Slow and Steady Still Gets You There

As of right now, I have three chapters of 47 that I’m happy with. And, I’ve been rewriting my manuscript since December.

Now, I’ve rewritten about thirteen of them, but, as the books developed that little bit more, the plot has changed. For the better, yes, but it means that those rewritten chapters are just that. Rewritten.

It probably doesn’t help that I thought I would rewrite it backwards at first, but I was so sure that the plot was done with, that I thought I was safe.

I should have known really. These characters keep me guessing right down to the last word, and I created them!

Still though, as this week particurlarly has gone on, I sort of realised something.

And that is that even though, I’m making slow progress, its stilll good progress! I’m taking my time, I’m falling back in love with this story I’ve been writing for (probably) far too long. And, it’s the best feeling ever!

It gives me that little bit of hope I need!

So, yes, perhaps you only get one chapter done this week, whether writing, rewriting or editing, but thats one more chapter done for now. Progress, of any kind is always good.

And that simple little phrase can relate to everything in our lives, whether its writing, painting, reading, jobbing, weight-losing/gaining or anything. Progress means your still going forward.

You have to remind yourself -everyday – that writing is an art that you have to practice, and practice, and practice. It doesn’t come naturally, its hard work.

So, even if you don’t finish that manuscript this year, if you don’t get that agent this year or you don’t publish that novel this year, just know, that as long as you keep progressing, never mind the snails pace, you will get there.

(I’m not saying you won’t, I’m just saying its okay if you don’t. Unless you have the chance to do this as a full time thing, it can be made so much harder – but it can also make you that little bit more determined)

And, a book has to be something that’s written with love, and not just something you give to the world because you want a book with your name on it.

We often live our lives at a hundred miles an hour, but, it’s not the way to go.

And, you have to remember another simple little thing – You can’t rush art!

So, until the weekend,

Just Keep Writing!

Jade x

Finding Time Can Be Hard

If you love doing something, you’ll find the time to do it.

Of course you will, but that doesn’t mean you have to find the time everyday. Doesn’t even mean that you have to find the time every week. All it means is that you find time to do it somehow.

For me, lately, early morning and late evening work shifts have been zapping my energy completely! It started back in December, and next week, hopefully, I’ll be back to my early morning shifts and the evening shifts will be a past memory! Eventually, I’d like to change to the evening shift completely, but, that’s another story for another day!

Anyhow, although, I do write every day, whether it’s a little bit of story, it’s writing ideas or small bullet-pointed scenes in my notebook or on my phone, writing or bullet pointing blog posts, or writing emails reviewing and critiquing beta-reads! I’ve written, which I’m really proud off, but, more than not, all I can do is write down the ideas, and I can’t find the motivation to write anymore!

I have so many ideas for these blog posts, and I’ll start writing them, and by the end of it, I’m not even sure what I’m writing about anymore. Or my opinion changes because I write about it more, and then I feel like I need to look at in more detail and my brain just doesn’t want too!

I’ve only completed, maybe a chapter and a little since my last blog post for Tales of Monsters, but I have been doing a lot of beta-reading these first few weeks of the year, and I’ve really been enjoying it! It’s really helped me as a writer, as much as it’s helped the other person (hopefully), and the stories I have read, I think can really go places!

I’ve currently finished beta-reading two this year, one that was more of a novella, and the other which was a full-length part one of a novel which I can’t wait to continue reading because I need to know what happens! I also have one that I need to catch-up on!

Still, amidst that, I’m still trying to truck away at this rewrite of Tales of Monsters, and I’m really enjoying it! I’m enjoying what I’m writing and how it’s coming along, it’s just how slow it’s going that’s getting me.

At least I haven’t wanted to scrap it this week yet, although, I have decided to delete one of the characters completely, which means loads of fun for me that I really cannot be asked to deal with right now, and I’m sure I’ll change my mind when it’s all done and want to make his horrible face come back again.

Starting next week though, I’m really hoping that I can put a lot more in to my story writing, that I can get some blog posts done and scheduled, that I can read a bit more, and just finish up the rewrite so I can get it out to some beta-readers! It won’t be perfect, but I think the plot holes will all be fixed, at least.

