Writing: A Letter To My Second Protagonist

So, in a bid to make me blog that little bit more, here is a letter I wrote for Aran (around the same times I wrote one for Lauryn)

If this fantasy quadrilogy I’m planning goes the way I think it is, I’ll have five protagonists all in all, and I can already imagine the apology letters I’m gonna have to send to them at one point or another.

So, let us begin.

Dear Aran Rill

I’ll be honest and say I don’t know how you happened. You just did. There was a part of you that already existed in my mind, but you weren’t this whole person that you are now. Despite that, you didn’t let go, and you became an anchor in the world of monsters, ghosts, serpents and Gods. You became so much more than the boy I was going to bring in way later.

You were never meant to exist until the third book.

Your companions were never thought of before you.

Ryan and Bryn were never meant to be part of the deal, but somehow, they weaved themselves in, just like you did.

But, beleive it or not, you are the one I believe in the most, you are the one I think can do this. You have no idea who you are, the pieces are there, you just have to put it together. You are much more than just an orphan from the King’s city Aran.

I know I took a lot from you already, I took away things I never thought had to go, and I’m truly sorry for that. I really am. I literally cried over what I did to you, even if in the grand scheme of things, it’s a minute detail – it had to happen – you don’t realise that yet, but you will.

To make up for what I did, I’m gonna give you more, for a time, and then I’m going to take it away again. You just have to stay yourself throughout it all, because I think you can get through anything you put your mind too. Your friends, the ones I hadn’t planned will always be the strongest, the ones that will make you laugh when you want to cry and live when you want to die.

Everything happens for a reason Aran, you happened for a reason. Your the one who made the first manuscript way over the word count I wanted it to be. You were – are – worth it though. Thank you for coming in to this story when you did. Thank you for being you, thank you for everything, and don’t ever change.

Even when they want you to.


Jade x

Humble Beginnings: A FanFiction Throwback

So, back in the day, when ‘Heroes’ was all the rage, I delved in to the wild and wonderful world of fanfiction.

Now, my writing wasn’t up to parr (at all), but, it was some of the first pieces of writing that I did that other people saw other than my parents. And, people actually read them. They actually followed the story from the beginning to the end – even though I look back at them now and cringe – but for me – and for everyone – it was such a motivator to keep going, and, it made me feel that little bit of hope that perhaps my own characters and my own stories could be just as interesting!

I started off writing a fanfiction about the characters from the ABC show Heroes (or was it CW?!?) and how they had some sort of adventure when they were all five and six (which they suspiciously forgot – obvs) and instead of save the cheerleader, it was save the birthday cake….

I started writing it in January of 2008. I would have been 14… Yeah… Save the birthday cake…

Well, after that was done, I did a couple more Heroes fanfics, and then, I even did what I thought season six of LOST would turn out like!

I think though, out of all of those fics I wrote in that first year or so of writing fanfiction, my favourite to write was a crossover between Heroes and Jurassic Park (subsenquently called Jurassic Heroes) and, although I can’t read it through – cause you know, the cringes are real – it had 23 chapters of some of my favourite plot lines ever!

The last time I updated that account was on August 07 2009, and, after losing the password (or the email address, I have no idea), I started another account in 2013!

As the result of a game hangover – which I’m currently suffering right now – I did my longest-running fanfiction ever! From January to November, with 18 chapters between then and there and round about 26k words (which is a lot in some cases, but my pacing has definitely bettered itself since), I wrote on this project until the fuel ran out and then I never even finished it…

I get reminded of it sometimes though. I have a memory stick that pops up every now and then, and I think, oh, I’m gonna see what’s on that, and chapter 18 is there like, hello! Remember me?

And the writing, compared to now anyway, still isn’t the greatest; but, I really tried to take the process that little bit more serious and I was going with the hype at the time – which was fine with me cause I loved it as much as everyone else – so that meant a bigher audience too.

And, it also let me dive in to character types that I hadn’t written about before.

The psychopathically insane kind.

And, that’s what made it all the more appealing to me.

Now, I’m gonna leave links here, but please, don’t read them. It’s just for me for if I ever feel the need one day to have another trip down memory lane and see if I can get further than the first chapter…

You can if you really want to… (But I don’t recommend it)

Jurassic Heroes

Fighting Insanity

Anyway, enough about the past& the whole reason for this little memory trip was because I’m currently writing another fanfiction! And, I haven’t actually decided whether I’m going to be publishing it anywhere or I’m just gonna write it for my own enjoyment!

