Week 12/52 Writing Update: Or Life Update More Like

So, surprise, surprise, I haven’t done much writing this week…

And, if you read my last weeks writing update, you’d know that my laptop died a death and things got lost, and I was sad.

And, this last week, I’ve also had crazy shifts. Like, start at 4am, finish at 7pm, go home, have tea and go to bed…

(Me and my mum also saved an abandoned baby cactus! We’re hoping that he survives his transition in to a new pot at the moment! Fingers crossed)

I have been getting some reading in though!

I started reading the Divergent series! Book 1 was read in two days, and book 2 was read in two days as well, and I’ve just started reading book 3!

I’ve also beta-read some too! Perhaps not in the way I planned too – I usually like to add little comments as I go along, but neither my phone or tablet let that happen, so I’ve had to just write it out in an essay type form!

For this week to come, I don’t see much writing happening at all!

There will be some blog posts though! I’m going to Chester Zoo and a Fall Out Boy concert, so I’m bound to get some inspiration from them to write a few words for you guys. And, if not, I have some already prepared that I can throw out there if need be!

And, on Saturday, I’ll be turning twenty-four too! Let the birthday week commence!

What are you up to this week?

Until then though guys,

Just Keep Writing,

Jade x

This is my newest aesthetics board for Tales of Monsters and I just thought I’d show it off here too cause I like it so much!

Snow Day Procrastination (jadelmwrites.blog)

Today, after a whole lot of work last month (and a good pay docket yesterday), and an unexpected (but very welcomed snow day), I decided to treat myself to a premium account here on WordPress!


I worked a hell of a lot of over time in February – hardly got anything actually done creative wise; so, I thought I should treat myself to a very early birthday present! (I turn 24 at the end of this month).

I’m really hoping this will motivate me to write even more blog posts for you guys, and to schedule myself a lot better!

I’m gonna work on getting more content out to you each week, and really working on collaborating with other great bloggers here too! (If anyone wants to guest post here or vice versa, just hit me up and we’ll sort something out!)

Now, this whole snow-day long procrastination must stop, and I have to go back to editing my WIP, stop looking out the window at the snow and try not to delve in to the world of themes I now have access too (because that will just make my brain hurt and make me want to give up on anything else creative for the day)!

I also have a lovely fantasy manuscript that I get to delve in to beta-reading tonight, and I’m so excited!

And a whole giant bar of Dairy Milk chocolate that I have to finish!

So, until next time guys,

Just Keep Writing,

Jade x

P.S. I’m sure to have a blog post full of snowified photos showing up here soon, because the Beast from the East, and storm Emma have combined and brought one hell of a drift to South Wales, and it’s still coming!

22 Three-Word Prompts!

This here is a post I guess wrote on the wonderful Welcome to Realiti’s blog for his month long posts of all things 22!

And, keeping in line with my own february theme (which I’ve deemed my own character development month), I give you 22 three-word prompts that you can use to see what your characters would do or say if the words were ever said too them, or by them!

Whether you are a poet or a story-teller – or both, here are 22 ‘Three Word Prompts’ to get your brain working!
And with each one of these, you could delve into the world of horror and madness, or, make something light and fluffy and beautiful (You just have to use your imagination a little!) Let’s just get on with the list and let your imagination flow!

Read the rest via 22 three-word prompts – Guest post by Jade Maiden

#MyCharactersAreReal Tag #1: Melanie the Child Zombie Killer

So, I’ve decided that instead of posting this on instagram, like normal, I’d turn it in to this months Sunday blog posts instead! It’s not too late to take part! Just check out @ellerymarconnor on instagram for the low-down on this february challenge!

The #MyCharactersAreReal challenge is all about helping you to develop your characters, and the motivations behind them! You can use as many, or as little characters as you want!

The character(s) I’m gonna focus on are from my NaNoWriMo 2017 Project ‘The Diary of A Child Zombie Killer’ – and if you need a small recap on what it was all about:

Set in a zombie apocalyptic Britain, a forty-year old guy called Al, finds a diary of the twelve-year-old Melanie which documents the beginning of the apocalypse, and her experiences dealing with it all. He doesn’t want it to finch, but he can see there’s blank pages at the end. Does she decide she doesn’t need it anymore, does she lose it, or does she die…

Hopefully, you guys will find out…

My Main Character:

Twelve-year-old Melanie

Their Backstory:

Melanies isyour typical school-girl who lives with her mum, step-dad and sister Amber (whose just gone off to university), in a semi-detached house on the outskirts of a welsh town called the Bridges End!

What Does Your Main Character Value?

Melanie values her life (which is obvious considering she’s in a zombie apocalypse) and she values friendship above it all – which is now one of the hardest things to find.

What is Your Characters Most Valuable Trait?

She’s a good listener, and in a world of deception, and shuffling zombies, that’s the best kind of trait she can have.

