Day 12: The Christmas Eve Wrap-Up (12DaysofBlogmas)

It’s Christmas Eve, the day before the day we’ve all been waiting for, and, wow, has it been a crazy week or what!

So, my morning was spent helping out my local dogs trust, and then, I came home, got in to my pajamas (at like 10.40am) and watched ‘The Santa Clause’, one of those classic films you just can’t miss out on! It’s one of those that really warms your heart, and is definitely one of my favourites!

However, following that, instead of watching HP & The Chambers of Secrets like I wanted to, the brother had to be picked up from work; and it was the last time I could get out to the shop before they all closed! The worst thing was, that it meant I had to get out of my pajamas!

Anyway, at the shop, a last minute present was bought, a pack of batteries for brothers ”mouse trap” present was bought and some chocolate, because, why not! I also got some baking paper, which, after yesterdays fiasco with the poor ‘thing’ I tried to create, it’s most certainly needed!

Back home, (and back in my pajamas) the presents were wrapped and put under the tree, and the baking commenced! Using the big old cook book, I created something that resembles a chocolate yule log!

A lot of breakages happened, but, with enough cream, and chocolate icing – the bit where it sort of broke in to three pieces, was fixed – and it actually came out looking like a log fo a tree!! A pale one, but still a log! It might not look completely right, but everything tasted good on it’s own, so I’m sure, that when it’s cut in to tomorrow, it’ll taste amazing!

Here’s hoping anyway.

I may have put a little bit too much chocolate in to it…

It’s Christmas, you can never have enough chocolate, right?

But, anyhow, the presents are done, the food that needs to be defrosted is being defrosted, the cheesecake set beautifully! And, I spent the day in my pajamas watching movies!

Anyway, the last twelve days of this Blogmas have been crazy! I had most of it planned out, but, the last few days got rough and posts got rambly! I guess that’s just Christmas for you though, right?

I had more plans and more blog posts for this whole thing, but, nothing really went to plan, and I guess, if anything, there’s still next year, isn’t it!

If anything, its been fun! I’ve enjoyed making myself write a little everyday, if anything, it proved to myself that I could do it!

Although, my book has suffered these last few weeks! I’ve worked on it in some way a little everyday, and I’ve even wrote two short stories about it! One, I posted on here for Day 3 of Blogmas, when Ryan met Rudolph, and another – that’s still in my drafts – and concerns Url and his want to runaway to bard school, both of which were inspired by my 12 Days Of Promptmas prompts! Which I think have been the funnest to do! It’s made some of these blogmas posts so much easier to do!

It’s also let me get to know my characters even more than I thought I could, and I think, if anything, it’s kept my mind on them when the reality of Christmas is trying to take me away from it!

Today Promptmas (and the last one) is:

My characters would most probably resent the fact that they had to invite me in the first place! I’m not nice to any of them, and they’d probably try to poison me with wine or something like that!

But, say I did survive the whole initial thing. I would see Derrick, Tobin and Rhys (who are the least likely to poison me with turkey, thank god) cooking the food, Mel would probably be trying to help, but most likely, she’d just be sat there scoughing her face with chocolate!

As for presents, apart from a knife in the back (or the front, depending on the character), I might get some that don’t include trying to kill me!

Lauryn – A story she’s written

Aran – A drawing of some animal

Harry – The ‘dagger’. (I’m sorry Harry, it’s not real if that makes you feel better, it’s just a story, you’re not real either)

Albert – A book, probably a memoir cause he likes them

Mel – A fruit bar, because it’s the only thing she’ll give up

Jerry – A cloak, a real nice, fine one as well, because he likes them little luxuries

Rhys – He thinks himself a story-teller, so I guess, he’d really enjoy telling me a story. (Whether this story includes my death is another post for another day)

And, just for the sake of it, here are the eleven other Promptmas prompts!

To end this off, I hope your all ready for Christmas, and that the rest of the eve is spent drinking hot chocolate, eating food and watching movies! Or, if it’s nice and hot where you live, that you’re sitting by some pool with a beer or a coke!

I’m gonna end mine with the Anchorman! The Legend of Ron Burgandy!

Until next time,

Just keep writing,

Jade x

Day 11: Rambling Rambler (12DayOfBlogmas)

So, it’s the day before the day before, and you know when you have plans and they never really go to plan?