I’m using the essense of a character I created in one of my own books -Lauryn from Tales of Monsters – and put them in to this completely different situation and, I’m just gonna go with the flow and try and develop them that tad little bit more!

I’m also using another character, from the fandom, to help me develop that character type writing process sort-of-thing because, in another series, which I planned and wrote a couple drafts of; a good, good while ago now, there’s this character that sort of needs the mindset that this character already has.

So, yeah. Whether that made sense. I don’t even know anymore…

Anyway, my other two projects are, sort of, on hold, for the moment. I just seem to have a lot of other things racing through my mind all the time, and I need to get it all done before I can finally sit down and work on it properly…

I have deadlines coming up soon too… And they all seem to feature around April 30th/May 1st so thats fun…

Any how, I need to go and do said things and stop thinking about doing said things, so,

Until next time,

Just Keep Writing,

Jade x

Three Quotes, Three Days, One Challenge: Day Two

A day late (oops), but here is my quote for day two of the 3Q,3D challenge, which I was challenged by Robin LeeAnn on Wednesday, and, today, I thought I would go with one of my favourite book quotes!

I don’t know what it is with this quote, but it always makes me a feel a little bit better whenever I read it!

The Rules

  • Thank the person that nominated you!
  • Post a quote for three consecutive days (a quote a day)
  • Nominate three others to take part!

For today, I’m going to nominate:

Julia Witmer

Cambria Covell

Caith Esra Ulvar

I don’t have any work or distractions tomorrow, so day 3 of the challenge should be posted on time!

Until then though,

Just Keep Writing,

Jade x

The Last Of The Real Ones

So, last night, I got to experience something that I have been waiting years for..

I don’t even really have a good excuse as to why I waited so long… I guess I was just sort of scared of perhaps having to go on my own and thats why I haven’t experienced it until now.

And that experience, is seeing Fall Out Boy live…

(If you’re going to see them for the Mania tour, and don’t want their track-list ruined for yourself, I suggest you don’t read this! Come back and tell me all about it once you have though!)

So, last nights leg of the tour was hosted at the Manchester Arena!

And, towards the end, there was an even a small tribute (or acknowledgement) by Pete Wentz of the Manchester Bombings that happened last year – which obviously touched me, but touched my Mancquinian friends even more because they know of people affected by it.

It’s just nice to know that we’re all in this together sometimes, you know❤

So, now, let us start at the beginning…

My friend Molly. God bless her. The one who bought the tickets. Her life is full of drama, and, after living with her for three years during our university journey, there’s not much that can surprise me.

So, when she looked me dead in the face and said she couldn’t find the tickets. I believed her. I think that part of me wasn’t even shocked…

Obviously, we got there. We searched, we found nothing, and then, Molly’s mum came to the rescue (even though she’s the one who moved them and forgot about them – and we spent an hour trying to phone her and she never picked up).

Still, it was just a part of the experience, and, we still got there in enough time to get a good standing spot and watch the support acts!

For this part of the tour, they got supported by MAX (pictured above) – who was absolutely awesome! He got the crowd going and I’m already planning on going to his headline tour when it comes around!

He reminds me a little of Years and Years, and, if your a fan of them (or even if you’re not), listen to this here video! It’s his first song to be released in the UK! (And if it doesn’t at least get in to the top forty, there’s something wrong with the lot of us).

The second support act was Against the Current; who, if I’m honest, had a good bass and all, but, we could hardly hear the lead singer singing and it almost felt like we were watching a Paramore tribute band!

On closer inspection, their youtube video’s aren’t all that bad, but their still not someone I could really get behind! They didn’t even tells us their names either which irks me a lot..

Still, Max and his craziness (and his glitteryness) made it worth getting there early, and the fact that we were just a few metres away from the middle walkway made all the better!

(The photo above isn’t mine, but its my friend who was stood right next to me so you can sort of see how close we got to be)

To be honest though, after the support acts were done and we were all anticipating the first showing of Andy’s drum kit, I didn’t have a clue what to expect!

I didn’t expect Pete to sound the way he did though… I know their American and all, and no offence, but, he sounded like a hill-billy American. And I just didn’t expect him to sound like that at all, and I’ve watched him in interviews too and… Yeah…

However, Patrick sounded just like he does in the videos… Even better… And can I just say, his impression of Elton John in Save Rock ‘N’ Roll is pure greatness!

