The Questions Of A Doubtful Writer (Or Every Writer)

Is it original?

Is it enough?

Has it been done before?

These are the questions that every writer asks themselves. Whether it’s before they start writing, right in the middle, or at the very end. Sometimes, all the way through the questions sit inside your head.

The worst thing is, is that the answer to those questions isn’t a nice one. Not usually. It’s probably not original, it’s probably not enough, and its probably been done before – in one sense or another. There are so many books nowadays, you’re going to find similar things, you’re going to find similar terms and quotes because there’s only so many ways you can put a sentence together, that you can weave the words in to.

But, do me a favor and disregard those horrible questions I asked you at the beginning. Just crush them in to a pulp, those questions that make you sad and want to give up, and replace it with the easiest to answer question of all!

Has this story ever been written by me?

I don’t think I need to tell you the answer, right?

What that author who’s written in the same theme or same context as you doesn’t have, is your inspiration, your mind, your thoughts, or your motivation. They don’t have the same relationship with you’re characters as you do.

It’s obviously hard not to compare yourself to that other author, or other writers in general. Comparing your progress to theirs and whether or not they got to the next step before you did even though you’ve been doing it longer, is just something you mind does to make you doubt itself, but perhaps it’s because your mind needs to be sure that you’re ready for this journey to commence.

I do it, I look at other writers and although, I feel, at times, that I’m never going to get where they are, I still feel happy for them, because, as writers, we have a duty to support other writers. Giving is so much better than receiving I promise!

But, back to the question at hand. That story in your head, whether you’ve started writing it or not, has something that no one else has, and that’s you, and you are one in a million, and are the only one that can tell it!

You are the only one who can write this story, and don’t let anyone else tell you otherwise!

Just keep writing,