or writing emails reviewing and critiquing beta-reads! I’ve written, which I’m really proud off, but, more than not, all I can do is write down the ideas, and I can’t find the motivation to write anymore!

I have so many ideas for these blog posts, and I’ll start writing them, and by the end of it, I’m not even sure what I’m writing about anymore. Or my opinion changes because I write about it more, and then I feel like I need to look at in more detail and my brain just doesn’t want too!

I’ve only completed, maybe a chapter and a little since my last blog post for Tales of Monsters, but I have been doing a lot of beta-reading these first few weeks of the year, and I’ve really been enjoying it! It’s really helped me as a writer, as much as it’s helped the other person (hopefully), and the stories I have read, I think can really go places!

I’ve currently finished beta-reading two this year, one that was more of a novella, and the other which was a full-length part one of a novel which I can’t wait to continue reading because I need to know what happens! I also have one that I need to catch-up on!

Still, amidst that, I’m still trying to truck away at this rewrite of Tales of Monsters, and I’m really enjoying it! I’m enjoying what I’m writing and how it’s coming along, it’s just how slow it’s going that’s getting me.

At least I haven’t wanted to scrap it this week yet, although, I have decided to delete one of the characters completely, which means loads of fun for me that I really cannot be asked to deal with right now, and I’m sure I’ll change my mind when it’s all done and want to make his horrible face come back again.

Starting next week though, I’m really hoping that I can put a lot more in to my story writing, that I can get some blog posts done and scheduled, that I can read a bit more, and just finish up the rewrite so I can get it out to some beta-readers! It won’t be perfect, but I think the plot holes will all be fixed, at least.

I don’t know what I’m hoping for with it. I know there’s gonna be a load of flaws with it, I know there’s gonna be so many things people are going to be like, nope, nope, nope. But, I’m hoping it gives me that push to finish it. It’s such a big under-taking, and I’ve been stuck on this first book for so long now that I need to get on to the next ones. I’ll never give up on it, but, I know now, that, until I’ve drafted the whole lot of them, they won’t ever be ready, they won’t ever be fully plotted out until I’ve written the very last word.

Which I’ve come to terms with. I have other ideas I’m sure will make their appearance in the wider world much sooner than this one, but that’s fine, because I need to make sure this little baby is ready to go out into the big wide world, and, if that takes another few drafting and a numerous amount of beta-readers and opinions, that’s fine.

If it never get’s published, that’s still fine, because I started writing it for myself, and I’ll end writing it for myself too – if push comes to shove.

Diaries Of A Child Zombie Killer though, that’s something I think will be so much easier to get done, to get finished, and I’m hoping after this first round of edits (when TOM is out with betas), it’ll be readable enough that I can get it out to beta-readers before the end of the year! I already did it pretty good for NaNoWriMo, but, there’s just a chapter or two that I didn’t write in sequence that needs a quick fix before I’ll let other people read it!

I still swear that I will never write people as moany as Melanie and Al ever again! The word vomit, it worked so well for Nano, and it works so well for this book too.

Anyhow, this wasn’t much of anything really, was it… Just another little update I guess! I’m hoping though, on Friday/Saturday/Sunday (I’m not sure on the day just yet) will be a book review, what book, I’m not sure, but, it’s gonna be a review none the less!

Until next time,

Just Keep Writing (*even if it’s in your head as you slog away at that day-job*)

Jade x

A ‘Tales of Monsters’ Status Update

So, last Wednesday, I told you all about my writerly resolutions for this year, and considering this blog post was supposed to go up about, like, ten hours ago, with a completely different topic, I thought, considering I can’t find any inspiration to finish the one I had scheduled, I’m just gonna talk about my writing plans, specifically ‘Tales of Monsters‘, a bit more!

At the moment, I’m still editing (re-write editing) what is the beta version of Tales of Monsters, and I’ve done ten chapters out of forty-six since the end of November…

Yeah, it’s not been the greatest few weeks, but, it’s getting there. I’ve had some set backs, some chapters that sort of sit there and go nope, none of that is happening anymore, and I sit there and look at it, and then I just be like, yup, okay, next chapter!

There is one in that ten that still needs to be finished, and have a scene just taken away from it and scrapped and thrown in the fire, and then, one of the last chapters needs to be completely rewritten again because I decided on a semi-different ending, which results in the same end ending, but not the same way to the ending….

So, yeah, not to mention that I finally decided what to do with one of my assy characters I wasn’t sure if I wanted to kill off or not, and I now need to put that in, and edit some of my already edited chapters so their not there anymore. And, without this assy character in the book, I also, really, should lose another one, but I like this one, but, without the assy character, although I could easily write them in to the mix, if we looked at it properly, they wouldn’t stay, but not necessarily because they didn’t want too.

But, yeah, more to come with all that eventually, I’m sure!

I too, also decided to swap the first two chapters around, which I’m sure I’ve already said in a blog post, or on an instagram post, but yeah, the more I look at my first line, the more I hate it, so now, I need a new one! Yay


So, yes, Tales of Monsters is getting there, slowly, and, I’m hoping that it’s gonna be ready for beta-reading by at least April, so I can participate in Camp NaNoWriMo and start on the second draft of ‘Diary of a Child Zombie Killer,’ which I know, already, will be so much easier to get done compared to Tales of Monsters! The only thing I worry about for DOACZK it the formatting, but, once I’ve figured that out, at least I have a preset for any others I decide to do!

I’ve also been thinking about my NaNoWriMo project, and, I’ve thought  of an amazing idea I really hope I can turn solid by the time November comes around, but, I’ll guess we’ll have to wait and see what happens!

Also, another writerly resolution for myself is to go outside and write in public. Whether it’s at a cafe, or a library, or some place else I find, I need to stop being such a hermit all the time!