And that point just leads me on to something that I loved about the night! The boys played a load of their old songs like Immortals, Irresistable, Thanks for the Memories, Dance Dance, and even Uma Thurman, and with a Kill Bill montage playing in the background, it made the experience all that more better!

They sung Centuries too, which is actually the theme tune for my bad guy in my WIP and also one of my favourite songs aswell!

They also played a lot of the new ones from their album ‘Mania’ like the Last of the Real Ones, Wilson, Champion, Hold Me Tight (Or Don’t) and they even performed Church as well, which was bloody amazing!

And, ofcourse, they had llamas!

(T-shirt throwing llamas)

In all, it was a bloody awesome night, and it just felt like it was over too soon… Everything about it was great and I have no qualms at all, but I wish I could just go again… And again… And again…

And; it sort of made me realise something. I’ve only ever seen these guys online or on TV, and I think you forget that their real people sometimes. That their actually… I don’t know… I really don’t…

I think I might still be a little star struck…

If you’ve never experienced a concert before – of your favourite singer, or band – do it. It can be expensive, but, with enough planning, you can do anything!

And, you can say that you’ve been there and got the t-shirt (literally or not).

This post is late for a Friday, but I spent the morning eating chocolate and shopping, and now I’ve been sat writing this post whilst watching movies and eating more chocolate!

What can I say? I turn 24 tomorrow, and, this week hasn’t been half bad!

Have you ever been to a concert or gig before? Or is there someone you’d love to see one day? I’d love to know!

Until then though,

Just Keep Writing,

Jade x

The Great Blizzard of March 2018

So, it may not have been the blizzard all of us (okay, maybe just me) were hoping for, but, it gave most people down here in the south of wales a nice blanket of snow which meant that we had the day off work and a well-earned Snow day!


And, whether you’re the adventuring type, or the the sit by the fire type, I think the snow and the pure whiteness of it can bring the good out of anyone!

Especially us creatives! Whether you go out searching for inspiration (alone or with four-legged friends) or spend the day couped up in bed with a hot drink and a notebook, you can find just as much inspiration looking out a window as you can exploring on the ground!

Me, I’m one of those adventurer types, and, so you don’t have too, I explored some woods near my house, fell over atleast twice and will probably get a cold by the end of the week!

But, I have here some photo’s that might just fit right in to a setting or a story you’ve been working on!

So, with a miniture beast who could be quite photogenic when he stopped still, I bring you some snowy images taken by me on a crappy phone as the darkness crept up on us!

This here is the start of the hill I had to walk up, and the second is part of the snow drift right next to said wall I used as cover as a cloud of snow tried to wrap itself around me!

Then, me and the pup (because the Springer could not deal with going out in the snow twice in one day) decided to head up the lanes, only to get side-tracked by a path in to the woods that surrounded us on each side!

At a certain part in my current WIP ‘Tales of Monsters’ a bunch of my characters are searching through the woods – for what, you’ll find out if you ever read it – and the winter snow has come to visit, and this, is how I envision it! There are evergreen tree’s placed here and there, but mostly, the shrubbery is bare and naked and everything is on show!

From the photo’s, you can see that as the light changed and it got darker, how the world turned that bit more blue!

And, just to add a bit more, here are some photo’s I took whilst on my way down a country lane the day after the blizzard hit! The snow was starting to retreat already, melting from the heat of the dragon (and all that stuff), but it was still pretty and white! And you could slip on your ass just as easy as before!

Dogs trust lane photos

And here are some of the illusive beast when he finally stops still!

Day 8: When it Snowed Really Good That One Time (12DaysOfBlogmas)

So, Facebook likes to remind me every year of the awesome snow we had in years past around this time, and also, how it, always, dissipated right before Christmas!

I was also, obviously, going through my photography phase – with my small little digital camera – and taking photos of it everywhere! Also featured is my dog, who enjoyed it a lot more then, than I’m sure she ever would now!

And, it’s also a little mad how I can see Arans journey in my WIP ‘Tales of Monsters’ fit in to the setting perfectly! When, all this place really is, is a football field surrounded by some thick brush and some tree’s acting as a border to the farming fields around it.

I think nature can give you such inspiration anyway, but add the white and the whole landscape changes. I found so many little ‘caverns’ of sorts that I couldn’t ever find without the snow, and, it always made me think of fairies and little hobbits that could fit in quite easily without trying to duck and dive like I had to.

