When Hitler Stole Pink Rabbit! (Book Review)

Charming, funny and a bit frightening!

This is all the things this little book has in abundance!

I had no idea what to expect with it, I honestly just picked it up in a charity shop to make it to the four for a pound deal. I thought that maybe it would be quite dark, that terrible things might happen in it, a bit like the boy in the striped pyjamas. But, I was pleasantly surprised!

From the POV of a ten year old Anna, who is of Jewish descent living in Germany, with a dad who writes and publishes articles on the news, the family of four is forced to flee from their home before the Nazi’s take away their passports!

I was always worried that something bad was going to happen, and some times, little Anna built it up, and it just turned out to be something silly. Something children worried about, which I guess is quite adorable! It’s a lovely little refreshing read, and Judith Kerr paints the picture perfectly!

The only qualms I had was that there were so many names, I just had no idea who they were talking about half the time, and as I see it more as a children’s book than an adult read (although, I definitely recommend it to the adults of the world), I think it would be quite hard for a child to keep up with it all!

From some further research, I’ve found that this little book is actually semi-autobiographical, and Judith Kerr was the little Anna that fled her home from Berlin via Switzerland to escape to Paris and later England because her father was wanted by the Nazi’s!

The title comes from Anna having to decide which toy she wants to take on her journey, and she chooses a little woolly dog and leaves behind pink rabbit because she believes they’ll come back. This is followed by the Nazi’s repossessing their house, and all of what they owe, and thus making Anna believe that Hitler stole pink rabbit.

All-in-all, it’s a beautiful book, and not something I would usually read, but the smallness of it helped draw me in, and I will definitely be looking out for the other two books in her Out of the Hitler Time Series!


One Of Us Is Lying by Karen. M. McManus (Book Review)

One Of Us Is Lying is the mystery YA/Coming-of-age debut novel by the author Karen. M. McManus, and was June’s featured read in the Bookboxclub! (Find the unboxings here). It also made the New York Bestsellers list on the 28th June!

One of Us Is Lying is the story of what happens when five strangers walk into detention and only four walk out alive. Everyone is a suspect, and everyone has something to hide.

Following the Bayview four, during detention – Simon, Bayviews school gossip – is murdered; and a jock, a geek, a princess and the schools resident bad boy are all under suspicion, but which one of them are lying? All of them have secrets, secrets that could ‘ruin’ their lives, secrets that should have died along with Simon, but they haven’t.

A mystery thriller with all the suspense added, One Of Us Is Lying is both original and creative, and a different take on your usual who-done-it scenarios. It just grips you – even if you figure out the killer early – until the very end – easily a one-sitting book (if you don’t have to go to work that is).

I’ve not read many, if any crime/mystery novels, but I do enjoy TV shows like Lethal Weapon, Death in Paradise, Person of Interest, Sherlock Holmes and all the other sorts, so I’m quite good at putting things together, and if you’re clever enough, you will figure it out, but this book is more than just a mystery novel!

I really got a 13 Reasons Why vibe from it whilst reading it – a book I still have mixed feelings on –  I don’t know why, but I think if you liked that book, you’ll really enjoy this one. Karen managed to make the characters feel so real, so fleshed out, and so hindered by every day life, and worried about small things that shouldn’t really matter, but I feel like it just made it that more authentic.

There are some problems with it, but it’s too spoilery to explain, and there not problems, more like ‘negative views’ on certain things, but when your reading this, you just have to remember that kids nowadays are absolutely terrified of being ridiculed, of being different and teenagers and kids can be so much more worse than adults, it may not be the best to publicize, but it’s what really happens! It’s relateable, even if the whole thing does sound very cliche at first!

Overall, it changed my mind on crime novels, and I think I won’t be adversed to adding some to my tbr pyle! Karen. M. McManus is surely going to be full of great things and I can’t wait to be there for her next book, which is a YA thriller, hopefully coming out in 2018!


My Rating – 4.5/5


Karens Website

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End photo from the publisher – Penguin

Little Bit Of Magic – Wizards at War Unboxing

BookBoxClub May 2017

This post contains spoilers! If you haven’t received yours yet, make sure you wait, because it will feel much more magical if you do!
So recently, I received my very first BookBoxClubUK subscription box, and what a box to start on! I’ll be honest and say I was worried I might not like the book it came with, but I was pleasantly surprised, and from looking at previous boxes, I knew I would love all the little items it comes with because I love that sort of stuff!

So, the first thing you see when you open up the Wizards at War Box is this beautiful print introducing you to the box and the contents and where it comes from! I especially liked the loose stringy paper, and thought it was a nice and simple decorative effect!


The first thing you notice though, is the beautiful smell coming from the box! A sorting hat bath bomb from Scentd – that fizzles and pops in the bath and surprises you with the colors of your house and another little gift at the end (which I almost didn’t notice) – makes the box smell magical, and makes you smell magical too. It’s even personalised with your name which I think is a lovely touch, although, I am quite offended with the house I got…


The next thing I went to was the book at the back. It was what I was most excited, and most worried about, but I’ll be honest and say that it was so beautifully wrapped, I didn’t really want to open it!  However, curiosity got the better of me.


It is a beautiful hardback book by Sebastien De Castell, and it even has a signed print inside. I think that is such a nice touch, especially for people who admire authors, but won’t ever get the chance to meet them. The box also sports four tarat cards from the book itself and I’m honestly finding it hard to put it down!

The next thing I noticed and had been looking forward to since they did a supplier reveal was the item from The Potter Emporium. I was secretly hoping it would be a pin and I was not dissapointed. The lovely Albus Dumbledor, an exclusive pin to the BookBoxClub May Box.


After that, I got drawn to this lovely Darker Shade of Magic Print by Sip And Read. The print is textured and is just beautiful.


The next is this little notebook by Neon Magpie and it is the cutest!! Lord of the Rings is one of my favourite series (Movie series, I never managed to read the books – maybe one day I will) and this scene of Gandalfs is one of my favourites! And of course, for any notebook, you need some bookishly good pencils (which I hear could also double as wands with a bit of imagination).

A rolled poster that turned out to be the map from the Court of Rose and Thorns Series caught my eye next! I’ve heard so much about this series and seen it advertised all over Instagram, but I still haven’t picked it up yet! The next time I go to WHSmith, I’ll keep an eye out for it! Maps from TV, Book and Game Series are one of my favourite thing, and I currently have four on my wall right now, hopefully with the prospects of many more being added in the future.


The box also sported a little advertisement for ‘The Girl in Between’ by Sarah Carroll, which doubles up as a bookmark I am currently using to read SpellSlinger! There is some info about the book on the back and it looks quite interesting!


The box also includes a scroll inviting you to the Clubhouse for a Wzards at War book group with the author Sebastien De Castell, and a small interview with the man on his inspirations and motivations, and who he would choose to have with him in a zombie apocalypse. The guy seems like he’s got it all figured out!

Overall, the whole essence of the box was wonderfully magical, and if you loved the sound of it and aren’t subscribed yet, go ahead and order their June Box ‘Schoolroom Scandals’, and follow their Insta (bookboxclub) for supplier and future box theme reveals. If you love books and bookish items, you will love this box!

You can buy just a one month subscription, a three month subscription (which I choose to begin with) and a six month subscription. The longer the subscription, the cheaper the boxes get!

Sign up here!