Slow and Steady Still Gets You There

As of right now, I have three chapters of 47 that I’m happy with. And, I’ve been rewriting my manuscript since December.

Now, I’ve rewritten about thirteen of them, but, as the books developed that little bit more, the plot has changed. For the better, yes, but it means that those rewritten chapters are just that. Rewritten.

It probably doesn’t help that I thought I would rewrite it backwards at first, but I was so sure that the plot was done with, that I thought I was safe.

I should have known really. These characters keep me guessing right down to the last word, and I created them!

Still though, as this week particurlarly has gone on, I sort of realised something.

And that is that even though, I’m making slow progress, its stilll good progress! I’m taking my time, I’m falling back in love with this story I’ve been writing for (probably) far too long. And, it’s the best feeling ever!

It gives me that little bit of hope I need!

So, yes, perhaps you only get one chapter done this week, whether writing, rewriting or editing, but thats one more chapter done for now. Progress, of any kind is always good.

And that simple little phrase can relate to everything in our lives, whether its writing, painting, reading, jobbing, weight-losing/gaining or anything. Progress means your still going forward.

You have to remind yourself -everyday – that writing is an art that you have to practice, and practice, and practice. It doesn’t come naturally, its hard work.

So, even if you don’t finish that manuscript this year, if you don’t get that agent this year or you don’t publish that novel this year, just know, that as long as you keep progressing, never mind the snails pace, you will get there.

(I’m not saying you won’t, I’m just saying its okay if you don’t. Unless you have the chance to do this as a full time thing, it can be made so much harder – but it can also make you that little bit more determined)

And, a book has to be something that’s written with love, and not just something you give to the world because you want a book with your name on it.

We often live our lives at a hundred miles an hour, but, it’s not the way to go.

And, you have to remember another simple little thing – You can’t rush art!

So, until the weekend,

Just Keep Writing!

Jade x