So, the rest of this post is just a load of photos from 2010 and 2013, when the snow came to Wales wicked and fast, and then left almost as soon as it had arrived!

To end of this post, today’s promptmas focuses on the beauty that is the office Christmas party!

I would pick Dan from Rilarth, and Ivon from Brydon. They never meet in Tales of Monster, they might never meet ever, but these two would be the most likely to crash an office Christmas party!

All the food would be eaten, and all the drinks drunk. Ivon would be the instigator, and drunk Daniel would be the one who carries it all on! There would also be a lot of womanising with these two hunks and a lot of hearts broken!

But, they are also the sort of people that would help you clean up afterwards!

Until tomorrow!

Jade x

Letting Go Of That Sheep Faced Notebook

It’s mental health day, and prompted by the #IGWritersOct challenge, I just wanted to raise a hand to all the people out there suffering day-to-day with their problems, whether physically or emotionally and let you all know that you’re not alone!

And, this is just a little story of something I had to let go.

So, whenever I’m feeling down, whether it’s because of someone or something, I always try (and try is the word here, right) to sit down with my pen and paper and write about it. Sometimes, it’s almost like a diary entry, sometimes, it can be a persona that turns in to a story. It’s a good activity to do, and all I can say to you, is try it! Write about that event in your life and let it all out!

You can’t hurt the feelings of a piece of paper or a pen, you can rant as much as you want and it can’t hurt the people around you. That’s the best thing about it!

However, what I’ve learned, more lately than anything, is that once it’s written, I have to take the piece and decide what I want to do with it.

There’s a number of things you could do;

  • You can gain inspiration from it; you can gain this from almost everything in your life, written or not.
  • You can tuck it away in a notebook or under your bed, away from sight, away from mind, right?
  • You could even let it sit in plain view each day, you could torture yourself even more (I don’t recommend this option).
  • You could publish it, perhaps you’re experience with something, your’e feelings, could help someone else get through it, perhaps make them see that their not the only one going through something like this. You can make a terrible thing to you in to something positive for someone else.
  • You could show it to your family, to your friends, to the person that hurt you. Personally, for me, it’s easier to write the words than to say them (I wrote a letter to my boss once (long, long story), I don’t remember half the things I wrote in it, I just know that it hurt me more to write it than it hurt them to read it – FYI, if you ever read this, it really did).
  • Or, you can take that written piece and burn it, and say to yourself it won’t hurt you again (It’s obviously not that easy, but it’s a step in the right direction). In all honestly, it’s completely up to you what you do with it.

And this relates back to a little story of a notebook and a sad newly teenage girl. So, when I was younger, I had this little flipbook with wool plastered on the front, and a little sheep face made of cardboard or paper; and inside of it, I wrote about my life at the time. (Working it out, it was about ten years ago I think, so when I was twelve or thirteen – give or take). It had some good things in it, like my cats giving birth within days of each other (actually that’s the only nice thing I remember, and that I was going on holiday to either Salou or Tenerife that year), but mostly, it was bad stuff (and I don’t mean written badly). I’d needed something to let my frustration out on, and this little book (or diary, I guess) was my victim – and bless his little heart, he took it all.

So, I re-found it a while ago (maybe early last year, I’m not sure). I semi-knew where it was, in a shoe box in my cupboard with some other childhood things, but whenever I found it, I had this urge to read it again, to look at all the things that happened at that time in my life; how my moods changed, and how the writing got more scrawled as I sat and poured my heart and tears in to this little book. And, I was distraught every time I read it and would wonder why I kept it.

And then, one day, I thought, why did I need to keep it? Why do you keep this little book for Jade? The pages were full, and it was hidden in the bottom of my wardrobe among things that made me happy. I’d already made peace with what had happened, I’d got over it, I’d learned that keeping grudges against the people that hurt you is a waste of my time, and they don’t deserve that (I need it for finishing manuscripts and reading books).

And that’s one of the reason’s why I ripped it up and put it in the bin. I don’t need my memories written down on paper like that, I remember it enough not to be wanted to be reminded of them finer details. I remember that I looked at it for the last time, I remember my mum being in the room with me. I don’t know if she ever read it, maybe she had, I can’t remember (maybe I’ll ask her one day), but I said that I was going to get rid. I knew it wasn’t good for me, that I needed to let it go. That part of my life was over, and worrying about the past makes you miss the future.