Yeah, thats what my days been a bit like again! But, at least, I’ve now got all my Christmas presents bought and wrapped, minus some I never ended up finding, so, it’s not been too bad of a day!

My shopping fails, today, included not finding said item for brothers girlfriend anywhere! Although, we did come across one shop that had it, but it was a ‘real’ one and not the sort of one she wanted!

And, trying to find Crooked Kingdom, now! That was quite entertaining! This poor guy was walking around WHSmith trying to find thisbook whilst trying to find another book for someone else, and, in the end, when we could hear him walking up and down the stairs all around us, he came back and told us they didn’t have it!

I’ll get it cheaper online than if I’d picked it up in a store, but I think, thay sometimes, it takes away from like, the authenticity of things, you know?

So, back home, I also attempted to Nigella Lawson it up with a Chocolate Yule Log, and it failed miserably!

Seperating eggs and whipping whites to soft peaks is no fun! Especially when it comes out of the oven a gooey sort of burnt and a film of crisp cakery laid over the top of it!

Safe to say, it went in the bin, and tomorrow, we’re gonna get out the big guns (by which I mean my mums oldest recipe book) and just listen to the professionals before Lawsons time.

However, I think all the wrapping I did today also fried my brain a little!!! It just never felt like it was going to end, and I’m already bad at it! Thank God its all done now! I don’t think there’s anyone else I have to buy for! (Until tomorrow comes and my list suddenly apears again)

So, tomorrow will be filled with chocolate yule logs, caramel cheesecake (which will determine how bad a day today was with how set it is).

Anyway, before I successfully drop my phone on my face, I’m gonna get to bed! Sorry for the rambly post! I had an awesome idea for what I was going to write today; but I guess theres always next year! Right!

I’d choose Rhys, the most righteous character from my nano project DOACZK, and Aran, the most righteous character from ‘Tales Of Monsters’ because I think their the only ones who would feel bothered about how all them poor kids felt when they woke up on Christmas to no presents!

Who would you choose!

Until tomorrows blogmas wrap-up! It’s good night from me!

Days 6: 12 Things I Love About Christmas (12DaysOfBlogmas)

It’s just seven more sleeps until the big day, and, considering today’s ‘Promptmas’ post is about which of your characters most resemble the Grinch, I thought I’d show my ‘ungrinchiness’ and tell you 12 of the things I love about Christmas!

  1. Brussel Sprouts – They are my absolute favourite! I would eat them everyday if my mum let me (but she won’t). When I move out though, I will happily live of them forever!
  2. Christmas Lights – One of my favourite things to do at Christmas is to go and search for Christmas lights!
  3. Christmas Films – I would watch them all day if I could! I probably will when I finish work for the holidays!
  4. Pigs in Blankets – If you don’t know what these are, their sausages wrapped in bacon! I’m not the biggest pork fan, but, my mum makes her own, and their gorgeous!
  5. Decorating The Tree – I think this is one of them things that really puts everyone in the mood for Christmas! And, I can spend ages trying to rearrange the baubles! This year, we have quite a messy looking tree, but it’s messy enough that it kind of looks quite good! And it does have a sort of red and gold theme going on about it that really works!
  6. Time Off From Work – Thankfully, I’m lucky enough to be one of those people who get a long weekend this Christmas!
  7. Family Time – My family also get a long weekend, except my poor brother who works in retail! But, yes, Christmas, I think, really revolves around spending time with family, whether it’s watching Christmas films, TV specials, decorating or eating food!
  8. Christmas Markets – I love a good Christmas markets, and this year, I got to experience Manchester Christmas Markets, which was absolutely crazy (and packed)
  9. Giving Presents – Because it’s all about the receiving and not the giving!
  10. Christmas Songs – Their acceptable now! And, I love all the old ones, but some of these new ones out this year are just as good! I also love a good band-aid single, but I don’t think they did one this year!!!
  11. Christmas Jumpers – I love seeing all the different types of jumpers people have!
  12. Chocolate – My first love in this world (after writing), chocolate! It’s acceptable every day of the week to gauge yourself on chocolate if you want to, but it’s even more acceptable for people to give you chocolate during the Christmas period, so, win, win, right?

What do you love about Christmas?

