Finding Inspiration in Disaster

They always say to find inspiration in the things around us, and, as of late, there’s not been much of anything inspirational in the world other than destruction (although, the Invictus games, and the veterans and people who lost arms, legs and the ability to do what most take for granted in that destruction, can inspire a whole generation)

So, as most of you will know, this year – much like any other – we’ve been thrown in to pits of depression, terrorist attacks, earthquakes, hurricanes, forest fires, war and even self-destruction. Not to mention all the other disasters, man made or natural, we’ve faced; but, as people, we need to find something good in that destructiion, and most of the time, it’s the victims and the heroes who came out at the end of it.

The destruction of our world, which is happens with every second that goes by, whether we like it or not, until a major change is made, does something it’s not supposed too. It’s there to tear people apart, to rip them them in to something that’s not human – some fall foul to it, don’t get me wrong – but, more than less, it brings people together.

This is not to say that the ones who caused it, whether they had good intentions or not (most do, they have a belief and they believe their right. You can argue with that, but, although some do show a tendency for madness, ‘a madman see’s what he see’s’ Eddard Stark) can not give inspiration as well. So, instead of inspiring us to follow them, it inspires us to not be like them, to not sink in to that sort of place those men and women find themselves in.

Destruction motivates people to work as one, to unite in a world that feels as if it’s there to tear you down, to kill you quicker, and, in all of that, inspiration is found. It’s always there, every moment of your day could inspire you, every word spoken or every action taken could inspire a story or a poem or a speech, or a life. It’s so easy to see, and destruction, that kills, and torments and destroys the good in the world, can not be forgotten, but, not because of what we lost, but because of the people we came out of it as.

Everyone, whether you’ve suffered first hand or watched from the sidelines, from the comfort of your own home whilst the news tells you something terrible again, are the victims of destruction. Man-made or natural, that’s irrelevant. Everything is out to kill us, and it’s our purpose to stay alive, to survive, to inspire the next generation and hope to God they don’t make the same mistakes.

Stories of heroism, story of cowardliness, stories of finding friends in the midst of a bombing, or underneath a collapsed building inspires you even without you knowing, it forms a story in your head, and a belief that despite all the bad in the world, there’s good too…

So keep going, keep inspiring and,

Just keep writing – the destruction you write about can inspire the good in the people who read it.


The Questions Of A Doubtful Writer (Or Every Writer)

Is it original?

Is it enough?

Has it been done before?

These are the questions that every writer asks themselves. Whether it’s before they start writing, right in the middle, or at the very end. Sometimes, all the way through the questions sit inside your head.

The worst thing is, is that the answer to those questions isn’t a nice one. Not usually. It’s probably not original, it’s probably not enough, and its probably been done before – in one sense or another. There are so many books nowadays, you’re going to find similar things, you’re going to find similar terms and quotes because there’s only so many ways you can put a sentence together, that you can weave the words in to.

But, do me a favor and disregard those horrible questions I asked you at the beginning. Just crush them in to a pulp, those questions that make you sad and want to give up, and replace it with the easiest to answer question of all!

Has this story ever been written by me?

I don’t think I need to tell you the answer, right?

What that author who’s written in the same theme or same context as you doesn’t have, is your inspiration, your mind, your thoughts, or your motivation. They don’t have the same relationship with you’re characters as you do.

It’s obviously hard not to compare yourself to that other author, or other writers in general. Comparing your progress to theirs and whether or not they got to the next step before you did even though you’ve been doing it longer, is just something you mind does to make you doubt itself, but perhaps it’s because your mind needs to be sure that you’re ready for this journey to commence.

I do it, I look at other writers and although, I feel, at times, that I’m never going to get where they are, I still feel happy for them, because, as writers, we have a duty to support other writers. Giving is so much better than receiving I promise!

But, back to the question at hand. That story in your head, whether you’ve started writing it or not, has something that no one else has, and that’s you, and you are one in a million, and are the only one that can tell it!

You are the only one who can write this story, and don’t let anyone else tell you otherwise!