I’ll be honest though, and say that I didn’t get rid of everything from that time. I had (or have, really) this story in me, a story I still think about today. It’s not ‘Tales from Aramoor’, it’s something else. I’ve wrote and changed it numerous times as I’ve grown up, and it’s still with me now, playing itself out in my head, patiently waiting for it’s time to be released in to the world. I think the dream I had, of a guy stood in a tree, in a church, holding an apple is what started my love for fantasy style writing, and ‘Tales’ owes it a lot, especially as I felt like its promised to stay with me until Tales is completed, so it can have it’s day, that we can finally reunite and I can get it written and show the world the story that kept me going in my darkest moments.

What I guess I’m trying to say, is that, writing can help you cope. Whether your’e writing about something you’ve been through or not, it allows you to escape, to give your heart to something that isn’t going to argue back and just listen (pets do this too, they just look at you as if you’re crazy most of the time though. A piece of paper or a pen won’t do that).

So, guys, I hope today is better, and that it continues to get better. Life isn’t meant to be easy, its meant to be trying and hard and something none of us survive in the end. So, whilst your heart is still beating, live your life and stop letting things get in your way. You might not have your biggest dreams come true, not many of us get that pleasure, but if you can find a little slice of happiness in something that you do, never let anyone take that away from you!

Keep going,

Keep living,

Keep dreaming,

And just keep writing!

Jade x

Finding Inspiration in Disaster

They always say to find inspiration in the things around us, and, as of late, there’s not been much of anything inspirational in the world other than destruction (although, the Invictus games, and the veterans and people who lost arms, legs and the ability to do what most take for granted in that destruction, can inspire a whole generation)

So, as most of you will know, this year – much like any other – we’ve been thrown in to pits of depression, terrorist attacks, earthquakes, hurricanes, forest fires, war and even self-destruction. Not to mention all the other disasters, man made or natural, we’ve faced; but, as people, we need to find something good in that destructiion, and most of the time, it’s the victims and the heroes who came out at the end of it.

The destruction of our world, which is happens with every second that goes by, whether we like it or not, until a major change is made, does something it’s not supposed too. It’s there to tear people apart, to rip them them in to something that’s not human – some fall foul to it, don’t get me wrong – but, more than less, it brings people together.

This is not to say that the ones who caused it, whether they had good intentions or not (most do, they have a belief and they believe their right. You can argue with that, but, although some do show a tendency for madness, ‘a madman see’s what he see’s’ Eddard Stark) can not give inspiration as well. So, instead of inspiring us to follow them, it inspires us to not be like them, to not sink in to that sort of place those men and women find themselves in.

Destruction motivates people to work as one, to unite in a world that feels as if it’s there to tear you down, to kill you quicker, and, in all of that, inspiration is found. It’s always there, every moment of your day could inspire you, every word spoken or every action taken could inspire a story or a poem or a speech, or a life. It’s so easy to see, and destruction, that kills, and torments and destroys the good in the world, can not be forgotten, but, not because of what we lost, but because of the people we came out of it as.

Everyone, whether you’ve suffered first hand or watched from the sidelines, from the comfort of your own home whilst the news tells you something terrible again, are the victims of destruction. Man-made or natural, that’s irrelevant. Everything is out to kill us, and it’s our purpose to stay alive, to survive, to inspire the next generation and hope to God they don’t make the same mistakes.

Stories of heroism, story of cowardliness, stories of finding friends in the midst of a bombing, or underneath a collapsed building inspires you even without you knowing, it forms a story in your head, and a belief that despite all the bad in the world, there’s good too…

So keep going, keep inspiring and,

Just keep writing – the destruction you write about can inspire the good in the people who read it.


The Questions Of A Doubtful Writer (Or Every Writer)

Is it original?

Is it enough?

Has it been done before?

These are the questions that every writer asks themselves. Whether it’s before they start writing, right in the middle, or at the very end. Sometimes, all the way through the questions sit inside your head.

The worst thing is, is that the answer to those questions isn’t a nice one. Not usually. It’s probably not original, it’s probably not enough, and its probably been done before – in one sense or another. There are so many books nowadays, you’re going to find similar things, you’re going to find similar terms and quotes because there’s only so many ways you can put a sentence together, that you can weave the words in to.

But, do me a favor and disregard those horrible questions I asked you at the beginning. Just crush them in to a pulp, those questions that make you sad and want to give up, and replace it with the easiest to answer question of all!