I don’t know what I’m hoping for with it. I know there’s gonna be a load of flaws with it, I know there’s gonna be so many things people are going to be like, nope, nope, nope. But, I’m hoping it gives me that push to finish it. It’s such a big under-taking, and I’ve been stuck on this first book for so long now that I need to get on to the next ones. I’ll never give up on it, but, I know now, that, until I’ve drafted the whole lot of them, they won’t ever be ready, they won’t ever be fully plotted out until I’ve written the very last word.

Which I’ve come to terms with. I have other ideas I’m sure will make their appearance in the wider world much sooner than this one, but that’s fine, because I need to make sure this little baby is ready to go out into the big wide world, and, if that takes another few drafting and a numerous amount of beta-readers and opinions, that’s fine.

If it never get’s published, that’s still fine, because I started writing it for myself, and I’ll end writing it for myself too – if push comes to shove.

Diaries Of A Child Zombie Killer though, that’s something I think will be so much easier to get done, to get finished, and I’m hoping after this first round of edits (when TOM is out with betas), it’ll be readable enough that I can get it out to beta-readers before the end of the year! I already did it pretty good for NaNoWriMo, but, there’s just a chapter or two that I didn’t write in sequence that needs a quick fix before I’ll let other people read it!

I still swear that I will never write people as moany as Melanie and Al ever again! The word vomit, it worked so well for Nano, and it works so well for this book too.

Anyhow, this wasn’t much of anything really, was it… Just another little update I guess! I’m hoping though, on Friday/Saturday/Sunday (I’m not sure on the day just yet) will be a book review, what book, I’m not sure, but, it’s gonna be a review none the less!

Until next time,

Just Keep Writing (*even if it’s in your head as you slog away at that day-job*)

Jade x

Writerly Resolutions for 2018

So, I thought I’d share my official writerly resolutions for 2018!

If you read my first post of the year, you’ll know that this month, I plan on making Tales of Monsters beta-reader ready, but, I thought, to set the tone for my wednesday posts, I’d tell you about the resolutions I have!

I don’t have many, if any normal resolutions; other than to get me and my springer, Caden fit enough to take part in the tough mudder(with dogs) this summer. I don’t totally see the point of all that anymore, if I say I’m gonna lose weight and exercise more, stuff will come up and it’ll just make me feel bad!

So, I’ll have resolutions for things I know I’m passionate about, and what I want to do!

  • Get Tales of Monsters Beta Reader ready
  • Finish first draft of Tales of Ghosts
  • Detail some ins and outs of Tales of Serpents
  • Keep up with a bullet journal
  • Participate in Camp NaNoWriMo (April and June) – Edit DOACZK in at least one of them!
  • Participate in NaNoWriMo – Write ‘over and over again’ (title wip) or another DOAZK
  • Query TOM more – Getting published takes at least a year or so (especially if you go down the traditionalist route – lit agents, and then publishers aren’t known for their quick return rate – whether it ends up being a best seller or not)
  • Atleast two blog posts a week by the end of the year – Wednesday and Friday.
  • Think more about whether ‘TGOR&W’ can go anywhere
  • Write something everyday

So, there are mine! What are yours?

Until, friday?!?

Just keep writing,


How 2017 Saved My Writing

2017 saved my writing.

Before this year, I lost sight of it all. I day dreamed about it sometimes, but then, university, work, people, they all took me away from my writing, and in the end, I think I suffered because of that, especially towards the middle of last year.

It wasn’t so noticeable at first, not really, not in the first few years of universit. I did it every now and then, and that was okay for me.

It probably didn’t help that I kept it a secret from everyone though. I was embarrassed about it, mostly because I thought it would never amount to anything, that I wasn’t ever going to be good enough, that everything I read was so much better, so much flowier, so much more descriptive, so much more detailed than mine.

I didn’t stop it completely, I wrote here and there, on weekends when house mates were at home or stuck in their bedrooms, but it was never the same, and I was always on the edge of one of them walking through the door, seeing all the papers and asking me what I was doing.

Now, these people, their my best friends, and I couldn’t tell them what I did because I thought I would look stupid.

They know now, sort of, but it’s not exactly something we talk about.

Obviously, I didn’t give up ‘writing’ completely. I still had to write essays and assignments, and stuff like that, but I didn’t delve in to my own worlds as much as I needed.

It was just fact after fact, and research after research, and if I’m honest, it probably made me better at researching stuff, you know, for all those weird things in our search history – so thats a bonus!

