Humble Beginnings: A FanFiction Throwback

So, back in the day, when ‘Heroes’ was all the rage, I delved in to the wild and wonderful world of fanfiction.

Now, my writing wasn’t up to parr (at all), but, it was some of the first pieces of writing that I did that other people saw other than my parents. And, people actually read them. They actually followed the story from the beginning to the end – even though I look back at them now and cringe – but for me – and for everyone – it was such a motivator to keep going, and, it made me feel that little bit of hope that perhaps my own characters and my own stories could be just as interesting!

I started off writing a fanfiction about the characters from the ABC show Heroes (or was it CW?!?) and how they had some sort of adventure when they were all five and six (which they suspiciously forgot – obvs) and instead of save the cheerleader, it was save the birthday cake….

I started writing it in January of 2008. I would have been 14… Yeah… Save the birthday cake…

Well, after that was done, I did a couple more Heroes fanfics, and then, I even did what I thought season six of LOST would turn out like!

I think though, out of all of those fics I wrote in that first year or so of writing fanfiction, my favourite to write was a crossover between Heroes and Jurassic Park (subsenquently called Jurassic Heroes) and, although I can’t read it through – cause you know, the cringes are real – it had 23 chapters of some of my favourite plot lines ever!

The last time I updated that account was on August 07 2009, and, after losing the password (or the email address, I have no idea), I started another account in 2013!

As the result of a game hangover – which I’m currently suffering right now – I did my longest-running fanfiction ever! From January to November, with 18 chapters between then and there and round about 26k words (which is a lot in some cases, but my pacing has definitely bettered itself since), I wrote on this project until the fuel ran out and then I never even finished it…

I get reminded of it sometimes though. I have a memory stick that pops up every now and then, and I think, oh, I’m gonna see what’s on that, and chapter 18 is there like, hello! Remember me?

And the writing, compared to now anyway, still isn’t the greatest; but, I really tried to take the process that little bit more serious and I was going with the hype at the time – which was fine with me cause I loved it as much as everyone else – so that meant a bigher audience too.

And, it also let me dive in to character types that I hadn’t written about before.

The psychopathically insane kind.

And, that’s what made it all the more appealing to me.

Now, I’m gonna leave links here, but please, don’t read them. It’s just for me for if I ever feel the need one day to have another trip down memory lane and see if I can get further than the first chapter…

You can if you really want to… (But I don’t recommend it)

Jurassic Heroes

Fighting Insanity

Anyway, enough about the past& the whole reason for this little memory trip was because I’m currently writing another fanfiction! And, I haven’t actually decided whether I’m going to be publishing it anywhere or I’m just gonna write it for my own enjoyment!

I’m using the essense of a character I created in one of my own books -Lauryn from Tales of Monsters – and put them in to this completely different situation and, I’m just gonna go with the flow and try and develop them that tad little bit more!

I’m also using another character, from the fandom, to help me develop that character type writing process sort-of-thing because, in another series, which I planned and wrote a couple drafts of; a good, good while ago now, there’s this character that sort of needs the mindset that this character already has.

So, yeah. Whether that made sense. I don’t even know anymore…

Anyway, my other two projects are, sort of, on hold, for the moment. I just seem to have a lot of other things racing through my mind all the time, and I need to get it all done before I can finally sit down and work on it properly…

I have deadlines coming up soon too… And they all seem to feature around April 30th/May 1st so thats fun…

Any how, I need to go and do said things and stop thinking about doing said things, so,

Until next time,

Just Keep Writing,

Jade x