Has this story ever been written by me?

I don’t think I need to tell you the answer, right?

What that author who’s written in the same theme or same context as you doesn’t have, is your inspiration, your mind, your thoughts, or your motivation. They don’t have the same relationship with you’re characters as you do.

It’s obviously hard not to compare yourself to that other author, or other writers in general. Comparing your progress to theirs and whether or not they got to the next step before you did even though you’ve been doing it longer, is just something you mind does to make you doubt itself, but perhaps it’s because your mind needs to be sure that you’re ready for this journey to commence.

I do it, I look at other writers and although, I feel, at times, that I’m never going to get where they are, I still feel happy for them, because, as writers, we have a duty to support other writers. Giving is so much better than receiving I promise!

But, back to the question at hand. That story in your head, whether you’ve started writing it or not, has something that no one else has, and that’s you, and you are one in a million, and are the only one that can tell it!

You are the only one who can write this story, and don’t let anyone else tell you otherwise!

Just keep writing,


The Joys Of A Charity Shop Book Haul

With only ten pound in your pocket, and a charity shop or two, you can delve in to worlds you never knew existed!

Before now, I haven’t really bought books from charity shops. I bought one once whilst in uni – because it was a book on meerkats and my mum loves meerkats – but, recently,, I wanted to find a Charles Dickens Great Expectations hardback edition, and after seeing one once and not picking it up, I’ve been delving in to charity shops and hoping for the best.

I’ve still not found it, but I’ve found a whole host of other worlds I hadn’t known about, or wanted so desperately to delve in to.

It broadens your mind, and supports charities (Best of both worlds right?), and its such a good way to find older books that could cost you a fiver or so in a book shop, whilst in a charity shop, they have paperbacks four for a quid! Even the hardbacks don’t usually go over two pound, even the older leather ones!

Obviously, they aren’t always in the best of conditions. The pages are yellowed, some are dog eared and paper-backs bend and tear easily, but doesn’t that just add to the charm of it all? A books not meant to sit on your shelf and never be read, right? And you may even find yourself something pristine and new if your lucky. (You might get even luckier and find its signed inside)

Below are my four most recent hauls!

The first haul was a single book. Its one of those old hardback paper editions and I remember that I had really enjoyed the movies and some of the TV show when I was younger, and with it only being 99p, I decided to take it home with me!

This next one was a proper haul! I found Eragon in one shop, and due to the whole four for a quid offer, I ended up getting three more. This sort of offer continued, and somehow ten more books were bought!

Judith Kerr’s When Hitler Stole Pink Rabbit surprised me, and I wrote a review about this wonderful book here!

This is the third haul. It was a little bit of a surprise, but I was inspired so much by the hardback that I found that it just happened!

Ive been wanting to read Peter V Bretts Demon Cycle for a little while now, and how better to start but with a Voyager First Edition hardback! It was up on the top shelf and it was almost like I was pulled to it! It’s in great condition and it’s just so beautiful!

The fourth hall wasn’t planned either, but it happened anyway!

Its significantly smaller, and the hardbacks was on offer three for £2, and after wanting the Michael Morpurgo book, I had to find two more that I liked the look off!

In another shop, I bought the Long Road Home for the reason that its one of the books that is forever there in the back of my head. I had it years ago, but moving got it lost or sent to a charity shop so I wanted a copy back. And obviously, who ever has had it before has loved it too!

I think I might re-read it and pop it back to a charity shop one day. Obviously its a book that needs to travel and keep inspiring other people.

And that’s the best thing about charity shop books, if I don’t read it, or change my mind, I don’t have to worry that I’ve spent the retail price on a book that I haven’t read, or didn’t like. It also makes it easier to give away, or to give back to the charity shop! Especially if you feel like it needs to go out and motivate more people.

These hauls also allowed me to get books from the world of John Green. Although I’ve heard of him, I’ve never read his books, and now I have Paper Towns, The Fault In Our Stars and Looking For Alaska all in my TBR jar!

And it also gives you the chance to find local authors too! I picked these three up because I liked the concept of them, and it turned out the authors are from South Wales!

With a charity shop, you can go and look for something specific, or you can just walk in and see where it takes you – that’s definitely the best thing about it.

I hope the rest of your week is full of inspiration, books, writing and getting all those thing you need done, done! And get yourself to your closest charity shop! You might just find your next big adventure!