But, let’s fast forward to this year, now. This year, it did something amazing for me.

It brought me back to my writing and to my stories. I don’t know how it started, or how it kept going on, but it did.

And, I think, this blog, as well as the writing and bookish community on instagram helped do that for me.

It helped me to take huge steps in my writing journey, maybe a bit prematurely, but it did.

I didn’t think I would ever have the balls to actually do it, but I now have three rejection letters because of it, and even though, their not necessarily something you or I want, it’s proof that I had the courage to send my manuscript to some agents, and that’s enough for me!

Also, this year, I finally managed to write the ‘Diary of a Child Zombie Killer’. It’s been on the back burner for a while and it needed it’s time to shine. Bless you NANOWRIMO, I never would have done it without you!

I also, finally, figured out where A Tale From Aramoor is going! It still needs work, it’s a big world, with a lot of characters and it needs time, but, it will get done. It will get beta ready, I promise!

This blog too, its made me think about things I hadn’t thought about before; it’s inspired things I never thought it could inspire, and, for the most part, I’ve posted at least once a week for the past tenish months.

This year, it’s been hard, other things have happened that have almost pushed me over the edge, but writing, even though it was hard sometimes, its been my staple. It’s made me proud of myself, its made me think that whether my writing is rubbish or not, I can’t wait to see my book on a shelf one day!

This year, despite all the bad, I found myself again. I made some amazing writerly friends, I’ve joined some amazing communities, and I can’t thank you enough for all being here, following on this crazy journey of mine.

Come to think of it, I think it was the people I met this year that helped me through it. So, thank you.

And, until next time,

Just Keep Writing,

Jade x

Day 3: When a Kings Knight Met a Red Nosed Reindeer (12DaysOfBlogmas)

Today’s post was inspired by today’s Promptmas post! And, I attempted to do a flash fiction.


That day, Ryan had decided to go on a small hunting trip in Pembrey forest to pass the time a tad. Everyone else was sat around at the manor, writing letters to Kings, reading books, carving wooden rabbits, picking flowers or welding swords. All of which he had no interest in.

Not to mention, he liked to be alone sometimes. The silence of the forest made him feel better, made him feel sane when the rest of the world were losing their minds. Here, it wasn’t that bad, the people here weren’t as crazy as they were in the fields of Cryers – despite claims against the old Lord.

So far, he’d caught a couple rabbits, scared off a pheasant or two by accident, but he hadn’t spotted any boars or deer yet. Although, he wasn’t really sure he wanted too. He hadn’t brought Bezel with him this time, knowing the horse would most likely bolt at the sound of a rustle after what happened last week.

Really speaking, Ryan shouldn’t have been out there by himself, but, if he peered through the thicket long enough – and in just the right place – be could see the manor, which would be his excuse when he got back.

The trees around him were already thick with snow, the ground covered in undisturbed white that broke apart under his boots.

He hated that as much as Aran did, ruining the snow after all its hard work to fall.

The feeling of eyes on the back of his head made him stop. He could hear something as well, a rustle here, the crunch of snow there. He turned his head, his hand steady on his bow to pull it to the front of him, but then he saw it.

He had no idea what it was at first. He thought someone had been holding a torch from far away, but it wasn’t fire, it was like an orb. Like a ball of glowy red.

And it was attached to a stags nose.

Its antlers were small, it told him it was was a young thing, but it had fluffy chest hair, almost like a white beard.

It was tentatively walking towards him. Ryan kept his position, wondering whether the thing was going to attack, but it didn’t. It stopped about three feet away from him and strained it’s neck towards him, it’s red nose twitching.

Everything about it, except the fluffy neck line and the bulbous red, glowy thing on the end of it’s nose, told Ryan it was a stag, but the nose looked as if it was changing color every so often, that it would dull and then brighten up again as it twitched, getting closer and closer to him.

It was like something out of one of Telfawds books, like one of those mythical creatures that wasn’t really mythical. He considered it for a moment; the look of the thing, maybe it was an infection or something, a tumor perhaps, and then, the distance from here to the manor, which he realised he couldn’t see anymore, even if he did peer.

The stag touched his hand with it’s nose and he jerked it back out of habit, but it had felt like a dogs, rough and wet and he almost thought that it was going to crouch down and wag it’s tail like one, but it just tilted it’s head instead. Ryan swore it grinned at him, but then he shook his head and rubbed his eyes and face, wondering if the thing really was real.