If Your Character was one of the Deadly Seven Sins, Which one Would They be?

I think she’d have to be ‘Envy’ if she was anything. She envies some of the relationships she comes across whilst trying to find a safe haven, and she envy’s the fact that her sister was able to leave and go to uni and get out of the god-forsaken town they grew up in.

What Makes Your Character Relatable?

I think, nowadays, kids are expected to grow up and mature much quicker than they should, and Melanie does too. She goes through all the thoughts and emotions of a pre-teen, and she hates as well as loves the people around her. She’s moody, whiney and absolutely terrified of what the world can do.

What Does Your Character Consider Immoral?

She considers betrayal immoral above all else. And, she goes through a lot of it…

And What Moral Might Your Character Excuse or Sidestep?

The moral she eventually excuses, is Fairness. In the world she lives in, being fair can get you killed, being fair can lose you your dinner, and being fair can get you turned in to a zombie…

I hope you guys enjoyed reading that as much as I enjoyed writing it! I’ve really missed Melanie and Albert, and I’m glad I have some sort of motivation, and want, to dedicate some blog posts to a story that had been in the back of my mind for eons! Part two will be hitting your screens next Sunday!

But, until the next time!

Just Keep Writing,

Jade x

More Editing, More Reading and More More (January 2018 Wishlist)

Another day, another week, another month, and now, another year.

I probably say this every year, but wow, that went fast, didn’t it!

And this last month, well, it wasn’t nearly as productive as I hoped it would be (but I think considering my progress this last year, it sort of makes up for it).

My goals for December went to pot mostly. And, as much as I don’t really want to look back at them, let’s do it for consistencies sake, shall we?

  1. Finish reworking Tales of Monsters – Well
  2. Put together a Beta-Reader survey + Maybe find beta readers if TOM gets finished? – Uhm
  3. Take part in the 12 Days of Blogmas! – Done and dusted
  4. Read some books! Particularly Joe Abecrombie’s Half a King – I tried
  5. Write Al and Rhys’ version of a Christmas dinner in the zombie apocalypse and post it on the 25th! – See it here
  6. Take part in some insta challenges – #FanaticalBirdDecember and #IGWritersDec! – Well, not exactly!
  7. Buy all presents before the 24th – Nope
  8. Try not to eat all the food! – Ahahaha

So, I hardly wrote anything to do with Tales of Monsters! I have rewritten some of the chapters, and I’ve decided that I’m now gonna swap around the first two chapters, and I might even have my first line all sorted. But, it’s nowhere near where I hoped it would be! And other than taking mental notes on what I would ask beta readers in the survey, nothing much has been done about that either!

Blogmas though, blogmas (and promptmas) went well! I managed to keep up with the twelve days, and I had fun! There were some post ideas I never got around to doing, and the last two days or so turned in to more Christmassy ramblings than anything, but, at least, there was still a post!

Blogmas even encouraged some new short stories from my WIP’s, both Tales and Nano’s Diaries! Ryan met Rudolph in Pembrey forest, Url wanted to runaway to bard school, and Rhys told Al and Josie a zombiefied Christmas story!

However, reading this last month has been hard! I started Half a King on the train to Manchester, and read a bit of it on the train home as well, but other than reading a chapter or two after it, it’s stayed untouched. I haven’t read hardly anything, except for a little bit of a beta document I’m reading! And, towards the end of the month, I started reading Seeker of Time by J.M.Butler (As of writing this, I’ve only read the first couple chapters, here’s hoping by the time you get this post, I’m half-way through or finished).

I also said I’d take part in some insta challenges, which happened for like three days and then just didn’t. I did take part in my own promptmas challenge though, which made for a lot of fun during the Christmas period! You can see all the prompts at the bottom of this post!

Buy all the presents before the 24th. That just didn’t happen, at all, and try not eat all the food was a farce too.

This month, other than going to Manchester at the beginning of it, and going to the Christmas markets there, which were absolutely packed by the way (and at one point, having my friends little cousin throw up in his KFC fry box), and eating loads of chocolates, my month was mostly filled with work, sleeping and attempting to wrap presents!

So, in retrospect of how well it did not go last month, here are some new years goals! Or January goals at least!

1. Finish reworking TOM!

2. Get TOM beta reader ready and a survey done up!

3. Keep a bullet journal! I have one of those square dotted notebooks coming in the post!

4. Beta read! I have two I need to get through! One a sci-fi, and the other a steam punk fantasy type novel!

5. Reading! I need to read more! I have three books this month that I’m excited to read, and I should, really, finish Half A King too! I also joined a book club! So, that’ll be fun!

6. Play more video games.

I think, for this month, I’ll stick with six! Last months was a big push, and I think five is a good number! But, as the days have gone on, more have popped up, but you can check it all out on instagram!

