I Lost My Internet (And I almost didn’t survive)

Well, the title’s a tad dramatic, but still…

I thought I’d be fine. I thought it was what I wanted.

It’s not. Not like that.

I wish I could say that it was invigorating, and, don’t get me wrong, aspects of it was. If anything, the best thing to come from it was a library card! And, perhaps a sudden urge to buy all the Marvel Cinematic Universe films on DVD and have a Marvelathon… Now, all of that was fun as hell! And, I re-found my love for Iron Man (which both my brother and best-friend tried to take away from me…) and of course, Thor…

And, yeah, I spent time playing games – and finally finishing Bioshock Infinite, and I spent some more time writing up some fanfiction, which, in turn, has given me so many more ideas for my own novels, it’s kinda crazy, but yeah.

But, I think it was the sudden loss of internet that hit me. The fact that I couldn’t go back to it if I wanted, and, that it happened just after – literally the day after guys – I decided to spoil myself and get XBOX Gold after, like, two years of not having it…

And, although, I missed being able to go on Instagram – mostly just to see what other people are up to with their writing and lives, (I’m already fazing out of Facebook so that really never bothered me), I missed being able to ask google all those stupid questions I need to know.

You know the ones… The ones that make your internet history look a little dodgy…

And, now I have it back. Other than realising how much I missed being able to listen to songs on YouTube in the background whilst I write in bed, I haven’t even used it all that much… Not really…

I’ve kept up with my Marvelathon. I have, like, five movies left to watch and I’ll be all ready to get Black Panther when it comes out on DVD in June, and, I’ve googled my weird questions, but, I haven’t used it like I did before.

And maybe that’s a good thing… And maybe it’s also a bad thing because I’ve had the internet back since last week and this is my second blog post of the month…

And, somehow, despite the fact that I have perfectly good internet in my house, I’m sat in the library writing this.

Well. Yes. Logic, right?

Anyway, I’m gonna attempt to catch up on all your guys posts, and write up a few that I’ve been needing too!

Until then though guys,

Just Keep Writing,

Jade x

Week 16/52 Writing Update: Thinking

So, this past week, all I’ve really written is this fanfiction I’ve been working on, which has actually been quite fun to do. I like writing first drafts, especially the fact that I can be so unorganised with it, it’s unreal.

Can’t be arsed with the chapter anymore?

Just start the next one!

That was my favourite thing to do during NaNoWriMo!

It’s a shame editing isn’t the same.

Although, I’ve also slacked on a few things this week too. I’ve been really bad at getting involved with the writing community over on insta, and I think it’s just been a mix of having no motivation and no inspiration to post anything, and then working over-time.

Which, after this week, hopefully, will stop for a little bit!

But, I have been considering going dark for a few days now, where in I just sort of just take a break from insta (and blogging too) just so I can get my s*** together and not feel bad when I don’t make a post date!

I wouldn’t be gone for very long I don’t think, and I wouldn’t be able to give it all up completely! I’d still be dropping by to read up peoples posts and stuff (although I’ll try to limit it), I I just wouldn’t have the pressure of posting myself.

I’m thinking of taking the month of May off as of right now, but whether it would be shorter is still TBD!

I’d still be writing though! Tales needs to get its arse kicked back in to gear and get out to beta’s before they all give up on me 😂

And, I obviously have this little side project as well – which is fun to delve in to! It’s really starting to take shape too, and, is gonna far succeed the 28k words of the last fanfiction I wrote (and actually complete).

I won’t be gone just yet though, so you still get to put up with ny rambles for a little bit longer, although, when I do come back, there are gonna be a couple schedule changes, but, I’ll worry about that later!

Anyway, just a ‘quickish’ check in with you guys today! I’ll see you on Wednesday!

Until then though,

Just Keep Writing,

Jade x

Week 15/52 Writing Update: Fanfiction!

So, yeah, this week, the only writing I’ve done is fanfiction writing. Which, I guess, is better than nothing, right?

I saw once, that, not many people admit to writing fanfics. But then, the only fanfics you seem to here about is ones including real life people like Liam and Harry from One Direction being secretly in love with each other.