Just keep writing,


The Joys Of A Charity Shop Book Haul

With only ten pound in your pocket, and a charity shop or two, you can delve in to worlds you never knew existed!

Before now, I haven’t really bought books from charity shops. I bought one once whilst in uni – because it was a book on meerkats and my mum loves meerkats – but, recently,, I wanted to find a Charles Dickens Great Expectations hardback edition, and after seeing one once and not picking it up, I’ve been delving in to charity shops and hoping for the best.

I’ve still not found it, but I’ve found a whole host of other worlds I hadn’t known about, or wanted so desperately to delve in to.

It broadens your mind, and supports charities (Best of both worlds right?), and its such a good way to find older books that could cost you a fiver or so in a book shop, whilst in a charity shop, they have paperbacks four for a quid! Even the hardbacks don’t usually go over two pound, even the older leather ones!

Obviously, they aren’t always in the best of conditions. The pages are yellowed, some are dog eared and paper-backs bend and tear easily, but doesn’t that just add to the charm of it all? A books not meant to sit on your shelf and never be read, right? And you may even find yourself something pristine and new if your lucky. (You might get even luckier and find its signed inside)

Below are my four most recent hauls!

The first haul was a single book. Its one of those old hardback paper editions and I remember that I had really enjoyed the movies and some of the TV show when I was younger, and with it only being 99p, I decided to take it home with me!

This next one was a proper haul! I found Eragon in one shop, and due to the whole four for a quid offer, I ended up getting three more. This sort of offer continued, and somehow ten more books were bought!

Judith Kerr’s When Hitler Stole Pink Rabbit surprised me, and I wrote a review about this wonderful book here!

This is the third haul. It was a little bit of a surprise, but I was inspired so much by the hardback that I found that it just happened!

Ive been wanting to read Peter V Bretts Demon Cycle for a little while now, and how better to start but with a Voyager First Edition hardback! It was up on the top shelf and it was almost like I was pulled to it! It’s in great condition and it’s just so beautiful!

The fourth hall wasn’t planned either, but it happened anyway!

Its significantly smaller, and the hardbacks was on offer three for ÂŁ2, and after wanting the Michael Morpurgo book, I had to find two more that I liked the look off!

In another shop, I bought the Long Road Home for the reason that its one of the books that is forever there in the back of my head. I had it years ago, but moving got it lost or sent to a charity shop so I wanted a copy back. And obviously, who ever has had it before has loved it too!

I think I might re-read it and pop it back to a charity shop one day. Obviously its a book that needs to travel and keep inspiring other people.

And that’s the best thing about charity shop books, if I don’t read it, or change my mind, I don’t have to worry that I’ve spent the retail price on a book that I haven’t read, or didn’t like. It also makes it easier to give away, or to give back to the charity shop! Especially if you feel like it needs to go out and motivate more people.

These hauls also allowed me to get books from the world of John Green. Although I’ve heard of him, I’ve never read his books, and now I have Paper Towns, The Fault In Our Stars and Looking For Alaska all in my TBR jar!

And it also gives you the chance to find local authors too! I picked these three up because I liked the concept of them, and it turned out the authors are from South Wales!

With a charity shop, you can go and look for something specific, or you can just walk in and see where it takes you – that’s definitely the best thing about it.

I hope the rest of your week is full of inspiration, books, writing and getting all those thing you need done, done! And get yourself to your closest charity shop! You might just find your next big adventure!

Writing: Always write for you!

There are some people who sit down to write a book, and they wonder what others would like to read. Do they want an action packed fantasy, an epic love-triangle, a sexy romcom, a thriller, a mystery, a sci-fi adventure with aliens and starlords?

This whole ‘wondering’ can put you at a stand still. It’s so much easier to start doubting yourself when your writing for that someone else, for a particular reader, or an agent, or a publisher. Or even a genre.

If you have an idea you think you can pull through with, that you enjoy writing, leave that wondering until your finish. It doesn’t matter if it doesn’t fit in to a certain category or criteria, there will always be someone who wants to read it – even if that person is only you.