Anyway, sorry for the rambley post today! I had a drafted post planned, but, I didn’t have a chance to work on it and finish it until today, and I had one of those moments where the words were like, nope, and then, my back-up post did the exact same to me, so, I thought, why not just update you guys on my terrible writing/editing status!

Heres to the rest of the month being all creative and stuff!

Just gotta keep going, keep writing and I will see you again on Friday!

Jade x

The First Year Of My Happiness Jar

Friday post alert! I wonder how long I’ll keep them up for!

So, Im gonna take you back to my last blog post of 2016, where I decided that I was going to take up what’s known as a happiness jar.

Essentially, it’s a container in which you put small notes in that have something that made you happy written on it! Easy peasy!

Now, I wanted to put a note in every day, but, I slacked most of the time and probably missed out a load. But, still, it got about three quarters full!

My converted glass jar started off it’s life with curry inside of it – which took far too much time to get the smell out of. At first, it was top less – the top still smells of curry even now, but, in the later months, it was topped with some paper from a sweet bag from my friends wedding, with a little slit on the top so notes could get in, but they couldn’t get out.

So, let’s begin!

One of the earliest memories that I remember I put in to it, was seeing African wild dog puppies at YWP in February (and polar bears too, which was awesome)! Its been on my bucket list since I first saw them for real at Chester zoo in my first year of uni.

And now, Chester Zoo have just had a litter of puppies been born too! Which is amazing and means I have a reason (although you never need a reason to go visit Chester) to go back and see the zoo! I haven’t been to Chester for like two years!

The next big memory (and extreme moment of happiness) was becoming a member of the BookBoxClub! I joined during May, meaning I got the Wizards at War box, and so far, it’s still my favourite! It introduced me to one of my new favourite authors, and a new world of books I’m in love with!

Also, last year, I added a couple more to the fur family, which made me extremely happy!

First off, in May (after constructing a new hamster cage out of an old set of drawers that was just gonna go to waste), I adopted Dewi, the roborwoski hamster! I couldn’t have an empty cage, and I’d seen this poor little one sat in a tank for about three weeks, waiting for a home, and I couldn’t let him stay there any longer! It was surprising how easy it took to convince my dad too!


The second fur child was one hell of a surprise, we knew before-hand that we were going to get him, but, until we knew that was a possibility, we’d convinced ourselves that we wouldn’t get another dog until our older one left, but, low and behold, around about June time, we heard of some not-yet-born little monsters, and, on August the 28th, we picked up Albert and took him home with us

Now, he’s almost six months old and continues to put a smile on my face everyday, so, if anything, he’s like a little happiness jar in himself.

The next big thing that happened last year, and needed a place in my happiness jar, was that one of my university friends got married on August 27th! And it was beautiful! They really are meant to be together, and the day was perfect! It was also awesome to reconnect and see everyone, especially as I hadn’t seen some since the November before, and, I realised, even more, that the best king of friendships are the ones that you can go back to at a moments notice, and it’s as if you’ve never been away.

Cue using the wooden benches as bottle openers…

Another thing, which sort of did deserve a place in my happiness jar, considering the outcome, was that, in October, in among a new job and all those things, my Russian dwarf hamster, Mouse (who had the benefit of moving in to that DIY cage me and my dad made) had an operation to remove an unsightly tumor from his ear, and although, it could have gone either way, he came out of it perfectly and recovered really well! (Then, he got a second lump on his stomach, but, it’s stayed relatively the same size since it came up and, so far, he’s still going strong!) We also celebrated his first pretend birthday/gotcha day!


Another thing, which made me happy, but also a bit sad at the same time, was that I submitted ‘Tales of Monsters’ to agents! A bit prematurely perhaps, which meant I had three rejections (and some other no-shows). But still, I found the confidence to show complete strangers my work, which, I think, is most certainly enough!

I also bought a load of amazing books this year! And, I read some amazing books this year too! Some of the ones that really stood out were, obviously, Spellslinger by Sebastien de Castell (thank you BookBoxClub), HON’s Loved by P.C and Kristin Cast (because I can’t not read about the nerd herd), Wonder by R.J. Palacio which I’m so surprised I hadn’t picked up sooner, A Monster Calls, Six of Crows, Secret of Souls, One of us is lying, Traitors Blade, Shadowblack, 13 Reasons Why, Taste of Darkness… I could keep going, but I won’t.

Also, something huge that happened last year for me, was that I actually completed my first NaNoWriMo! I could of burst with happiness! I finished early too (19th) and I managed to write the first draft of a story I’ve been wanting to write for, forever!

I also learned the importance of deadlines, and because of that deadline, Mel and Als story is now out of my head, and has made room for even more. One of which I believe will by my next NaNoWriMo project if nothing else comes up!

Another big thing last year, and another first, that I got also got to beta read! The first was Melody by Penny Kearney, the second was the first 20k of A Whisper in the Wind by E.M. Redshaw , and the third was Hayley Soon by Andrew Henley! Melody and Hayley Soon are both scheduled for publication this year, and I can’t wait for you guys to read them!

And, to top 2017 off, I also got tickets to see both Ed Sheeran and Fall out Boy this year and I can’t wait, I’m so excited, it’s unreal!

There’s obviously so many more in that jar, but, if I wrote them all down, this post would never end!

I guess, this is sort of my personal run-down of 2017, and, considering the jar came from a blog post I found somewhere on the internet, I think it’s only right that I tell you guys how good it feels that you have something like that in your life! And, it’s so easy to put together that you can use almost anything to store them in! You don’t need a jar, you could have a tupperware box, or even a plastic bag if you’re desperate! This year, I have another jar, but that’s only because my family likes an easy curry every now and then!

But, still, I hope you enjoyed reading this!

So, until next time!