Obviously, there’s a lot more to it than that. There are fanfics for almost every single book, movie, tv show, comic and video-game ever created. Whether it’s a one-shot or multiple chapters.

And, for a lot of writers, those peices were some of the first things they ever got real feedback on from readers. Whether they were absolutely terrible, or absolutely brilliant. There are people willing to read it because they loved the book/movie/tvshow/comic/game just as much as you did.

And, I think that’s pretty awesome…

I also think it gives you a platform to develop your skills as a writer without having to put that much research in to it all. It also gives you a chance to better your character development skills too!

I’ve only properly written about 4000 words of an actual storyline, but its words I might not have wrote at all if I hadn’t started it!

I think it’s also just gonna be a fun little side project that I can enjoy when Diaries and Tales get a little bit too much for me!

Have any of you guys delved in to writing(or reading) fanfiction before?

I wrote quite a lot of it back in the day, and, I’m hoping to do a throwback on Wednesday on some of my favourite (and awful) fanfiction stories from back then!

Until then though guys,

Just Keep Writing,

Jade x

Week 14/52 Writing Update: Achievement Get: Procrastination

So. I’ll be honest. I haven’t really worked much on my camp nanowrimo project this week.

I’ve rewritten about 4k words and I’ve played Far Cry 5.

I been out exploring the fields of Montana! And taking down a doomsday cult and all the rest!

It’s not much of a surprise really. I knew it was going to happen and I’m kind of just accepting that.

For the week to come, I don’t know how the writing thing is gonna go. I’ve finished Far Cry – so I don’t really have all that good of an excuse.

I do have some extra hours at work though, and, as much as I think that I’ll be able to sit and get some words down whilst I’m there, my boss loves to give me the things to do that the people I’m covering never do. Because they lazy.

But, thats a rant for another day. At least I don’t get bored. I just die of dust inhalation instead.

If anything this week, I should find time to read! (I got like eight new books from the books fair, so I definitely need to start putting a dent in my TBR shelf).

This doesn’t include the ones I put aside to read for the 25in5 readathon that I just never started, and the two new books being delivered today! Although, one’s a game guide and the other is just novella size so that’s not too bad.

As long as I can get in to the groove of reading, I’ll be fine, but then, it means the groove of writing falls away….

Although, this week, I did finish beta-reading one of the manuscripts I have, and now, all I have to do is finish filling in the survey. And, I have the second part of another that I can finally get in to as well! So that will be fun!

I also have at least one other blog post planned for this week, and it will most likely be me rambling on about Far Cry 5, giving all the spoilers and figuring out if I can make my antagonist just as great as theirs are!

Anyhuw, I hope any of my fellow campers and non-campers have had a slightly better writing time than me!

Until next time,

Just Keep Writing,

Jade x

Week 12/52 Writing Update: Or Life Update More Like

So, surprise, surprise, I haven’t done much writing this week…

And, if you read my last weeks writing update, you’d know that my laptop died a death and things got lost, and I was sad.

And, this last week, I’ve also had crazy shifts. Like, start at 4am, finish at 7pm, go home, have tea and go to bed…

(Me and my mum also saved an abandoned baby cactus! We’re hoping that he survives his transition in to a new pot at the moment! Fingers crossed)

I have been getting some reading in though!

I started reading the Divergent series! Book 1 was read in two days, and book 2 was read in two days as well, and I’ve just started reading book 3!

I’ve also beta-read some too! Perhaps not in the way I planned too – I usually like to add little comments as I go along, but neither my phone or tablet let that happen, so I’ve had to just write it out in an essay type form!

For this week to come, I don’t see much writing happening at all!

There will be some blog posts though! I’m going to Chester Zoo and a Fall Out Boy concert, so I’m bound to get some inspiration from them to write a few words for you guys. And, if not, I have some already prepared that I can throw out there if need be!

And, on Saturday, I’ll be turning twenty-four too! Let the birthday week commence!

What are you up to this week?

Until then though guys,

Just Keep Writing,

Jade x

This is my newest aesthetics board for Tales of Monsters and I just thought I’d show it off here too cause I like it so much!

