Finding Inspiration in Disaster

They always say to find inspiration in the things around us, and, as of late, there’s not been much of anything inspirational in the world other than destruction (although, the Invictus games, and the veterans and people who lost arms, legs and the ability to do what most take for granted in that destruction, can inspire a whole generation)

So, as most of you will know, this year – much like any other – we’ve been thrown in to pits of depression, terrorist attacks, earthquakes, hurricanes, forest fires, war and even self-destruction. Not to mention all the other disasters, man made or natural, we’ve faced; but, as people, we need to find something good in that destructiion, and most of the time, it’s the victims and the heroes who came out at the end of it.

The destruction of our world, which is happens with every second that goes by, whether we like it or not, until a major change is made, does something it’s not supposed too. It’s there to tear people apart, to rip them them in to something that’s not human – some fall foul to it, don’t get me wrong – but, more than less, it brings people together.

This is not to say that the ones who caused it, whether they had good intentions or not (most do, they have a belief and they believe their right. You can argue with that, but, although some do show a tendency for madness, ‘a madman see’s what he see’s’ Eddard Stark) can not give inspiration as well. So, instead of inspiring us to follow them, it inspires us to not be like them, to not sink in to that sort of place those men and women find themselves in.

Destruction motivates people to work as one, to unite in a world that feels as if it’s there to tear you down, to kill you quicker, and, in all of that, inspiration is found. It’s always there, every moment of your day could inspire you, every word spoken or every action taken could inspire a story or a poem or a speech, or a life. It’s so easy to see, and destruction, that kills, and torments and destroys the good in the world, can not be forgotten, but, not because of what we lost, but because of the people we came out of it as.

Everyone, whether you’ve suffered first hand or watched from the sidelines, from the comfort of your own home whilst the news tells you something terrible again, are the victims of destruction. Man-made or natural, that’s irrelevant. Everything is out to kill us, and it’s our purpose to stay alive, to survive, to inspire the next generation and hope to God they don’t make the same mistakes.

Stories of heroism, story of cowardliness, stories of finding friends in the midst of a bombing, or underneath a collapsed building inspires you even without you knowing, it forms a story in your head, and a belief that despite all the bad in the world, there’s good too…

So keep going, keep inspiring and,

Just keep writing – the destruction you write about can inspire the good in the people who read it.