Week 16/52 Writing Update: Thinking

So, this past week, all I’ve really written is this fanfiction I’ve been working on, which has actually been quite fun to do. I like writing first drafts, especially the fact that I can be so unorganised with it, it’s unreal.

Can’t be arsed with the chapter anymore?

Just start the next one!

That was my favourite thing to do during NaNoWriMo!

It’s a shame editing isn’t the same.

Although, I’ve also slacked on a few things this week too. I’ve been really bad at getting involved with the writing community over on insta, and I think it’s just been a mix of having no motivation and no inspiration to post anything, and then working over-time.

Which, after this week, hopefully, will stop for a little bit!

But, I have been considering going dark for a few days now, where in I just sort of just take a break from insta (and blogging too) just so I can get my s*** together and not feel bad when I don’t make a post date!

I wouldn’t be gone for very long I don’t think, and I wouldn’t be able to give it all up completely! I’d still be dropping by to read up peoples posts and stuff (although I’ll try to limit it), I I just wouldn’t have the pressure of posting myself.

I’m thinking of taking the month of May off as of right now, but whether it would be shorter is still TBD!

I’d still be writing though! Tales needs to get its arse kicked back in to gear and get out to beta’s before they all give up on me 😂

And, I obviously have this little side project as well – which is fun to delve in to! It’s really starting to take shape too, and, is gonna far succeed the 28k words of the last fanfiction I wrote (and actually complete).

I won’t be gone just yet though, so you still get to put up with ny rambles for a little bit longer, although, when I do come back, there are gonna be a couple schedule changes, but, I’ll worry about that later!

Anyway, just a ‘quickish’ check in with you guys today! I’ll see you on Wednesday!

Until then though,

Just Keep Writing,

Jade x