The quote featured at the top by Cyril Connoly is one that I live by. I believe that you need to enjoy full-heartedly what you write, and you need to love it and be passionate about it… If you’re not, no one else will.

There was also another quote I came across in a book by Judith Kerr, a book about a little girl who wrote poems, but could only every write about the disasters that shook the world:

‘If you want to write about disasters, that is what you must do. It’s no use trying to write what other people want. The only way to write anything good is to please yourself’

It’s almost the same as Cyrils quote, and is what actually inspired this whole post in the first place!

Write about what makes you happy. Write about what makes you sad. Write a adventure you want to go on. Write about a world you want to explore. Write a book you want to read.

At the end of the day, if you’re not happy with what you wrote, how is anyone else supposed to be. It may not be perfect, but if you can sit and say I’m proud of it once you’ve type The End, then your there.

If you write for the public, the public can throw it back in your face. As long as you love it, anyone else who does is a bonus!

So stop wondering, and just keep writing!


Writing: A Letter To My Protagonist

I got a lot of things to apologise for…

I saw that Readtolivetowrite did this because of M.A.Ryan and I wanted to give it a go!

I actually have two main protagonists in my current WIP, but I decided to write it to the one who started it all off for me. I’ll probably do a second one for Aran because it’s nice to be able to explain yourself, and apologise for all the lovely and horrible things you do them! I recommend that everyone does this! It was so fun! And if you do, please tag me so I can see them!

So, here goes!

Dear Lauryn

Before anything else, I just want to get one thing clear. I love you, even if the rest of the world won’t, and I don’t mean the one your in. I think readers are going to find you a bit annoying, we won’t know for sure just yet, and I hope they love you as much as I do, but with whats to come, let’s not bank on it. Anyway, you were the first character to pop in to my head and the one I’ll always love the most.

You are not anywhere near the heroine of the story, but your not the damsel in distress either, you are the girl in between. And, from the start, I knew you felt helpless, sad, scared, betrayed, and you still do now, but after all I’ve thrown at you, you still manage to hang on. Your so good at finding them little pieces of happiness, or meaning, and I admire that about you.

Whatever I put you through, just know that it’s done for a reason. I need to see as much as ‘she’ does – even though you don’t know who ‘she’ is yet – if you can do this. Will you be able to fight something your going to lose, will you be able to keep going when everyone else leaves you?

I think you can. And I think that despite the comfy life you had, the one without any problems (except the ones the outside world never saw), the one fit for a Princess, that in the end, you might find the adventure I give you a bit more fulfilling than the life you might have had.

There is much more to come, many more trials, heart ache, death, loss, murder, fire. It’s all coming for you, but just try and hold on to yourself, to your friends, to the people that matter, because in the end, they may be the only ones that can save you. Although, you’ll have to do a lot of saving yourself before that moment comes to pass.

I know it’s easier said then done, and I left you sad, broken and unable to forget the list you created in your head. But keep that list Lauryn, wear the names of those you failed and make armour out of it, make it so they mattered. It doesn’t have to be just yet. I know it’s still raw; but you have to show your gratitude to the people who gave their lives to save yours.

I won’t take everything from you, I can promise that, but I don’t know if you will ever forgive me for the things I do.

Your life isn’t going to get any easier, but I think you can find a way to be happy, to keep going when you feel like it’s all lost. I believe in you, and I always will!

A bit of advice though. There’s no point going through life holding grudges on those who did you wrong. There’s no point worrying about the past because you can’t change it. There’s no point worrying about the future because it hasn’t happened yet. You need to live in the here and now, and give chances to those who may have been swayed by something they truly believe in…

Good luck Lauryn…

Love your biggest fan,


20 Years Ago, Harry Potter Graced Our Book Shelves!

On 26th June 1997, J.K Rowling and Bloomsbury published Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone! Followed by six more years of school antics with the golden trio!

What house do you belong to?

This was then followed by Harry Potter and the Cursed Child playwright, and the brilliant Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them movie series! A sure sign that the magic isn’t on the verge of ending anytime soon!

Do you have a favourite?