Week 11/52 Writing Update: Just Keep Writing

So, this week, it started off great! I got through writing a scene that was really hard to write – in the sense that it finally actually made sense – and then my laptop died, and I lost it all…

So, now, I have no laptop, no current draft, and I cried…

The worst thing was, I was essentially fine with Tales of Monsters – which won’t be going out to beta-readers this month now – because I knew I had some sort of old draft saved on a memory stick, and I do have the printed version before the current in a file in my bedroom, but damn, if I had actually lost my nanowrimo project from 2017, I would never be able to pull myself to write it ever again.

Melanie and Al would just be two characters that got lost in the inter webs and never seen again.

But, alas, the genius that I am – only sometimes (probably less than sometimes) decided that I would save it on my memory stick on the 19/11/2017. The day I actually finished writing it.

Although, for all I know, the file might be corrupted because my mums laptop won’t open it…

I’m hoping though, if anything, the place I’m gonna phone tomorrow will be able to save it – and the obvious hundreds of photos I might never see again…

So, yeah, great week, even had a nandos, even read John Greens Paper Towns, it even snowed again (yay), but yeah, it didn’t end too well.

So, this week will either include me rewriting said draft on this tablet I write on now or, continuing my current draft on my laptop which hopefully gets fixed some time this week; or I have to buy a new laptop and hope that if they can’t fix it, they can atleast save my hardrive.

I think, if anything, a new laptop is on the cards, but when that will happen, I don’t know.

If anything though, it has just assured me even more that this writing thing is definitely what I want do – because the doubts lately have been a bit too much – but now I’m sure.

Thankfully, I have some blog posts all ready to go! Their just bookish unboxings, but, their both fun and I might throw in this book review I’ve been meaning to finish and publish – which will go great with my little beta-reader series because it’s one I beta-read!

What kind of blog posts are you planning this week? I’d love to hear about them!

But, until then guys,

Just Keep Writing,

Jade x

P.S. Neither my phone or tablet tells me of my spelling mistakes so please forgive me if there are any!

Week 9/52 Writing Update & Favourite Quote Of The Week!

This week, I’ve been getting even closer to my goal of finishing my current ‘Tales of Monsters’ draft ready for beta-readers to get later in the month!

Currently, I’m adding in an extra chapter so that my change in ‘POV’s’ don’t look as if I’ve completely forgot about my ‘homebody’ group!

At first, I was worried that you would notice that it was just extra – maybe just filler, but it’s let me add a little more depth and knowledge to these characters!

For example, my main guy has finally released the reason to me for his inability with girls, although, below the surface, he’s fighting a harder war that even a man obsessed with monsters might not truly get!

And my monster mad Lord is also being all nice and upbeat, and himself, which, he didn’t really have time to do before the storm starts to arrive, and it’s nice to see this happy, jokey side to him that he always was, but you would never have really saw.

The only thing is, the more I write, the more this word count climbs. It’s at about 130k words now, and I still have to add some more.

Tales of Monsters definitely won’t ever be my debut novel – whether I’m lucky enough to get an agent, or I self-publish, the word-count will be too great, too much off an ask, or even a risk – especially if I went the self-publishing route.

Although, maybe that begs the question – should you give readers a taste of it first (with the average sized debut novel) or just throw it all at them and hope for the best?

Maybe that’s not a debate to get in to just yet…

Anyway, in the week to come, I’m hoping to finish off this chapter, finish off a final one I decided needed a rewrite, and put it all in to the beta-reader document!

And write-up that beta survey I just keep scribbling notes for in my journal!

To finish off this blog post, which hopefully, I can get out every monday for the weeks to come, I’m gonna share with you one of my favourite lines that I rewrote/edited?!? this week!

‘Maybe they should have killed the men that were walking away from them; but in a world with so much sorrow, hate and fire, did hope not make you wish that not every man coloured as the opposition was a villain’.

And, I’d love to know what word-count your at, and what word-count you think a debut novel should get too!

Until next time though,

Just Keep Writing,

Jade x