The Last Of The Real Ones

So, last night, I got to experience something that I have been waiting years for..

I don’t even really have a good excuse as to why I waited so long… I guess I was just sort of scared of perhaps having to go on my own and thats why I haven’t experienced it until now.

And that experience, is seeing Fall Out Boy live…

(If you’re going to see them for the Mania tour, and don’t want their track-list ruined for yourself, I suggest you don’t read this! Come back and tell me all about it once you have though!)

So, last nights leg of the tour was hosted at the Manchester Arena!

And, towards the end, there was an even a small tribute (or acknowledgement) by Pete Wentz of the Manchester Bombings that happened last year – which obviously touched me, but touched my Mancquinian friends even more because they know of people affected by it.

It’s just nice to know that we’re all in this together sometimes, you know❤

So, now, let us start at the beginning…

My friend Molly. God bless her. The one who bought the tickets. Her life is full of drama, and, after living with her for three years during our university journey, there’s not much that can surprise me.

So, when she looked me dead in the face and said she couldn’t find the tickets. I believed her. I think that part of me wasn’t even shocked…

Obviously, we got there. We searched, we found nothing, and then, Molly’s mum came to the rescue (even though she’s the one who moved them and forgot about them – and we spent an hour trying to phone her and she never picked up).

Still, it was just a part of the experience, and, we still got there in enough time to get a good standing spot and watch the support acts!

For this part of the tour, they got supported by MAX (pictured above) – who was absolutely awesome! He got the crowd going and I’m already planning on going to his headline tour when it comes around!

He reminds me a little of Years and Years, and, if your a fan of them (or even if you’re not), listen to this here video! It’s his first song to be released in the UK! (And if it doesn’t at least get in to the top forty, there’s something wrong with the lot of us).

The second support act was Against the Current; who, if I’m honest, had a good bass and all, but, we could hardly hear the lead singer singing and it almost felt like we were watching a Paramore tribute band!

On closer inspection, their youtube video’s aren’t all that bad, but their still not someone I could really get behind! They didn’t even tells us their names either which irks me a lot..

Still, Max and his craziness (and his glitteryness) made it worth getting there early, and the fact that we were just a few metres away from the middle walkway made all the better!

(The photo above isn’t mine, but its my friend who was stood right next to me so you can sort of see how close we got to be)

To be honest though, after the support acts were done and we were all anticipating the first showing of Andy’s drum kit, I didn’t have a clue what to expect!

I didn’t expect Pete to sound the way he did though… I know their American and all, and no offence, but, he sounded like a hill-billy American. And I just didn’t expect him to sound like that at all, and I’ve watched him in interviews too and… Yeah…

However, Patrick sounded just like he does in the videos… Even better… And can I just say, his impression of Elton John in Save Rock ‘N’ Roll is pure greatness!

And that point just leads me on to something that I loved about the night! The boys played a load of their old songs like Immortals, Irresistable, Thanks for the Memories, Dance Dance, and even Uma Thurman, and with a Kill Bill montage playing in the background, it made the experience all that more better!

They sung Centuries too, which is actually the theme tune for my bad guy in my WIP and also one of my favourite songs aswell!

They also played a lot of the new ones from their album ‘Mania’ like the Last of the Real Ones, Wilson, Champion, Hold Me Tight (Or Don’t) and they even performed Church as well, which was bloody amazing!

And, ofcourse, they had llamas!

(T-shirt throwing llamas)

In all, it was a bloody awesome night, and it just felt like it was over too soon… Everything about it was great and I have no qualms at all, but I wish I could just go again… And again… And again…

And; it sort of made me realise something. I’ve only ever seen these guys online or on TV, and I think you forget that their real people sometimes. That their actually… I don’t know… I really don’t…

I think I might still be a little star struck…

If you’ve never experienced a concert before – of your favourite singer, or band – do it. It can be expensive, but, with enough planning, you can do anything!

And, you can say that you’ve been there and got the t-shirt (literally or not).

This post is late for a Friday, but I spent the morning eating chocolate and shopping, and now I’ve been sat writing this post whilst watching movies and eating more chocolate!

What can I say? I turn 24 tomorrow, and, this week hasn’t been half bad!

