Day 9: Christmas Shopping! (12DaysOfBlogmas)

So, tomorrow, I plan on finishing my Christmas Shopping!

Which, considering it’s not Christmas Eve is majorly amazing for me! I’ve actually been quite organised in some respect, somehow, and friends who live far away actually have their presents in time for Christmas this year!

Go me!

However, I am under no illusion that it will be quiet. We don’t live in a big town or anything like that, but we popped in to town yesterday just to go to the post office and it wasn’t too manic, but it was on that edge, you know!

Now, I have most of the presents all ready and wrapped, but tomorrow is the day when I go to look for those hard to find kind of presents.

And, before I go, I have to delve in to my brothers game collection and make a note of the ones he has and hope I don’t get one he’s already played! Failing that, I’ll buy his some christmas boxer shorts and be done with it 😂

I also have to find my brothers girlfriend her presents… I know what she wants and what I want to get her, but, whether it’s going to be there or not is a different story! I also have to find a few extra things for her, and, hopefully find a wallet for my dad and a nice jumper for my mum!

Honestly, I don’t have much to get, but I’m so terrible at making decisions that it’s probably going to take me from the time I finish work, to the time I go back to work in the evening to find everything!

I also want to pick up a few books for myself too, which may include Crooked Kingdom and Shadow and Bone, but, there’s also a set of Charles Dickens book in this one charity shop which I am hoping to God it’s still there!

I also have to pick up a few things for the animals! Can’t forget them now can we!

How is everyone else doing with their Christmas shopping?


And, in turn with the christmas shopping, here is todays #12DaysofPromptmas

This is a super easy one for me, because, by Santa standards, the only ones who would be on the nice list are Bryn, Lommie, Lou and unnamedlittlegirl(from doaczk)!

The others all kill people at one point or another, and by Santa standards, I think that gets you put on the naughty list!

Also, happy Winter Solstice every body!

I’ll see you tomorrow!