A Tale from Aramoor: Tales of Monsters

Tales of Monstes, the first book in an adult epic fantasy quadrilogy was inspired by a scene in the video-game Skyrim, – where the Dragonborn absorbs the soul of a dragon. Now, no one, in any of these books, absorb the soul of a ‘dragon’, but they get pretty close…

Featuring a Princess, a Squire, Knights, monsters; and an annoying bird, it follow two tales that make up the five that will lead a whole generation to the battle for their world. Cliché, I know, but how else is it gonna end? Aiden’s not one to sit and offer them a deal with cakes and tea’s, although, that’s most likely going to be the thing that kills him because he eats so much of them… Or maybe, he just burns it all off… Haha…

It all begins with a prophecy, written and sent down from generations of mad men; when the ashes rise again, fire will spread and monsters fall from the skies… Followed by ghosts, serpents and Gods – just to add a bit of variety to their lives..

The monsters that hide in the woods are easier to see than the others that surround you everyday… The ones that are always there, the ones no one can stop; whether you’re good or bad, young or old, rich or poor. They are the ones that take you just to spite the world.

And, just to add some more; the fire has come, and it’s leaving a shadow in it’s wake…

Current status: Tales of Monsters is getting prepped to go to beta-readers in the near future

Submission State: It’s out there in the world, with ‘3’ no’s on the table so far because I let it go to early!

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