If it hadn’t looked at him so placid like, he may have just shot it straight away, but, instead, a comical chase between the two ensued. Dashing here and there so that Ryan could get a bit of noose around it’s neck to guide it back to the manor, at least just for Telfawd to see it and tell him why it’s nose was red, bulbous and glowing. He didn’t know if they would believe his words. And, the more he looked at it, the more he saw something else in it.

And, it wasn’t a monster or anything, so Aran couldn’t say that he was the one that brought the end of the world. That would still be on him.

Anyhow, after another dash and a chase, Ryan stopped and put his hands on his hips, taking a deep breath and looking up towards the sky, he thought about how dark it had got, which meant he’d probably been chasing this deer around for far too long already. It also meant that he might get lost, and then, maybe eaten by a redcap or a shellycoat, both of which he hoped to avoid.

After a few more moments, Ryan sighed, turned and pulled his bow from his back.

The poor thing had no idea what was happening, and Ryan shot it in the head, the arrow sliced through the stag’s skull, almost splitting it in two!

Ryan chucked the dead red nosed stag over his shoulder and took it back to the Lord.

But, by the time, he got back, the red glow was gone and it was just a regular old stag again. No one believed him, but still, they sat around the table with their venison and cheered to his catch!

I don’t know why I always jump to Ryan for these short stories. I wonder sometimes if there’s a reason for that though, like something underlining that perhaps I don’t know about just yet.

I know he has this gentle side to him, but, he’s also willing to do what needs to be done, and, really, is like the anchor to sanity that I think Aran is gonna need as these books go on. He’s definitely one of those characters to watch, unless he suddenly shows up dead if he goes looking for some more red nosed stags with fluffy neck lines.

I know the grammar is a bit all over the place, but I guess that’s what you get when you do one of these flash fictions things, and it’s a good exercise to get to know your own characters a bit too much!

Anyway! Thank you for reading!

And, remember, just keep writing!

Jade x

Day 1: 12 Days of Promptmas? (12DaysofBlogmas)

In just twelve days, it’s gonna be Christmas Eve!

And that means its day one of my 12 Days of Blogmas, and for day one, I want to introduce you to an idea I’ve thought of to make sure we include our own characters in the run-up to Christmas!

And, that is ‘12 Days of Promptmas

All it is, is that I’ve thought up twelve prompts (one for each day) that asks you to put your lovely characters from your finished novels or WIP’s in to Christmassy situations!

And, the best bit is, is that you can have as much fun with these as you want. You could write a couple sentences, a paragraph, a short story, it’s up to you! And, you could even mix up the characters a bit, you could have a character from your current WIP, and maybe a character from another!

Also, if your character list is a little sparse, you could even use a character from your favourite book! It’s completely up to you!

It also allows you to get to know your characters more by putting them in situations they’ve never been in and may never be in! And, if you publish it to the world, it means that your readers or potential readers can have an insight too!

At the end of each blog post, I’ll post the prompt, but I’ll also be posting them every day on instagram!

For the first one, it’s nice and simple!

So, I’m taking my 12 year old protagonist Mel, from my NaNoWriMo project (Diary of a Child Zombie Killer) and Aiden, my semi-sort of Antagonist from my fantasy quadrilogy (Tales of Monsters) and transporting them in to a winter wonderland without any zombies or monsters(if you don’t count Aiden).

So, my Aiden’s quite a serious character. He likes things done his own way, and any sarcasm just gets you killed.

Coupled with the fact that Mel can be one of the most sarcastic people ever, and that they argue over where the red baubles should go (because red is both their favourite colour); within minutes, the tree is burnt down and Mel is dead.

However, before Aiden can cut her head off and claim her soul and all that shizz, she reawakens as a zombie and eats him.

So, in all honesty, it doesn’t end well for either of them…

Anyway, I hope you have as much fun with it that I did!

And that you join in the fun! I have some awesome posts for this years ‘Blogmas’, and some awesome prompts too!

Just keep writing!

Jade x

What I Learned From NaNoWriMo

This post came a lot earlier than I expected, but, there’s no point holding it off! I beat NaNoWriMo on the 19th day of this month, and here, I give you the things I learned from my first proper attempt at NaNoWriMo.

