When The Bad Guy Has A Point

You know, lately, I’ve been experiencing some experiences in which the bad guy… have a point… a very valid point… and then, you have normal people, like you and me, fighting against said good point for the love of friends, family: all the things that make us human… and, maybe, it just proves that humanity is going to destroy itself.

And, thats what makes a bad guy so great. A bad guy needs to believe that they are doing the right thing, not because of a troubled past, or a revenge plot or a hunger-for-power or psychopathic tendencies, they need to convince you that they believe in what they do.

Their points must be valid, they must be so intune with their vision, with their belief that they are helping others that you have to stop yourself, just once, to think about it. To think, to ask yourself; are they right?

Your favourite characters may die, your protagonists may lay to waste but, in the end, if the bad guy succeeds, will humanity be better off? Will it save itself instead destroy itself?

Majority over minority?

Minority over majority?

In the end of ends, is it worth it?

If only humanity can destroy itself? Should it really have a place in the world anyway?

Think about that when you develop that bad guy in your story… To suceed, they need a drive just as big as your protagonist, perhaps even greater…

And, maybe, just consider it all anyway…

Until next time though,

Just keep writing,

Jade x