International Womens Day: My Top Ten Bookish Females

So, to celebrate the today, I thought I’d name my top ten bookish females!

This isn’t by any means in order! I’m far too indecisive for that, although, my number one is definitely my number one!

Number Ten

Inej Ghafa – Six of Crows

Image found on LBardugo’s Tumblr

At just fifteen years old, this gal here is a badass, and she’s absolutely awesome! Taken hostage, sold to a pleasure house, bought out by a bunch of misfits, she’s been through a lot in her young life even before we meet her! (Whilst hanging off a roof) This girl just screams fearless and ferocious, and she demands something of the world, even though it owes her nothing.

She’s one of my favourite characters in the SOC Duology!

Did I mention she’s fifteen?

How could I not include her?

Number Nine

Sylvia Redbird (Nanna Redbird) – House of Night


This lady here is one understanding nanna! After nearly getting killed (multiple times) and losing her own daughter, she is still there for granddaughter Zoey when she needs her. Wisened by the world, this old lady here gives some of the best advice, and, continues to support her grand daughter in whatever it is she does!

I love my nanna’s, but, I’d love to have her and her cookies! And I’d love to be able to see a lavender farm too!

Number Eight

Cithrin – The Dragons Path

D&C Wiki – Grueler

Chased from her home, belittled by elders and used by men; Cithrin has come a long way from the orphaned girl who was taken in by the Medeen bank. She’s not in any way perfect, she doesn’t do all the right things, but she’s continues to grow in to this strong independent women that will do anything to get what she deserves!

I picked up The Dragons Path whilst looking for a book to read in Ibiza, and I absolutely loved it! Cithrin is amazing, as are Marcus and Yarvis!

Number Seven

Hayley Soon – Hayley Soon


Hayley Soon is a book I beta-read before it was published at the the end of February, and, she’s definitely one of those characters that you need a bit of in your life. I’m probably biased (maybe a little), but, the journey she goes through, the acceptance she has to find, for herself, and the people around her is a story people need to read. They need to see life from this different type of view point

Being a woman is hard work already; imagine how hard it is when you didn’t start out as one.

Number Six

Bonnie Bennett – The Vampire Diaries


I know bookish Bonnie and TV Bonnie aren’t completely the same, and just for this one, I’m gonna focus on the TV Bonnie! (I tried to read the books, I just couldn’t).

From the beginning to the end, I’ve loved Bonnie Bennett. I’ve loved the strength she’s showed, the things she’s done, and the way she’s held herself and kept herself so true. She’s gone through horrible things, lost so many people, and despite it all, she got to live her life the way she wanted too in the end. It wasn’t the perfect life she dreamed off, not by a long shot, but she took what she was given, and she was happy.

She got her “happy ending”, but damn it, she fought hard for it!

Number Five

Ping – Dragon Keeper


It would be a damn shame if I didn’t include Ping in this list! As well as helping me fall in love with dragons and the whole concept of them, Ping was just a little slave girl, abused by a horrible master, and turned in to this little outlaw who became a dragon keeper.

I owe a lot to these books, and to Ping!

Number Four

Hermoine Granger – Harry Potter


Of course I had to get her in here somewhere right?

There’s not much that I can say that you guys don’t already know about this lady here! Hermione is always going to be one of those women that people strive to be like, to be brave, courageous, smart and loyal. She’s going to be up there in the great list of bookish females for hundreds of years to come, and can you blame us?

Number Three

Arya Stark – Game of Thrones


I could have put a load of Game of Thrones females on this list, but out of them all, Arya is the one who stands out to me! (I love Dani, damn, I wish she wouldn’t be the way she is sometimes, because she would be here instead of Arya, but, she probably gonna die in the end, so I might as well pick someone I have hope for)

And whether its book Arya or TV Arya, she’s gone through so much, but still, she’s kept true to her roots, she’s still that person who doesn’t need a man to lead the way, she takes what she wants, she does what she wants. I think she would make a great Kings guard one day.

Number Two

Ferius Parfax – Spellslinger


So, I couldn’t not put Miss Parfax in this list! After reading Spellslinger by Sebastien de Castell, I can’t imagine a life without her now! Stubborn, fearless and the most sarcastic person you may ever have the pleasure to read about, Ferius takes it upon her self to look after a little kid, who, like her, is different, and unique and not the same as everyone else.

Number One

Katniss Everdeen! – The Hunger Games


(Does anyone else say that in Effy’s voice? Cause I do)

The only reason I actually read The Hunger Games is because I knew the movie was coming out. I think I’d seen a little bit of a trailer here and there, and although I’d heard about the book before; until I saw it in WHSmiths on a stand near the door, I never thought of picking it up!

Within a week or so though, I was reading the next one, and then I’d read the third, and then had my mum read them too, and then I had to wait ages for all the movies to come out!

It quickly became a part of my teenage life obsession, and, to this day, she is my favourite bookish female ever! And, I think that despite a few drips and drabs, the movie portrayed her so perfectly that it just gave me all the feelings that I had whilst reading it!

And that one scene. That one that will probably give me chills to the day I die…


Anyway, Happy International Womens Day guys(gals?!?). I hope you enjoyed this little list! I enjoyed putting it together!

Who would you have on yours? Or, who is your number one favourite bookish female?

Until next time though,

Just Keep Writing,

Jade x