I’m hoping, that somehow, this can help you get to your goals this month, and all the others months!

First, I’ll start with the most important lesson I learned!

  • Prepare Yourself!

And I don’t mean in terms of outlining. I did very minimal outlining before hand and planned it as I went (making me a bonafide planster). I mean mentally.

I choose to start by distancing myself from my then WIP Tales of Monsters, and then, I just sort of chilled out, read books (I read like seven books in October – that is like a record for me), took part in Pondiros #PonderingPrep on the instas, and briefly outlined the first few pages so I could get in to the story, and making sure I had something close-by to write on just in case I had a burst of inspiration (your phone works wonders for this).

  • Deadlines, wow!

I never realised how important, and useful deadlines were until NaNoWriMo happened, and I think, from now on, I’m gonna have to make deadlines for all of my stories! I think it also gives you the ability to give yourself more incentives to finish!

The next of which is getting Tales of Monsters ready for b=Beta Readers. Said deadlines bring me on to the next one!

  • Incentives

I’ve already done a blog post on my incentive to finish NaNoWriMo – which you can find here, but I think that it’s so important to have something that you look forward to at the end of it, and something that you’re not going to be able to put your full self in to because you’re still hung up on your NaNo WIP!

  • Pressure

I normally don’t do well under pressure. I can get really stressed out, you know, but the pressure of this kept me going! I didn’t think it would, I didn’t think it actually could, but, somehow, me and pressure came to some mutual agreement and the pressure of getting 50k of words out in 30 days helped get this thing done!

  • First Person Experiences

I don’t really work with first person narratives or perspectives, I prefer the whole third person perspective, but, for this story, it worked! I’ve used it before, but, usually, my novels have much more to them, and I just feel more secure using a third-person narrative (and it works better for both the story and the characters).

My NaNo WIP focuses on the thoughts, feelings and ramblings of a twelve-year-old girl , and a forty-year-old man who reads her diary, so, first person obviously works much better for that sort of story!

And, the experience with my forty-year-old diary readers first person shananigans actually brings me to my next point!

  • Don’t be Afraid of Change!

Whether you’re a plotter, a plantser or a pantser, don’t be afraid to change the way somethings is going, or to mix it all up. About 20K words in, I changed my diary readers perspective from third person to first person (present tense), which, eventually, I realised I needed to do. It made it easier to write, and flow. And that’s what NaNo needs, you need to make it easy for yourself!

  • Get Support!

Whether it’s from family, friends, writing groups or buddies on the interwebs, support from someone else will remind you how well you’re doing, and that you can keep going even when it all looks like it’s gonna fall apart!

  • The Story

This is also another important lesson that I learned. The story I wrote felt like it wanted to be written. And I think that is essential in something like this. It doesn’t mean that everyday, you have to meet your word count goals, but it will mean that you’re more determined to keep going, to keep writing.

  • Word Vomit!

Word vomit was my best friend this month. NaNo says that quantity equates to quality, and I’m really hoping that rings true, because that’s what I felt like most of the paragraphs were, but then, the story itself, gave itself to word vomit, so, if anything, hopefully that helps!

  • No Editing!

I shouldn’t have to say this! It’s a first draft, you have to remember that! But, it’s definitely a train of thought that you have to prepare yourself for. If you’re being a traditionalist, just write it. If you don’t like a paragraph you just wrote, leave it in there and rewrite it, or, just leave it and go on to the next bit! Words, word and more words!

  • No High-end Formatting!

So, throughout the whole thing, I have two different kinds of formatting. That’s italics and highlighting! The highlights are for all the passages in the book that are completely out of place, and the italics is to distinguish between twelve-year-old thoughts and forty-year-old thoughts!

Also, that’s another thing, don’t worry about how mixed up chapters and passages are. Just get the words down on the paper, and you can edit it all later!

  • Look After Yourself!

So, you want to reach this amazing goal, but, you can’t do that if you neglect yourself. Make sure you eat well, and sleep well, and go outside every once in a while (or at least have a window open).

I actually started volunteering at my local dogs trust, so, other than work, I got to go outside and distance myself from my writing for a little bit!

  • Pace Yourself

Don’t write yourself out! Don’t write until your inspiration is gone. What I did, which I found really helped was, I stopped at a certain point in each day, and then did bullet points of what I wanted to happen next. It meant that I was able to go back the next day, and be able to continue where I left off immediately, and sometimes, when writers block came to visit, I was able to just expand on my bullet points until the story came.