Harry Potter and the Philosopher Stone introduced us to a boy who lived in the cupboard under the stairs on number 4, Privet Drive! Adopted by his uncle Vernon and Aunt Petunia, harrassed by his cousin Diddlykins, Harry Potter is the boy who lived.

Which book is an essential in your house?

Emersed in to a world of magic by a giant who rides a motorbike, Harry Potter experiences the world his parents lived in; featuring talking hats, secret passages, poly-juice potion, hippogriffs, dragons and house elfs!

With the help and love of their newly found family and friends, Harry, Ron and Hermoine go on a journey that shows us that love conquers all things!

This post is dedicated to the woman who created this world, the womaN who never stopped trying! You are my inspiration and the worlds inspiration (probably even the universes inspiration too)!

Thank you J.K!

To Fly… Would It Not Be Wonderful

Short story inspired by writing.prompt.s

So, in our world, half of the people born in a year can fly, and the other half can’t. It’s as simple as that.

And, the only way you can find out; is if you jump from a height that will surely kill you!

It sounds a bit macabre, I know, but my people know what their doing. They know if your that half that can fly. I promise.

My father can fly; my mother, maybe she can, but she never tried; my older sister can fly too, but my younger brother has no interest in it, not yet anyway. He likes having his two feet on the ground at all times, whilst I… I love to be in the air.

Whether I’m sitting on a plane, jumping in to a pool or doing the high jump in school, I just love the air brushing against me.

I’m sixteen years old now, the youngest you can be to find out your fait in this world; and about to jump off the white cliff of Dolin. It’s the cliff both my father and my sister jumped off, the one they glided from, unwilling from that day on to keep their feet on the ground.

I’ve never wanted to keep my feet on the ground. The wind has always given me a thrill, the feeling of it in my hair and brushing past my finger tips have always excited me. I knew from the day I jumped in to a diving pool that the air was built for me, to glide and fly…

I remember I sky dived once… The closest I’d come to flying before my time. I felt myself float, just as my father said he did. It had felt amazing. I can still remember the wind blowing in my face. I’d stretched my arms out and screamed in to the air in delight. I’d felt the air pick me up.

I’d begged the man behind me not to pull the chute, to let us glide down on to the ground, but such things are not allowed. The man had laughed, and in my ear, he’d said ‘Not today’.

The parachute would open as planned and we would fall to the ground slowly. I was mesmerised by that which surrounded us, by the endless land that some witnessed every day.

That moment is what I will imagine now as I step over the cliff.

My father is at the bottom, cheering for me to jump. My mother is stood behind him.

She won’t look at me, refusing until my feet have touched the ground, but I have already decided that she would never never see me again, because from this moment on, my feet will never touch solid ground.

I will fly to dinner, I will fly to school, I will keep myself in the air where I am meant to be. It is what I am made for…

I close my eyes, take a deep breath in as my father taught me, open my arms out to the world and jump. I feel the wind instantly, pushing in to me, easing it’s way through my splayed fingers, my lungs breathing in the purest of airs, filling my chest with the urges to glide, to do as my father does.

My father is still cheering, I can hear him in the wind, I think my mother has joined him. I smile, perhaps I am gliding already.

My eyes flicker, but the wind keeps them shut. There’s no worry. My father said this would happen, that I had to breath and picture myself in the air, to picture myself flying.

The moment I feel like an open parachute, for the moment I will begin to glide, to fly…

But the moment does not come…

My mothers not cheering…

She’s screaming…

This was fun to write, I hope it’s fun to read too! It seems the poor sixteen year old will fly, but not the way she expected!

Prompts can be a writers most important resource, and get you out of the writing slumps you find yourself in!

It helps you develop different types of writing styles, helps you try out different tenses and even lets you explore genres you perhaps wouldn’t think of writing in.

It also inspires you. It can lead to a paragraph, a short story, a chapter or even a full-blown novel! You can make a prompt your own. You could have a hero, a villain or a by-stander as your star, it doesn’t matter, as long as you write it the way you want to…

Just Keep Writing guys 🙂