Anyway, my Christmas was quiet, the new years celebrations are set to be a blast, and I hope this year brings you whatever you want most!

This post probably should have been more of a reflection and look-back on 2017 (as its the first day of 2018 and all that) but, other than a few memories I’ll be taking from it, 2017 can stay in the past!

Happy New Years guys, I’ll see you on Wednesday!

Jade x

An ‘Apocalyptic Christmas Story’ by Rhys the AZK

“It twas the night before Christmas, and all through the house, not a creature stirred, not even a mouse. The kids were asleep, all snug in their beds.

But then came a thud, and a crash and a wallop, and what would come out the chimney that night, but a big green gabbop”

Josie had went to say something, but Rhys had put his hand up to stop her, none of us knew what a gobbop was, but for rhyming purposes, it worked, and after a look, the both of us let it slide,

“Now, it’s not the Grinch my young Jose, but something stranger than him, and, with a clatter and a bang, he got to his feet, and across the carpet he strode, no room for his beat -” he went to shake his shoulders, as if he was going to start dancing, but Jose stopped him,

“Your terrible at rhyming” she said, “It started off okay” she felt the need to tell him, “But I don’t think it makes much sense anymore”,

“It’s a story about zombies at Christmas, of course it doesn’t” Rhys had said before he’d wriggled his butt in the cushion dramatically and turned his head up, continuing with his story;

‘He stumbled up the stairs, they thought it twas the cat, but she hissed at the bottom, she wanted none of that. And in to the girls room, the green thing did go. And, with a scream and a clatter, they were gone without a matter.

‘The parents, they rushed in, all sad and crying, proclaiming to the police, their kid was kidnapped and dyying”, Jose smiled, leaning her head on her shoulder, “But, no evidence they found, except for a red pound. And, on and on, it went, till new years came around” Josie had lied down now, her head resting on her hands, “The mother went searching, looking high and low. And, finally, she found her, all meekly and slow. She was pale and sick, and not a word was said. The mother knew best, so over she went. The dad found them later, both stood outside the door” Rhys gestured to the front door and it made the hairs on my arms prickle, “He thought he would join them, but they ate him instead!”

Josie laughed then – I don’t know if that’s a good thing, considering what the whole thing was about – but it made her belly laugh, like properly laugh, and she hadn’t done it for so long that I didn’t consider how terrible the story was.

But then, I guess; in this world, where people kill people, and the dead kill people too, you need to laugh, you need to be happy every now and then, because, without it, what’s the point? What’s the point of living in a world like this if you can’t?

Rhys had smiled, and then, he’d pulled out a badly wrapped present from behind his back. Josie’s little eye’s had lit up and she looked almost scared to take it, but Rhys put it in to her hands and told her to open it.

It had only been a coloring book and some old crayons, but Josie had loved it, and from the time she was given it, to the time we sat down – for perhaps one of the best Christmas dinners I’ve ever had out of a tin – she never put it down, and, even after that, as we lay content and full, she colored until she fell asleep.

It was and, perhaps, always will be, the best ‘Apocalyptic Christmas’ I’ll ever have.

I’m not sure if this worked the way I wanted it too, but, if anything, it was nice to write it out, and perhaps, it’s given you a little insight in to the dynamics of these three characters from my NaNoWriMo project!

And, also, I’d like to wish you a very Merry Christmas, or a very happy Monday!


Christmas, 12 Days of Blogmas and BR Surveys! (December Wishlist)

November was one heck of a month! I didn’t know if I’d be able to do it, but, NaNoWriMo is finally over for another year, and I’m still alive – and so are you!

So, firstly, I’m gonna look back to those five goals I set myself on the first of November!

  1. Write a novel in 30 days (or 50k at least) – I did one better, I finished in 19!
  2. Don’t pick up Tales of Monsters, at all! – Sort of!
  3. Keep up with a couple writing Insta challenges – Maybe not a couple, maybe just one!
  4. Read at least one book – Most likely World War Z… – I finished reading three, and WWZ wasn’t one of them!
  5. Keep up with Wednesday blog posts – even if their just small NaNoWriMo updates – I did so well, and then this last Wednesday, the words just did not want to come!

So, NaNoWrimo was a blast, and I couldn’t believe how well it all went! Mel and Al word vomitted their way through it. And now, with a bit of time away from each other for a while, I’m hoping me and my two zombie killers will come back and find the right way to put all the jumbled words together! If anything, it was one heck of a journey, and I’m already excited for what the next NaNoWriMo will bring – maybe another snippet in to the Diary of a Zombie Killer, you never know!

Next, the whole not picking up Tales of Monster this month, it sort of failed, but it was after I had finished NaNo, so really, it’s allowed! And it worked as such a great incentive to keep me going!