  • Swapping The Screen For a Notebook

I had to do this a few times, and, it helped so much! Especially when my eye’s felt like they were about to fall asleep, or after I’d had a long day at work! The only thing is, you have to count the words up afterwards!


I really think this can apply to NaNoers, and just writers in general. And, I think that if I can apply this sort of process to my other first drafts in the future, it’s going to be so much easier!

What you need to remember though is this is what I had to do to get through NaNoWriMo, and it’s only by attempting something like that, that you will learn what you need to do to better and improve yourself!

Everyone is going to have a completely different experience, except for the whole, this story isn’t going to work thoughts, and the it doesn’t sound right sort of feelings, and to that, I say, there is a reason you started writing what you did. Perhaps it’s not the right story for right now, perhaps something else is itching to get out, but, there’s a reason you started it. Never forget that.

So, to sign off, to my fellow NaNoers, and fellow writers, I might be done with this November challenge, but I’m still here for you guys, to the end and beyond!

Just Keep Writing

Jade x




My Incentive To Finish NaNoWriMo

It’s the end of week two of NaNoWriMo, and I’m currently at 31,616 words!

And, joined with the fact that the story feels quite easy to write about, because I’m trying to pace myself with it, I also gave myself a little incentive to get things done, and all that is, is the ability to go back to my fantasy world and write some more tales!

Tales of Monsters has been sat on my hamsters cage for the last 15 days (lying dormant for maybe an extra five before the 1st November), and all I’ve done is look at the title page! I’ve tried to do it so that I wouldn’t work on it at all, during November, and that would be fine, if I could think about anything else, but that. The inspiration doesn’t want to stop coming, and at least, once a day, I’ll get inspiration from a situation, a piece of dialogue or a re-write of a scene I didn’t know needed re-writing!

I had an idea for a scene re-write the other day, and it added like this whole sort of new concept to it. It’s nothing major, it’s even front and center in book two, but it adds something else to the first one, and it has to be suttle and raw and the beginning of maybe something that could happen, which also, may or may not end in disaster.

Anyhow, I thank the world for my phone. Without it, all them poor little ideas would be lost forever!

I honestly thought it would be a relief to get away from something so big and mind-confudling, and perhaps, it was for the first few days that I stared at it from across the room, but it didn’t last. Part of me think my own brain is trying to test me, to see if enough inspiration for something else will veer me of course with my current writing, and so far, other than jotting down a few words on my phone when I get a bump of inspiration, the folder on my laptop has stayed closed and so has the file!

And, I think, what I’ve learned during NaNo is going to benefit Tales much more than I could ever imagine it would! Even though the perspectives, even the style and obviously setting and some of the themes are different, I feel like once I get back to Tales, I’ll be able to make it in to so much more, and when it gets given to beta-readers, hopefully, in the new year, they might actually like it!

Anyway, a nice short post today for you guys! I need to get back to writing (and so do you)!

NaNoWriMo tip?

Just Keep Writing.

Even when you have no idea what to write about, write about the fact that you have no idea what to write about, you’ll never know what you’ll come up with!

Or, make your characters really moany, and hormonal, and grumpy, and they can ramble as much as they want! Words are words!

Jade x

My Characters Don’t Know What They’re Doing Half The Time

These last few weeks, as I been going through my manuscript, I’ve been thinking a lot about the personal journeys all my characters are going through. Some have nice cushy lives until some unexpected guests turn up, and some have been thrown in to the wilderness to survive and hope for the best… Half the time, they have no idea what their doing, even experienced Knights have no idea what their doing. I do, I know what their doing and what they need to do, but I hope with this indecisiveness, that somehow, I’ve been able to make my characters feel more real!

For me (and most people, whether your young or old), I still don’t have any idea what I want with my life, not truly. I obviously want to publish books and all that, but there’s a large chunk of my life that I don’t know where its going… Just like my poor characters!