And today’s promptmas is:

I think, out of all my characters, Harry would most resemble the Grinch!

He doesn’t see the point in any type of worship or tradition (except for the drink before a battle tradition), and doesn’t much believe in any of the old stories, so Christmas would be a total waste of time for him. He doesn’t need to have a day of the year where he gifts things to people or to worship someone whose dead!

Whose the Grinch in your story?

Day 5: Christmas Movie Traditions (12DaysOfBlogmas)

Yesterday, I watched my first proper Christmas film of the season! And, I know it’s a bit late, and I should be very ashamed of myself, but, that’s how the cookie crumbles But, now, to make up for it, I’ve now set myself a goal to watch at least one Christmas film a day – up until Christmas day, (which will be spent watching Mrs. Brown Boys, Doctor Who, Call the Midwife, and eating food!)

It was a film I actually hadn’t seen before, called ‘Northpole’ where an Elf named Clementine needs to bring the festive cheer and magic back to the world to save the Northpole! It was cute, and your typical, save the world and spread the love, and the magic Christmas film, and there’s nothing wrong with that!

The reason there are so many is because people love it! People love the cheesy Christmas films with the love stories, and the kids causing havoc to save the town, or save Santa or an elf, the whole parent’s don’t believe thing! It’s over-done, but we still watch it, because we love it.

A bit like books; it could have been done before, but you read it anyway because you love that sort of stuff!

And, today, I got to see one of my favourites! And that’s Jack Frost!

If you don’t somehow know what it’s about, (which you should, because it’s one of those), it’s about a dad, called Jack (Michael Keaton), who doesn’t keep his promises, and after deciding to change his ways, dies in a car accident, leaving his wife Gabby (Kelly Preston) and son Charlie (Joseph Cross) on their own for Christmas, and supposedly, all the Christmas’ to come!

A year later, with the help of some snow and a ‘magic’ harmonica, Jack comes back to life! But, there’s one problem!

He’s a snowman; and has only one final chance to put things right with his son before he is gone forever!

Queue all the crying, and blubbering, and all the festive magic and feelings, and you have yourself a heartwarming film!

It’s not one of the best, the special-effects aren’t amazing (it’s from 1998, it’s not gonna be), the acting isn’t the greatest, and I know it got a bit of a bad rep from some, but, it’s a film about a talking snowman! What did people expect? If anything, it has a story to tell, and I think, with most of these Christmas films, it’s the story it tells that’s the most important! That’s what brings all the holiday cheer, and festive spirit!

So, this film, it sort of goes off the precept that the dad isn’t spending enough time with his family – which is how most of these Christmas films starts! The parents are always too busy at work to be with their kids at Christmas, but, by the end of the film, they’ve changed their ways and decided what’s more important – family!

But, this film took that away, and in the first half hour or so, the dad who didn’t spend enough time with his family was dead. And, even though you watch it again, and again, you still cry, because it’s horrible! There’s not many Christmas films in which people die, especially not so early on (except for Santa that one time), and I think that gave it something different to all those other Christmas films out there!

And, some of the jokes in it, ones my naive little mind would never have seen or acknowledged are hilarious! If you don’t know what I’m on about, you just need to watch it again from a grown-up point of view, and you’ll see it!

All-in-all, it’s another one of those Christmas films that fall in par with all the others a tad, but it’s a bit different, and Michael Keaton is a great snowman! You need to see it for what it is, and that’s about looking at the things that are the most important in your life.

Although, I feel kind of bad for dad, more because, he couldn’t follow his dream of becoming a signed musician because of his family, but, I guess, that’s a rant for another day, and I don’t think that all the time, I think it was just a lot more prominent in the sulky ass kid that was Charlie at the beginning of the film. But still, you should watch it if you haven’t, watch it again if you have, and tell me what you think!

What’s your favourite Christmas film?

Todays Promptmas is:


From my #NaNoWriMo project DOCZK :

  • Mel loves ‘Elf’
  • Albert loves ‘The Snowman’
  • Rhys loves ‘Home Alone’

From my Tales of Monsters WIP:

  • Lauryn would love ‘The Polar Express’
  • Harry would love ‘The Grinch’
  • Tobin would love ‘Bad Santa’
  • Derrick would love ‘Love Actually’

What would your characters favourite Christmas films be?

Tell me all about them!

Jade x