It’s been a bit slow though, I haven’t ran through it like I thought I might, but, I think NaNo took it out of me, and I just need a little bit of rest, but, I have got through the first chapter, and made it the best I think I can, so, win, win, right? And I’ve started on the second – which is now gonna be the first – but yeah, thats a story for another day!

Last month too, I also hosted a instagram challenge #LetsWriteNaNoWriMo2017 and it was a blast! I had so much fun with it and it was so lovely to have a sneak peak in to other writers world too! And, I met so many more writers, and I can’t wait to see where this journey of theirs is gonna take them next!

I didn’t realise at first, but the best thing about NaNo is all the writing buddies you get, the ones you know are gonna be there for just as long as you are!

Concerning the books I managed to read, it included my most anticipated read of the year – Shadowblack by Sebastien de Castell! It was amazing, and I don’t want to wait until next year for the next one. I don’t think it’s fair. I think he’s already wrote it as well, so there’s no need to keep it, he can just give it to us now!

But, to tide me over, I also got to beta read another book!

Its about a korean-american transgirl and how shes uses cosplay to cope with her mental health issues.

Its character driven plot, which I don’t think I’ve ever sort of read before, and it’s so intriguing, and eye-opening, and it made me feel a lot of things, good and bad, but bad in a good way, I think. It made me think a lot as well, and, hopefully, if all goes right, it can make you think a lot too when it get’s published next year!

This month was also a first for me. I listened to an audio book! And I decided I would listen to A Game of Thrones! I tried to read the physical copy a while ago, but I DNF’d hard!

Subsequently, I obviously forgot why I DNF’d, and now I remember again. Everyone is just so young, and although, it sort of makes more sense, and makes it more realistic, it still doesn’t sit right with me. I think the fact that the world focuses so much on love and sex that it puts me off a little as well! I really didn’t want to hear how Daeny wanted to ride her dead husband!

The narrator though, Roy, he’s awesome, he gave everyone a voice, and although, some of them just didn’t sound right – because I’ve watched the tv show and am so used to Tyriom sounding like Peter Dinklage – he’s still awesome at what he does!

Lastly, I did so well for the first three wednesdays of NaNo, and then, the last one, the words just didn’t wanna come, and I’m at a point now where I need to have a little bit of a break, and a sort of chill. I’ll still write something every day, I feel bad if I don’t, but, as of today, I’m having the weekend off from my laptop and taking my notebook!

Life wise, this month, quite a bit happened!

First, I started volunteering at my local Dogs Trust, which is awesome because it actually gets me out of the house! I’ve turned in to a bit of a hermit lately, and it’s quite cold and chilly outside, so as much as I like to look outside, my house is much warmer!

Also, work wise, I had a few days of training in a new section, so hopefully, maybe December will bring me the news of a full-time job, whether it’s in my old section or the new one!

I also did something strange this month too! I unhauled books! I’ve never unhauled books before! I detest unhauling them!

But, it had to be done… I have so many books, books that I’ve read and just not liked, and books that I’ve DNF’d far too many times! And books I’ve bought and thought, ‘Why did I buy this?’

Oh yes, because of the deals. The damn deals!

So, yeah, my bookshelf ain’t empty, but, quite a few books left me, and I’m pretty sad about it, but, I guess that now, they get to go in to the hands of people who might love them, and cherish them, to accept them for what they are, and I guess, that’s all a book really wants, right?

Now, on to the month of December!

I have so many plans, presents to buy, things to write and life to live!

And that means the goals are mounting!

  1. Finish reworking Tales of Monsters!
  2. Put together a Beta-Reader survey + Maybe find beta readers if TOM gets finished?
  3. Take part in the 12 Days of Blogmas! (A blog post every day from the 13th to the 24th)
  4. Read some books! Particularly Joe Abecrombie’s Half a King (because it’s been very neglected for a few years)
  5. Write Al and Rhys’ version of a Christmas dinner in the zombie apocalypse and post it on the 25th!
  6. Take part in some insta challenges – #FanaticalBirdDecember and #IGWritersDec!
  7. Buy all presents before the 24th
  8. Try not to eat all the food!

The most important is obviously to get Tales of Monsters ready for some beta readers, and to put together a beta reader survey! I’m really excited about getting it all out to you guys!

And I think by beta-reading other peoples manuscripts, I can see all my mistakes and the things I worry about in their writing too, whether its flow or plot-holes or not enough this or that! And, its made me feel so much better because I feel like my book isn’t that bad! Or at least, that its enough! If you know what I mean.

I think you can sometimes forget that other writers have the same problems that you do! And your not alone with what you think is terrible writing!

Anyway, I expect the list to grow by the end of the month, but hopefully, before I add more, I’ll be able to tick some off!

Heres to you guys smashing your goals this month, and I’ll see you on Wednesday with what my TOM WIP characters would have on their mp3’s if they could!

In the meantime,

Just keep writing!

Jade x