In most of the books that I’ve read, the characters, I don’t think, have enough indecisiveness in their lives and I think it’s really important that they do. I think more characters need to not have a clue what they want, they may have something their given, or are heir too. Say a prince or a princess. But, I want my characters to question these things, to say. ‘Perhaps I don’t want to be one… Perhaps I do… Maybe… Well… I don’t know’

I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with character knowing what they want, perhaps they know it straight away, and that’s fine. My main antagonist knows what he wants, he knows – just about – how to get it and he’s determined to do it. His reasoning may not be the best, especially for some of the things he does, but, at the end of the day, he does have his reasons, and to him, their true.

In my WIP, my characters are all changed by the end of it, some for the very worse, some for the better, but, for a good chunk of it, their not sure what their supposed to do. They don’t know who to trust, or who to follow, or even if they trust themselves. Some get really depressed, and some contemplate killing themselves. Some just walk in to a forest full of monsters and never come back (this happened, and I cried, because I didn’t realise it needed to happen until I edited it, the scene still makes me feel sad now, and it’s been a few months).

So, I guess, it’s a trait of many people in real life that doesn’t always seem to cross over to books, or stories so much. I know it can be a bit frustrating the character not knowing what they want to do, or be, or where they want to go; even when it’s really obvious to the reader, but, the whole point of a book is making this world you created some-what believable, and I think it’s a great way off adding this realistic part to it…

At the end of the day, you know what you want your characters to do, even if they don’t, and your job is to put them through all their trials and tribulations and learn with them; learn what they like, what they fear, how they deal with different things. It’s okay if they changed their mind half way through, perhaps they won’t be that hero you wanted them to be, or they won’t be that sort of villain that you planned, but that’s just the joys of writing a book isn’t it?

You can plan the whole thing, and have a completely different plot by the time you type the end…

What traits do your characters have that make them that little bit more realistic? I’d loved to hear them!

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Writing: A Letter To My Protagonist

I got a lot of things to apologise for…

I saw that Readtolivetowrite did this because of M.A.Ryan and I wanted to give it a go!

I actually have two main protagonists in my current WIP, but I decided to write it to the one who started it all off for me. I’ll probably do a second one for Aran because it’s nice to be able to explain yourself, and apologise for all the lovely and horrible things you do them! I recommend that everyone does this! It was so fun! And if you do, please tag me so I can see them!

So, here goes!

Dear Lauryn

Before anything else, I just want to get one thing clear. I love you, even if the rest of the world won’t, and I don’t mean the one your in. I think readers are going to find you a bit annoying, we won’t know for sure just yet, and I hope they love you as much as I do, but with whats to come, let’s not bank on it. Anyway, you were the first character to pop in to my head and the one I’ll always love the most.

You are not anywhere near the heroine of the story, but your not the damsel in distress either, you are the girl in between. And, from the start, I knew you felt helpless, sad, scared, betrayed, and you still do now, but after all I’ve thrown at you, you still manage to hang on. Your so good at finding them little pieces of happiness, or meaning, and I admire that about you.

Whatever I put you through, just know that it’s done for a reason. I need to see as much as ‘she’ does – even though you don’t know who ‘she’ is yet – if you can do this. Will you be able to fight something your going to lose, will you be able to keep going when everyone else leaves you?

I think you can. And I think that despite the comfy life you had, the one without any problems (except the ones the outside world never saw), the one fit for a Princess, that in the end, you might find the adventure I give you a bit more fulfilling than the life you might have had.

There is much more to come, many more trials, heart ache, death, loss, murder, fire. It’s all coming for you, but just try and hold on to yourself, to your friends, to the people that matter, because in the end, they may be the only ones that can save you. Although, you’ll have to do a lot of saving yourself before that moment comes to pass.

I know it’s easier said then done, and I left you sad, broken and unable to forget the list you created in your head. But keep that list Lauryn, wear the names of those you failed and make armour out of it, make it so they mattered. It doesn’t have to be just yet. I know it’s still raw; but you have to show your gratitude to the people who gave their lives to save yours.

I won’t take everything from you, I can promise that, but I don’t know if you will ever forgive me for the things I do.

Your life isn’t going to get any easier, but I think you can find a way to be happy, to keep going when you feel like it’s all lost. I believe in you, and I always will!

A bit of advice though. There’s no point going through life holding grudges on those who did you wrong. There’s no point worrying about the past because you can’t change it. There’s no point worrying about the future because it hasn’t happened yet. You need to live in the here and now, and give chances to those who may have been swayed by something they truly believe in…

Good luck Lauryn…

Love your biggest fan,