Days 6: 12 Things I Love About Christmas (12DaysOfBlogmas)

It’s just seven more sleeps until the big day, and, considering today’s ‘Promptmas’ post is about which of your characters most resemble the Grinch, I thought I’d show my ‘ungrinchiness’ and tell you 12 of the things I love about Christmas!

  1. Brussel Sprouts – They are my absolute favourite! I would eat them everyday if my mum let me (but she won’t). When I move out though, I will happily live of them forever!
  2. Christmas Lights – One of my favourite things to do at Christmas is to go and search for Christmas lights!
  3. Christmas Films – I would watch them all day if I could! I probably will when I finish work for the holidays!
  4. Pigs in Blankets – If you don’t know what these are, their sausages wrapped in bacon! I’m not the biggest pork fan, but, my mum makes her own, and their gorgeous!
  5. Decorating The Tree – I think this is one of them things that really puts everyone in the mood for Christmas! And, I can spend ages trying to rearrange the baubles! This year, we have quite a messy looking tree, but it’s messy enough that it kind of looks quite good! And it does have a sort of red and gold theme going on about it that really works!
  6. Time Off From Work – Thankfully, I’m lucky enough to be one of those people who get a long weekend this Christmas!
  7. Family Time – My family also get a long weekend, except my poor brother who works in retail! But, yes, Christmas, I think, really revolves around spending time with family, whether it’s watching Christmas films, TV specials, decorating or eating food!
  8. Christmas Markets – I love a good Christmas markets, and this year, I got to experience Manchester Christmas Markets, which was absolutely crazy (and packed)
  9. Giving Presents – Because it’s all about the receiving and not the giving!
  10. Christmas Songs – Their acceptable now! And, I love all the old ones, but some of these new ones out this year are just as good! I also love a good band-aid single, but I don’t think they did one this year!!!
  11. Christmas Jumpers – I love seeing all the different types of jumpers people have!
  12. Chocolate – My first love in this world (after writing), chocolate! It’s acceptable every day of the week to gauge yourself on chocolate if you want to, but it’s even more acceptable for people to give you chocolate during the Christmas period, so, win, win, right?

What do you love about Christmas?

And today’s promptmas is:

I think, out of all my characters, Harry would most resemble the Grinch!

He doesn’t see the point in any type of worship or tradition (except for the drink before a battle tradition), and doesn’t much believe in any of the old stories, so Christmas would be a total waste of time for him. He doesn’t need to have a day of the year where he gifts things to people or to worship someone whose dead!

Whose the Grinch in your story?