Have you ever been to a concert or gig before? Or is there someone you’d love to see one day? I’d love to know!

Until then though,

Just Keep Writing,

Jade x

Day 7: My 12 Favourite Christmas Songs (12DaysOfBlogmas)

So, todays promptmas asks about which of your characters could sing, so, I thought I’d tell you my favourite Christmas songs!

  1. Wham – Last Christmas
  2. Tom Jones & Cerys Matthews – Baby, it’s cold outside (if this wasn’t here, I’d be a disgrace to Wales)
  3. Mariah Carey – Santa Claus Coming to Town
  4. Mean Girls – Jingle Bell Rock
  5. Brenda Lee – Rocking Around the Christmas Tree
  6. Sia – Santa’s Coming for us
  7. Shakin Stevens – Snow is fallin
  8. Dean Martin – Let it Dnow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow
  9. Michael Buble – It’s blBeginning to Look Alot Like Christmas
  10. Band Aid – Do they know it’s Christmas
  11. Gene Autry – Here Comes Santa Claus
  12. Judy Garland – Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas

What are you favourite Christmas songs?

Today’s prompt is:

For me, using characters from my ‘Tales of Monsters WIP’

There’s really only one of my characters that have any love of singing, and thats Url, one of the house guards at Telfawds manor house. Every night, you can find him singing old songs about fairies and dragons, and, he had wanted to run away to bard school before becoming a part of the leige Lords guard. .
Lauryn, being a Princess and being taught to sing can hold a tune, but she doesn’t enjoy it.

Harry, he can sing, but he has one of those throaty voices that only some people enjoy!

Derrick tries enough that he’s actually okay.

Tobin don’t sing.

Aran sounds a bit like a strangled cat when he tries to sing…

Gren does too…

I can’t believe that we’re already on day seven! There’s just six more sleeps until the big day!

I hope everyone is doing well!

Jade x

Can I Have A MP3 Player In My Medieval Fantasy Novel?

Because, if I could, the whole of Aramoor would be filled with the likes of Panic at the Disco.

My Kings would lead their processions with songs from Fall Out Boy, and rebellions would be lead by 30 Seconds to Mars!

Although, a particular one could only be led by the goddess which is Pink!

So, below, is a list of songs that currently inspire me to keep writing, and some have even inspired major story lines, as well as characters.

One song in the list below actually inspired a whole other story – or novella – about a certain person who only has a little bit of ‘air-time’ in the main quadrilogy, but their so desperate for their story to be writfen that I can’t not write it!

It’s gonna be a different take on the war Aran and Lauryn are facing, and I think, it’s gonna really help to set the scene (or expand it at least) and look at things from a different angle!

A Tale from Aramoor

Control – Halsey
Castle – Halsey
Mad Hatter – Melanie Martinez
Believer – Imagine Dragons
Thunder – Imagine Dragons
Whatever it Takes – Imagine Dragons
Sucker for Pain – Imagine Dragons
Young and Menace – Fall Out Boy
Last of the real ones – Fall Out Boy
Champions – Fall Out Boy
Centuries – Fall Out Boy
Firestone – Kygo
Emperors New Clothes – Panic at the Disco
This is Gospel – Panic at the Disco
I See Fire – Ed Sheeran
Heathens – 21 Pilots
Pompei – Bastille
Things We Lost in the Fire – Bastille
What About Us – Pink
Say Something – A Great Big World
Walk on Water – 30 Seconds to Mars
Edge of the Earth – 30 Seconds to Mars
Up in the Air – 30 Seconds to Mars

It will probably be added to as life goes on, but, for now, these are the songs I love because they helped to inspire me to write about this whole world, and I can never thank them enough for what they’ve done for me!

Anyhow, I’d love to hear what sound track you would pick for your novel! Or, if any of your characters have a sort of theme song!

Anyways, next Wednesdays blog post will be the start of my 12 Days of Blogmas, which I’m so excited about! But in the mean time, I’m hoping to have an unboxing of the November BookBoxClub out this Friday! It was a gorgeous box and I can’t wait to show it to you guys!

And, as always,

Just Keep Writing!