Graduation Day

So, obviously, I was late to my salon appointment, and then there was no one in to do my hair (typical).

But, alas, the makeup was done and the hair was sorted. Shout out to the girls at ‘Hair Parade, Chester’ for what they did!

All-in-all, the day seemed to happen quite quick. We all got our gowns quickly, got our seats quickly (I was in the front row :/ out of all the places I could have sat) and despite having an achy backside after sitting on horrible seats for about two hours, it felt like it was over a lot sooner than you’d think.

I honestly thought it would drag, but for once, everything seemed to go quite smoothly. No one fell over, which I think was quite an accomplishment and despite me – apparently – trying to stifle a yawn as the video camera pointed straight at me, everything was almost perfect. Even if for the first twenty minutes or so the guy next to me was sitting on my cloak and dragging me sideways!

Before going on stage, I had to quickly refit my hat after being told it was the wrong way around. My mum and friends family had convinced me it had been on the right way (But I’m sure they were using a teddy as a comparison!).

On stage, all I can remember is how cold and sweaty my hands were and worrying about which hand I had to shake with. I was so nervous, but it was over so quickly that I sat back down and wondered what I’d been so worried about.

The rest of the day went quite smoothly. We threw our hats in the air, but only one out of the five of us caught it, and that one definitely wasn’t me!

I think the most important thing about the day was that I realised that I didn’t regret any of the decisions made or the opportunities missed that lead up to this one day. I was so proud of all of my friends, of everything they had achieved. All the highs and lows (and there had been some low lows) had led us to the end of our university story, and we’d all got there together.

Graduation Prep (on Halloween)

So, its Halloween night and I’m prepping for my graduation!

I’ve got the following things ready:

  • Friends meet-up location set
  • Outfit
  • Graduation tickets
  • Hat and gown hired
  • Salon appointment booked
  • Meal booked
  • Graduation T-Shirt ordered
  • Camera charged

Fortunately, my family already know both my uni friends and their parents, so we won’t have too many awkward introductions to go through, but I guess this would probably be one of the most important part of the day for some.

I thoroughly expect to spend the whole morning stressing about getting everywhere on time and then spending an hour or so waiting whilst I finally sit down for the ceremony to start (if this isn’t the case and we actually start on time, I might die of shock).

I’m probably gonna spend the rest of the ceremony worrying about standing up in front of all those people and not falling up the stairs as I collect my degree.

I’m hoping that the rest of the day will be nice and relaxed, with a nice meal and maybe a drink or two to celebrate the fact that we’re not students anymore and have to start adulting

Anyway, Happy Halloween guys! Here’s a couple photos to sign off!




My (10)1

I don’t think I could think of a 101 things about me! But I can think of at least ten so hopefully that’ll be enough.

1. I am twenty-two years old!

2. I love to bake 🎂

3. I own a little hamster called Rami(named after Rami Malik from Mr. Robot) 🐹

4. I work as a kennel hand, surrounded by greyhounds and lurchers! 🐶

5. I’m graduating from Chester Uni with a BSc in Animal Behaviour and Welfare on the 1st November 2016.

6. I love playing open-world video games (fable, skyrim, fallout, farcry)

7. I love to write, but finding the time for it is hard!⌛

8. I have a secret love of horror movies!😱

9. I hate mushrooms!🍄

10. And I love Brussels sprouts!

So that is ten things about me! I’m hoping this blog will serve mostly as a platform for me to find the time to write, whether it be a nice recipe, a rant, adulthood advice(which I need some of myself) or a story.

To end this first one off, here’s a photo of Ramikins!

Surrounded by her favourite things!